5 Best Bitcoin Casinos and Crypto Gambling Sites in 2022

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The recent covid events, coupled with the advancement of technology, helped us realize that you can easily have fun at a casino while being safe at home. yes, we are talking about online casinos. this type of online gambling service is currently taking the entire industry by storm.

But, the latest cryptocurrency craze helped many people realize that online casinos can get even better by bringing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into the equation. so now we have the best gaming experience conveniently stacked at some of the best bitcoin casinos.

bitcoin casinos have managed to provide what conventional online casinos have been missing: speed, security and instant access to your funds and winnings. And with such profits at stake, traditional online casinos have suffered a significant setback.

So if crypto gambling managed to pique your interest then read on as we have carefully scanned the internet to bring you the safest and most trusted sites for the best bitcoin casinos.

best bitcoin & amp of 2022 crypto online casinos in usa uu.:

  1. bitstarz – best overall bitcoin casino site, highly preferred
  2. mbitcasino – most popular crypto gambling site for bonuses & amp ; free spins
  3. cloudbet: online bitcoin casino with instant withdrawal
  4. 7bitcasino: the best crypto casino for beginners with real money &amp ; no deposit
  5. fortunejack: amazing crypto-themed online casino

#1. bitstarz – overall best bitcoin casino site, highly preferred

If you are looking for a futuristic approach to gambling and would like to experience the thrill of betting bitcoins, bitstarz is our place to be. offers an amazing betting service with a wide range of games available, from traditional casino games to some of the freshest and most innovative options an online casino can offer.

bitstarz was born when a group of technology and gaming enthusiasts came together to offer players the highest quality gaming services. When they realized the future and value of cryptocurrencies, they decided that what they needed to provide was a crypto casino site.


• cryptocurrency exchange

bitstarz understands the needs of its customers and therefore offers them the maximum convenience of a specialized exchange and a casino in one place. you can easily buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency using your fiat on the website exchange. And if you were lucky enough to win, you can easily exchange your bitcoin for fiat currency that you can easily spend.

Regardless of the crypto you choose, bitstarz even offers you custom wallets that you can use to keep your bitcoin stash safe while you play.

• incredible promotions

If you’re looking for an exciting way to increase your bets without depositing any money, bitstarz offers the most impressive bitcoin casino bonuses and promotions we could find.

every new player is offered a welcome freeroll during the first week on the platform. this offer allows you to get some experience with the platform without risking your funds right away. Plus, you’re also eligible to win a couple of extra prizes from the large pool divided among the top 200 places.

once you are no longer a newcomer and become a loyal user of the service, bitstarz offers each loyal customer the chance to win ten free spins, individual prizes of up to €50,000, plus an additional cash prize €10,000.

• exciting tournaments

bitstarz increases your chances of winning big by hosting countless tournaments that add extra excitement to traditional casino games. The tournament pool is constantly being updated and improved, which means you can definitely get an extra win from your favorite game throughout the year.

current offering includes slot wars, table wars and last man standing: battle royale. it’s updated almost every week, so if none of these got you excited, your personal favorite could be appearing in the tournament section very soon.


• excellent offers to buy bitcoins on the site • accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies • a large group of more than 2900 online casino games • provides instant withdrawal of your winnings • has a customer service of first level


• poker offerings are slightly limited

why do we recommend bitstarz?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one crypto casino that offers a wide range of games, accepts all major cryptocurrencies and gives you the convenience of a crypto wallet, bitstarz is all of that and more. the excellent service is reinforced by the fantastic interface that will help you immerse yourself in the best gaming experience and forget that you are comfortable at home.

Regardless of whether you prefer cryptocurrencies or fiat currency, with the use of bitstarz, you can bet safely and exchange your winnings for the currency of your choice.

=> click here to visit bitstarz official website

#2. mbitcasino – The most popular crypto gambling site for bonuses & free spins

Another great option if you’re looking to multiply your digital assets is mbitcasino. On the website, you can choose from a wide range of online casino games such as slots, blackjack, baccarat, and even video poker. you can quickly fund your account using a couple of major cryptocurrencies without having to pay any fees or charges for playing.

In addition to the excellent service, the gaming experience is enhanced by the superb interface of the mbit website. Its mystical neon theme will help you feel like betting and enjoy the best betting event.


• daily mbit runs

If you never get tired of amazing prizes, mbit’s daily races are the perfect competition for you. they last up to three hours and are guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing with excitement. These tournaments require no minimum bets and your odds of winning are simply based on multiplying your bet. so even if you bet as little as $0.01, if you manage to place the correct bet, you could be closer to winning the prize than someone who placed a significantly larger bet.

• short quiz

the possibilities to win at mbit are endless. this cryptocasino even offers attractive prizes for walking encyclopedias and resourceful players by answering the little quiz. This exciting trivia game features fantastic prizes for the luckiest player who can answer all ten questions correctly. The prize pool consists of 5,000 free spins, which are divided among the smartest and luckiest players.

