Top 20 Airbnb competitors and alternative booking sites 2022

since 2007, airbnb has welcomed travelers from almost every country in the world in a new and innovative form of accommodation. it also provides owners with the opportunity to convert their residence and private rooms into income-generating vacation homes.

why do hosts and travelers alike choose airbnb and how does it compare to other vacation rental sites?

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and, above all, what does the future of airbnb look like in the midst of a pandemic that has shaken most of the hotel industry?

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what sets airbnb apart from the competition?

airbnb is an international accommodation company and vacation rental platform trusted by owners and travelers around the world. With more than 4 million hosts in more than 220 countries worldwide, airbnb is unique compared to the typical hotel experience.

Founded in San Francisco in 2007, Airbnb revolutionized the vacation rental industry by taking the community-based home-sharing business model mainstream. From a condo in Florida to a private room in New York, an apartment in London or a luxury vacation home in Los Angeles, short-term rental accommodation providers now have a trusted platform to access the vacation rental market .

airbnb prides itself on allowing guests to “experience the world in an authentic and connected way” by allowing them to stay in a living space rented and hosted by a local.

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why do people use airbnb?

for vacation rental hosts:

Renting your home to others can be a great way to earn extra income. On average, airbnb hosts can earn up to $924 each month, with nearly 50% of all hosts earning more than $500 per month.

Plus, it’s much more flexible than running a hotel, as you can decide your own cancellation policy, when you want to open your home to travelers, and whether you want to rent the entire unit or just a room. owners can even host their guests remotely using contactless technologies such as mobile entry apps for remote check-in, smart temperature control, and even noise monitoring services. And with booking fees easily collected online with secure credit card processing, receiving payments can be seamless.

As an airbnb host, you also get free insurance in case anything in your home is damaged. airbnb insurance includes:

  • $1 million worth of liability coverage
  • damage protection for your valuables
  • expenses for unexpected cleaning costs
  • pet damage protection
  • protection against loss of income due to damage caused by a guest

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for travelers:

Compared to staying in a hotel, booking a vacation rental is not only more affordable in many cases, but also gives you the unique opportunity for a more local experience. There are also many unique properties on Airbnb for travelers looking for an experience other than the standard hotel room.

especially during the covid-19 pandemic, guests could rent an entire unit to themselves and avoid contact with other people. in fact, the vacation rental market stood out during the pandemic, even when hotels were low on occupancy.

what is airbnb’s price range?

airbnb includes a service fee for both guests and hosts: guests pay a mandatory 14% service fee, while hosts pay 3% of the booking subtotal (nightly fee + booking fee). cleaning, but not including taxes and airbnb fees). the service fee covers the cost of airbnb services such as:

  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
  • resources for host education program
  • marketing through google and social networks
  • damage protection

Hosts wondering how they should price their properties can get a property management system (pms) with a built-in revenue management tool to help track the local vacation rental market and optimize pricing accordingly.

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what is the future outlook for airbnb and its competitors?

In short, the future of airbnb and vacation rental properties looks promising.

In July 2020, cloudbeds enlisted the help of leading benchmarking and data insights providers str and airdna to analyze hotel and short-term rental data from 2019 through June 27, 2020 across 27 markets across the globe. worldwide, including 12 regional destination markets and 15 urban markets.

data showed that despite low hotel room rates, vacation rentals were more popular, with an occupancy rate of 58%, compared to a hotel room occupancy rate of 39% .

but why is this?

One reason is that vacation rentals offer a unique type of accommodation where guests are in control of their living space and can safely isolate themselves from other people. Many rental properties exist in remote, outdoor locations where people can easily escape their small urban dwelling for open space and fresh air.

Furthermore, as reported in a recent cloudbeds webinar on otas, metasearch and the future of distribution, leisure travel continues to dominate corporate travel and vacation rentals traditionally cater to a leisure travel market. Still, Skift notes that startups are now spending more on Airbnb than office rentals, as “venture-funded startups in the US are trading offices for team travel as they come due.” their leases.”

In particular, long-term stays of 28 days or more increased during the second quarter of 2021, and Airbnb founder Brian Chesky believed that remote work trends were here to stay.

