Best GPU For Mining Ethereum – Buyers Guide [Top Pick 2022]

Ethereum gas is over $4000 and we don’t know when the rise will stop. So even newbies are rushing into the industry to get the best gpu for mining ethereum. gpu mining of ethereum has been practical and does not require specialized asic based mining rigs, but main players gpu based computing can help you get into the business.

This is the best time to invest in a severe ethereum mining rig. Unfortunately, all the big hardware manufacturers have already sold their best offerings. So let’s take a look at some of the best and best GPUs to boost your ethereum mining hardware.

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For the most part, all graphics cards (gpu) you will consider will be from nvidia or amd. They are both big solid companies known for making gpus that can be used for mining and gaming. barring exceptional circumstances, you can choose nvidia or amd and any other producer of the cards. But you’ll want to choose which GPU model to choose carefully, as they vary widely in memory sizes, memory speeds, power, and price. you don’t want to buy it and find out it doesn’t have enough memory for ethereum mining.

what is the best ethereum mining hardware?

Ethereum mining is done using the ethash algorithm, which can be exploited using powerful gpus. For ether mining to be profitable, you need to have the right hardware at the right price.

Also, there are two main gpu manufacturers to choose from, amd and nvidia. Finally, it is essential to keep track of ethereum casper update which makes ethereum mining obsolete.

If you want a full review of the different mining hardware, read on. this is what i will cover:

  • ethereum mining basics
  • amd vs nvidia
  • choosing mining hardware
  • best gpu to mine ethereum: buyer’s guide
  • frequently asked questions (faq)
  • conclusion

ethereum mining basics

If you’re new to ethereum mining, there are three crucial things you need to know:

  1. ethereum proof of stake update
  2. vram requirements
  3. mining demand increases gpu cost

ethereum proof of stake update

Using an algorithm called Casper, the developers of Ethereum plan to switch to proof of stake. unfortunately this change will make ethereum as we know it obsolete. the good news is that this update applies only to ethereum. other crypto coins that use ethash will not be affected, so your cards will still be able to work properly mining other ethash coins.

vram requirements

an important thing to consider before buying mining hardware to mine ethash is the directed acyclic graph (dag). without going into details, a dag is a file created every 30,000 ethereum blocks. since the dag is stored in the vram of the gpu, your graphics card must have enough storage to load the dag. For this reason, you can only mine ethereum with cards that have at least 4gb of vram.

However, that might not be the case for other ethash-based coins. so in case you have old 2gb graphics cards at home and you are new to crypto mining, you can try it on other crypto currencies first.

mining demand increases gpu cost

Not long ago, gpu-based cryptocurrency mining reached such a level of popularity that the two companies that produce gpus (nvidia and amd) could no longer keep up with the demand. this caused retailers and secondary market sellers to raise their prices.

An essential skill for a good miner is to look for deals where graphics cards are moderately priced. this can be done by visiting online and offline stores and other aftermarket outlets.

additional hardware requirements

While the gpu is arguably the most crucial component in ethereum mining, your system hardware must meet certain specifications. This is what I recommend:

  • For ethereum miners under 6 gpus, 4 gb of ram is required. for more than that i recommend getting 8gb ram.
  • a motherboard with enough pcie slots is a crucial thing to look for on your motherboard; if you are building multiple gpu ether mining rigs, your motherboard should have enough pcie slots to support them.
  • a riser cable with power for each graphics card.
  • an outdoor rig for multiple gpus.
  • a good power supply.
  • a good internet connection.

ethereum mining software requirements

Mining also requires specific software, such as drivers and programs. some of these are gpu specific, so I’ll list just the most common ones here:

  1. overclocking and temperature control software
  2. mining software

temperature control and overclocking software

This software program is designed to modify the performance of your gpu. it will make your gpu healthier (more hashes/seconds), cooler (lower temperature is always suitable for graphics cards), and more efficient (consuming less power). most miners use gpu-z to monitor temperature and power and msi afterburner overclocking software.

mining software

Most people use claymore software to mine ethash coins as it is one of the oldest and most compatible ethash miners. since then other programs have appeared, such as phoenix and ethminer miner.

nvidia versus amd

nvidia graphics cards are easier to use, overclock and configure (ie squeeze more juice out of the gpu). nvidia cards don’t take much time to learn how to configure, update bios or undervolt.

However, there is a tradeoff. AMD graphics cards are more suitable for the beginner miner in terms of price, as the base AMD mining cards are nearly 2/3 of the price of their Nvidia counterparts.

amd based gpus are also not as powerful as nvidia. another key advantage of nvidia cards is that they have been improved on a variety of other algorithms. while amd cards are more efficient in the ethash and cryptonight algorithms, nvidia cards outperform them in most others.

choice of ethereum mining hardware

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I’ve compiled statistics on the best graphics cards available, which should help you decide which one to go for. here is a detailed explanation of the criteria:


The name of the chipset produced by nvidia or amd for each card remains the same, while the model may vary. some variations may also have better performance out of the box as they may be factory overclocked, but this can be compensated for with overclocking software.

hash rate

The rate that the graphics card achieves under ideal mining conditions will be given as a range, which can be achieved by overclocking, undervolting or flashing a bios.

power consumption

power consumption is the amount of electricity or energy a card consumes while mining cryptocurrencies, measured at the outlet.


