Nortons Antivirus Product Now Includes an Ethereum Miner – Schneier on Security

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Reading: Antivirus now lets mine ethereum cryptocurrency

re: isn’t this a bit like stealing electricity from others?

short answer: yes

fwiw: in cold california, the california public utility commission has granted a new tiered pricing system to pg&e that provides electricity to most of the state north of los angeles (san francisco, silicon valley, sacrament…)

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This new tiered system is divided into 3 levels, but actually only offers 2.

level 1: the current method. tiered pricing based on total amount used. level 2: hours of use a: you pay more for electricity between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. level 3: hours of use b: you pay more for electricity between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

if you do nothing, you get automatic subscription to level 2 or level 3. if you want to stay on level 1, you have to call them. (1)

some things to note about the new system:

  1. the time of greatest use is when people are at home and need heat, air conditioning, lights and use appliances (microwaves, ovens, stoves) and use more electronic things (TVs, computers, phones to charge) And of course charging the car.
  2. The car charger may have a timer, but if you need a 12 hour charge (110v) and need to leave for work at 4am. m. (or sooner), delayed charging won’t help, and the cost of charging your car will increase significantly.
  3. people who stay home, shelter from omicron, or aren’t away from home all day get everything maximum bills. unless they cut the power completely.
  4. the price doesn’t go down. based on the price comparison pg&e provided to me based on my current and historical usage, i will pay $150-$200 more per year with the new plans.
  5. one culprit: well known in electrical leaks they’re the converters you plug into the wall and leave plugged in (aka trickle chargers, vampire boxes). people used to put them in power strips that had an on/off switch. now there are too many to fit on power strips. the advent of recharging long-term lithium-ion battery-powered items (vacuum bars, power tools, leaf blowers (2)) has increased the number of vampire boxes in use.
  6. a partial reason given for the new price is to force homeowners, especially those with subsidized rooftop solar panels (now a mandatory requirement for new homes), to purchase a solar-charging battery for the home. these are well known to off-grid households. The idea is that you will spend $$$ to buy a home battery that will kick in, like a generator, when pg&e goes out or goes out in your neighborhood.
  7. Those who are familiar with battery systems outside of the network will know that they are not going to feed the new mega-sized 3,300-square-foot $800,000 home that is being built. They also won’t power anything for long when pg&e’s power lines burn (arc flash) or are blown down (hurricane speed wind storms). even underground power lines are no guarantee of continuous electrical service.


  • bitcoin miners steal electricity.
  • Installing them with fake cancellations is a fraudulent and deceptive business practice.
  • Installing bitcoin miners using extension cords connected to your neighbor’s outdoor electrical outlets can be questionable. (3)(4)


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1) the call ends on 01/18/2022

Thank you for calling pg&e. Your call is very important to us. all the operators are busy with other clients. please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order received.

your wait time is: eternity

2) Some CA cities have now banned gasoline-powered leaf blowers. only electric or battery-powered leaf blowers are allowed.

3) george lopez, the american comedian and actor, had a very funny routine about building an addition to his house. a great review of practical engineering.

4) There have been reports of large-scale bitcoin mining operations in “idle” warehouses that hacked electricity from neighboring businesses.

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