With travel restrictions and demand still fluctuating as we enter another year, we’ll have to see where the market goes, but based on past evidence, vacation rental properties are in a good position to earn a part of the market.

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how does airbnb compare to other rental sites?

Despite how reliable and well-known airbnb is, there are rental websites for similar properties. some airbnb alternatives offer additional benefits, while others have specialized in catering to a particular type of visitor.

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airbnb global competitors

1. vrbo

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Part of the HomeAway group, VRBO (originally known as “vacation rentals”) is the second largest short-term rental company in the world, after Airbnb. vrbo caters primarily to families and has 2 million listings worldwide, from apartments to villas.

Because Vrbo is owned by HomeAway, which is part of the Expedia group, if you list one of their properties on Vrbo, it will automatically be cross-listed on Expedia. this saves you the hassle of having to make a separate list.

Despite this, however, vrbo has fewer listings compared to airbnb’s +6 million. You also can’t list shared spaces on vrbo, something you can do on airbnb.

2. wimdu

With over 350,000 homes for rent, from luxury villas on the Spanish coast to studio apartments in Paris, wimdu has “the largest selection of vacation rentals anywhere in the world”.

While this number is impressive, the listings are still much smaller than airbnb.

since wimdu is based in germany, the company also attracts more travelers from europe. wimdu is powered by hometogo, a vacation rental search engine that is also operated by tripping.com

3. reservation.com

As part of the priceline group, owner of the kayak brand, booking.com is one of the world’s largest and most well-known online travel agencies with listings in 227 countries and support in over 40 languages. It is based in Amsterdam but has a strong global presence.

Unlike airbnb, booking.com emphasizes traditional hotel rooms rather than living spaces hosted by locals. still, it’s a good place to get visibility for your property.

4. expedia

Owner of major sites like hotels.com and trivago, expedia is one of the largest online travel agents, attracting millions of bookings each year. As such, a property listing on the Expedia website offers excellent visibility.

expedia also offers hotels, car rentals and flights, catering to a much larger audience than other airbnb alternatives that only focus on short-term rentals.

With 510,000 listings, Expedia’s listings are fewer than Airbnb’s. expedia also charges a much higher commission rate of 16.5%.

5. tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is known primarily for reviews of hotels, restaurants and activities, but also has a directory of accommodation listings and specialty tours.

tripadvisor also includes housetrip, holidaylettings and flipkey, three sites that have the largest selection of vacation home rentals in the world.

because of this, the number of listings on tripadvisor is much higher than airbnb: more than 7.3 million (including accommodation, airlines, restaurants, etc.)

just like expedia, tripadvisor charges a higher commission of 15% for a listing.

6. agoda

Agoda, Asia’s leading online travel booking site, is a Singapore-based travel agency with 2 million property listings, including hotels and private homes.

At 16%, agoda’s commission rate is higher than airbnb’s. In addition to accommodation, Agoda also offers airport transfer services and a loyalty program known as “PointsMax”, where travelers can earn points for every booking they make.

These points can be spent on things like discounted airline tickets.

7. travel.com

another singapore-based online travel agency, trip.com, has more than 1.4 million hotels in 200 countries and regions.

In addition to accommodation, Trip.com also offers car rentals through some of the world’s largest car rental companies, including Hertz, Avis, and Europcar.

Compared to airbnb’s maximum length of stay, which allows stays longer than 30 days, properties listed on trip.com have a maximum length of stay of 30 days.

8. glamping center

glampinghub is a site created specifically to promote glamping (meaning luxury-style camping accommodations with exclusive amenities and services) and eco-friendly travel.

The company has more than 22,000 unique camps, ranches and accommodation options: guests can rent anything from luxurious tree houses to traditional Mongolian yurt tents and even train cabooses converted into living spaces .

glampinghub differs from airbnb in that they focus on glamping and outdoor accommodation.

Airbnb competitors

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airbnb regional competitors

9. tripoka

One of Asia’s largest online travel agencies, Traveloka has around 100,000 listings on its website (mainly in Asia), including hotels, guest houses and even homestays.