Efficiency is measured by dividing hash rate by power consumption. newer gpu’s are usually more efficient.

six best gpu to mine ethereum – buyer’s guide

Ethereum’s ethash algorithm quickly established itself as one of the benchmark gpu mining algorithms in the cryptocurrency market. This blog post will cover the best gpus for ethereum mining available on the market.

1. nvidia geforce rtx 3090 and cousins ​​(best gpu for ethereum mining)

Starting the list with our top tier gpu, the nvidia geforce rtx 3090 series is by far the best and fastest gpu available on the market. With a hash rate of 125.0mh/s, this is a beast of gpu for mining crypto and any other processing intensive tasks.

since graphic cards to mine ethereum have to work for a long time, if not 24/7, it will consume power. but, the bright side is that it is the fastest gpu to mix ether or any other cryptocurrency. so after bitcoin, ethereum is the highest grossing crypto.

  • evga geforce rtx 3090 ftw3 ultra gaming, 24 gb gddr6x gpu
  • nvidia geforce rtx 3090 founders edition graphics card
  • nvidia geforce rtx 3090 | Amazons

nvidia geforce rtx 3090 key specs

  • graphics memory: 24 gb
  • memory speed: 19.5 ghz
  • hash rate: 125.0 mh/s
  • power consumption: 300.0 w


Daily earnings estimate is $9, while the monthly average is around $288.

2. nvidia geforce rtx 3080

if you can afford one, nvidia’s latest geforce rtx 3080 graphics card is a beast. Released in January 2021, and top of the line for the geforce 30 series, with amp microarchitecture. according to some mining benchmarks, the nvidia geforce rtx 3080 delivers an unprecedented 75.0 mhash/s on the dagger hashimoto algorithm. now if you overclock it the performance goes up to 93.0 mhash/s. to put these numbers in perspective, the geforce rtx 2080 ti manages approximately 54.0 mhash/sec, while the older nvidia geforce gtx 1080ti only manages 30.0 mhash/sec.

As for the specifications, this graphics card comes with a base clock speed of 1440mhz which can be increased up to 1710mhz. In addition, it has 10 GB of gddr6x memory. The best thing about this graphics card is that even when overclocked, it performs very well. the temperature always stays within the range of 65.0 degrees centigrade. even though the fans run at 1000 rpm (no load), the hum is hardly audible.

Still, there is a caveat. It has a TDP rating of 320W, significantly higher than the GeForce RTX 2080Ti and GTX 1080Ti. with an overclock, the power consumption quickly touches the low ends of 400 watts. If you can play with different power, clock and memory speed limits to maximize your cryptocurrency earnings, then the nvidia geforce rtx 3080 is your champion for 2021.

currently there are few similar products on amazon that have this or similar gpu models:

  • evga geforce rtx 3090 ftw3 ultra gaming, 24gb gddr6x
  • pny geforce rtx 3090 24gb xlr8 gaming revel epic-x
  • geforce rtx 3080 on amazon

nvidia geforce rtx 3080 key specs

  • graphics memory: 10 gb
  • memory speed: 1188 mhz
  • rate of hash: 100.0 mh/s
  • power consumption: 250.0 w


estimated daily income is $7 while the monthly average is around $224

3. amd rx 6800 xt

amd’s flagship gpu, amd rx 6800 xt, is based on the rdna 2 architecture. in ethereum mining, rx 6800 xt offers 15% better performance than the previous generation of gpus. for example, when using the phoenix 5.2c miner in the standard configuration, the amd radeon rx 6800 xt shows 58 to 60 mhash/s with a power consumption of 250w.

Of course, the video memory subsystem hasn’t seen a major overhaul. but 256 bit memory bus and gddr6 are a bit faster. Not to mention that the latest drivers from amd come with the fast times feature aimed at increasing the overall performance of this series of gpus in cryptocurrency mining, mainly ethereum. When you enable this feature, the hash rate increases by about 2-3mhash/s.

To increase performance, you can also overclock the video memory up to 150MHz. Unfortunately, because it is one of the newer cards, we still don’t have the rich mining experience that supports cpus like rx 5700. However, soon expect to witness better mining setups for amd rx 6800 xt to fine tune crypto mining rigs. .

note: using the latest amd navi 21 gpu chip and the latest amd zen 3 cpu offers a noticeable increase in performance compared to using an amd zen 2 or intel processor.

  • msi gaming radeon rx 6800 xt 16 gb gdrr6
  • amd radeon rx 6900 xt sapphire
  • amd rx 6800 xt | Amazons

amd rx 6800 xt key specifications

  • graphics memory: 16 gb
  • base clock: 1825 mhz
  • boost clock: 2250 mhz
  • hash rate: 60 mh/s
  • power consumption: 300.0 w


the estimated daily income is 4.7 usd, while the monthly average is around 146 usd.

4. xfx radeon rx 5700 xt

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When it comes to value for money, the xfx radeon rx 5700 xt graphics card is a big draw. That’s because the gpu chip is based on 7nm fin fet semiconductor technology, which is much cheaper than the latest 6800 series which consumes much more power.

the navi 10 processor used in the card has a base clock speed of 1605 mhz and a memory clock speed of 1750 mhz. In addition, it has 160 texture mapping units, 64 rops and 2560 shader units. additionally, it has 8gb gddr6 memory interconnected through a 256-bit memory bus interface.

check last price

the gpu runs at 52.0 mhash/s and consumes only 105 watts from the power supply. Of course, you will need to overclock your graphics card and power to achieve these results. luckily, since it’s an older graphics card, you can find plenty of tuning options online.

the only problem is that this graphics card is a bit complicated and more difficult to configure for ethereum mining. but, once everything is up and running stably, the worry is worth it. we highly recommend this gpu as long as you get it in the msrp.

  • xfx rx 5500 xt thicc ii pro 8gb gddr6 graphics card
  • xfx rx 5700 xt thicc iii ultra 8gb
  • xfx radeon rx 5700 xt on amazon

xfx radeon rx 5700 xt key specifications

  • graphics memory: 8 gb
  • memory speed: 7000 mhz
  • rate of hash: 56.6 mh/s
  • power consumption: 130.0 w


estimated daily income is $4 while the monthly average is around $126

5. nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti

the nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti is still a solid gpu in 2021. what a beast of a graphics card! It provides a hash rate of almost 38 mhash/s for ethereum mining while consuming a meager power of about 250 watts. Memory is critical to mining Ethereum, and the GTX 1080 Ti has 11GB of GDDR5 memory running at good 11Gbps memory speeds.

okay, the geforce gtx 1080 ti is an old gpu with a 352 bit memory interface. still the pcb has 9 additional sensors and mcus integrated in the chip. Additionally, it has 88 render outputs, a massive 11GB frame buffer, 224 texture mapping units for rendering purposes, and HDMI 2.0 for outputs, and two power connectors: one 6-pin and one 8-pin. that makes it a great option for crypto mining.

inside, you get a gp102 graphics chip with 3584 shaders. and the base clock speed of the card is 1481mhz, and the memory clock speed is 1376mhz. At the same time, overclocking easily adds around +300mhz and 150mhz to memory and clock speed, respectively. and the best? even with overclocking, the graphics card stays cooler than the gtx 1070.

the price of geforce 10 series graphics cards is reasonable since the series was launched in 2016, the price is higher for new entrants. overall the evga geforce gtx 1080 ti is a solid graphics card for extended use.

here are some cards available now on amazon:

  • evga geforce gtx 1080 sc gaming acx 3.0 8 gb graphics card
  • asus geforce gtx 1080 founders edition gtx1080-8g 8 gb gddr5x
  • nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti on amazon

nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti key specs

  • graphics memory: 11 gb
  • memory speed: 14.8 ghz
  • hash rate: 21.63 mh/s
  • power consumption: 250.0 w


This video card from nvidia is capable of generating monthly revenue of up to $58 due to its hash rate of 21.63 mh/s in the kawpow (nbminer) algorithm.

6. amd radeon rx 480

the amd radeon rx 480 is one of the cheapest and most profitable gpus for mining ethereum, thanks to a hash rate of 25.0 mhash/s. however, to achieve this feat, the gpu runs at a core clock speed of 1095mhz & a memory clock speed of 2160 MHz. which consumes approximately 70 watts of power.

the radeon rx 480 is equipped with 8gb gddr5 ram. In addition, there is a 4GB variant, but it is less suitable for cryptocurrency mining. performance wise you get an ellesmere processor chip with 2304 shaders. base speed is 1120mhz and memory clock speed is 2000mhz.

the amd radeon rx 480 can go toe-to-toe with heavy hitters like the amd r9 390x because it consumes much less power. It has a TDP rating of just 110W and comes with a single six-pin connector. so you can even use it for gaming without upgrading your power supply.

It’s also packed with features like dx12 support, VR ready, and the latest gcn architecture. overall amd radeon rx 480 8gb is an excellent value for ethereum mining. It has an excellent hash rate with very little power consumption.

  • msi gaming radeon rx 480 gddr5 8gb
  • powercolor amd radeon red devil rx 480 8gb gddr5
  • amd radeon rx 480 | Amazons

amd radeon rx 480 key specifications

  • graphics memory: 8 gb
  • memory speed: 2160 mhz
  • rate of hash: 25 mh/s
  • power consumption: 70.0 w


estimated daily earnings are $2.3, while the monthly average is around $72.

gpu revenue from mining ethereum (ether)

frequently asked questions (faqs)

conclusion: the best graphics cards to mine ethereum

It is a summary of our best gpu for ethereum mining guide. We hope this post will help you find your next etherium mining gpu. Remember, whatever card you choose, be prepared to spend a lot of time researching various resellers and retailers. only then can you expect to find a reasonable price. furthermore, the performance of a gpu varies depending on the currency being mined.

Have you had any experience with the aforementioned ethereum mining gpus? Do you know any other better graphics card to mine ethereum? let me know in the comments below.

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