Unlike airbnb, traveloka has fewer listings and a smaller audience of around 50 million people. despite this, however, they also offer car rental services and airport transfers.

10. take off/decorate

Known as decolar in brazil and take off in the rest of latin america, this site is one of the most experienced travel agencies in latin america with listings all over the world.

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In addition to accommodation, Despegar also offers car rental, flights and travel packages with accommodation.

While Airbnb emphasizes home rentals, Takeoff is primarily a traditional travel agency. however, they have a growing inventory of houses and apartments for rent and offer a lot of visibility for travelers in Latin America.

11. dreams

Headquartered in Barcelona, ​​Edreams (part of the Odigeo group) is one of the world’s leading online travel brands, operating in 40 countries and serving 18 million customers. They have a large presence in Europe. edreams also offers a wide selection of flights, hotel packages, car rentals and vacation homes.

compared to airbnb, edreams still has a heavier hotel-based inventory. however, like many others today, their inventory of short-term rentals and vacation homes is growing.

12. pegipegi

pegipegi is an indonesia-based ota with a directory of over 25,000 hotels and 7,500 travel guides. Most of the hotels and destinations listed in their directory are located in Indonesia. their listings include guest houses, cabins, and serviced apartments.

pegipegi caters primarily to Indonesian travelers and does not have the same global presence as airbnb.

13. rakuten

Officially known as “rakuten travel exchange”, this site has nearly 700,000 accommodation listings, from traditional hotels to rental properties.

rakuten has a particularly strong presence in japan and although it has listings in a total of 200 countries, its global brand recognition is not as strong as airbnb’s.

other than that, of the 700,000 properties listed on the rakuten website, 500,000 of them are traditional hotels.

14. ribaride

On their website, riparide states that their goal is to “inspire people to unplug from modern trappings and find fulfillment in nature.”

In addition to nature-inspired short-term rental accommodations, Riparide also features “Riparide Stories,” a type of travel story where other guests share their experiences and what they did during their stay.

Because Riparide only has listings in Australia, they don’t have the same global presence as Airbnb.

niche airbnb competitors

Some companies have created niche websites with inventory aimed at attracting guests looking for unique properties. like airbnb, they also offer accommodation, although for people with a specific interest.

15. anywhere

anyplace is very similar to airbnb in many ways: it also offers fully furnished living spaces that people can rent out for a more local experience.

However, unlike airbnb, anyplace has begun to reduce its inventory to apartments made specifically to attract the growing number of remote workers in recent years.

16. coliving

coliving.com offers accommodation based on the principle of “the value of the community”. In addition to its living spaces, coliving.com offers many opportunities to network or make new friends during your stay.

In addition to its opportunities to socialize, coliving.com prices include cleaning and laundry services, something airbnb charges extra for.

17. 9 floors

With 6 million homes available for rent, 9flats can be considered the European version of airbnb, offering apartments, guest houses, rooms and more.

however, compared to airbnb, 9flats audience is much smaller: less than 1 million.

18. instant world reserve

With accommodation in over 5,000 cities worldwide, Instant World Booking is an ota that prides itself on the adventure that travel brings.

Their listings include unique and affordable hotels, hostels and apartments around the world.

19. only-apartments

Founded in Barcelona in 2003, Only-Apartments specializes in short-term rental accommodation, including apartments, vacation rentals and aparthotels. Currently, its inventory includes more than 150,000 accommodations spread across 120 countries around the world.

Although its inventory is only a small fraction of that of Airbnb, Only-Apartments has a global presence in a niche market that includes many desirable destinations in Europe and the United States.

20. habicus group

habicus group is a leading provider of serviced apartments with a broad base of corporate and private clients. specialize in providing comfortable and luxurious serviced apartments for business travelers.

compared to airbnb, which primarily attracts tourists, habicus group offers short-term rental providers the unique opportunity to book business trips.

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final thoughts

Whether through airbnb or one of the many airbnb competitors and alternatives, renting out your living space is a great way to generate additional income each month.

cloudbeds helps hoteliers and hosts successfully start, grow and manage their accommodation business.

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