• vip benefits

after finishing the initial newbie phase on the platform and feeling more comfortable with the online casino, you can take a look at the exclusive vip experience. once you get into the vip team you are eligible for some amazing rewards from the many games you already play at the casino.

This exclusive program will even provide you with a personal VIP assistant to help you manage the game in the future. Plus, you’ll also get tons of bonuses, loyalty points, and personalized offers as a thank you for your loyalty to the casino.

perks and bonuses vary depending on the cryptocurrency you prefer, which means that bitcoin, ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies will bring you different levels of benefits. so choose wisely.


• more than 2500 online casino games available • fast withdrawal of winnings • incredible bonuses and loyalty programs • referral program with generous rewards • top notch customer support


• bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dogecoin and tether are the only cryptocurrencies accepted

why do we recommend mbitcasino?

We love the thoughtfulness that mbitcasino took towards the design of the user interface for the platform. the team did an excellent job of not aiming for anything more realistic but a much simpler theme that will get you in the mood to play and enhance your experience.

In addition to the amazing design, we were also surprised by the extensive bonuses this casino offers. And if the bonuses weren’t enough to convince you to give mbit a try, this betting service went above and beyond by providing countless opportunities for you to grab some extra winnings while you play.

=> click here to visit mbitcasino official website

#3. cloudbet: instant withdrawal online bitcoin casino

Our second best online casino that will allow you to wager your bitcoins is cloudbet. cloudbet is also one of the safest places to manage your crypto bets. It ensures that all users are well informed and understand the benefits and risks of crypto betting even before they experience its thrill. To help with homework, Cloudbet features an amazing blogspot that is always up to date with valuable tips and tricks to help you get started with confidence.

cloudbet stores all deposits in securely stored cold storage for added security of your funds and only uses one hot wallet to manage and process any daily transactions. the innovative approach ensures maximum efficiency and security for storing and accessing your funds.


• retro arcades

If just thinking about the old school games you used to play on your computer as a kid makes you nostalgic, cloudbet offers you a trip down memory lane. This online casino features some of the best old school games including mines, aviator, craps, keno and plinko. crypto arcades can earn you significant profits as well as take you back in time.

Although this section of games is relatively new and doesn’t include anywhere near the wide range of games you played as a child, cloudbet still manages to deliver the best classics until you get a wide range of retro arcade games.


• crypto betting

As if the wide range of online casino games offered by cloudbet weren’t enough, this crypto betting platform gives you the added option of placing a sports bet from time to time. and if you manage to catch your weak spot, you could end up developing a service addiction.

Since cloudbet’s main occupation was initially sports betting, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun taking advantage of the platform’s extensive betting experience.

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• generous bonuses

In addition to the wide range of games on offer, cloudbet is also very generous in awarding fantastic bonuses. the bounty starts as soon as you enter the casino. newcomers are welcome with a 100% match bonus on their initial deposit that goes up to five bitcoins, depending on how much you have to wager. To be eligible for the attractive bonus, all you have to do is create a user account, which will only take a couple of minutes of your time, make your first deposit and get started with your favorite game.


• wide range of games • various cryptocurrencies accepted • excellent 24/7 customer support • available for sports and esports betting • blogspot with valuable tips and tricks


• the welcome bonus can only be claimed after collecting enough bonus points

why do we recommend cloudbet?

If you are looking for a single place to meet all your gaming needs, cloudbet is the best choice. This bitcoin casino started out as a crypto gambling platform and is now one of the few crypto gambling pioneers that has managed to acquire a fantastic reputation in the market.

features a wide range of casino games along with one of the best live casinos we’ve come across online. If you are more of a sporty person, cloudbet is guaranteed to provide you with the best and fairest odds and odds.

=> click here to visit cloudbet official website

#4. 7bitcasino: the best crypto casino for beginners with real money & no deposit

If you are new to crypto gambling, 7bitcasino is the place to be. This bitcoin casino understands the needs of beginning players and strives to satisfy them all. the main focus is placed on security as those are the main concerns for anyone looking to get started with crypto staking.

The amazing platform offers a wide range of games and a convenient list of accepted cryptocurrencies. casino games are supplied by industry leaders such as amatic, booming and beltra. In addition to great games that can win you a lot of money, 7bitcasino also organizes daily and weekly races for extra winnings.


• free demos

Free demos are a great way for inexperienced users to take a look at the most popular casino games without risking their money, and 7bitcasino offers you free demos on almost every game. This convenient feature is a great way to experience what all the fuss is about. Furthermore, you can gain significant experience and even develop a game strategy while trying out game demos.

Even if you don’t end up learning much about a game, you’ll definitely gain the confidence to take the next step and try your luck.

• happy days

after you visit 7bitcasino for the first time, every day will be happy for you.

To help you usher in the new week and start off on the right foot, Mondays are reserved for a 25% reload bonus, meaning every deposit you make on Monday is eligible for a 25% bonus .

And just two days later comes another lucky day as Wednesday deposits are always rewarded with free spins. therefore, deposits of €50 are rewarded with 100 free spins, while deposits of €20 earn a slightly smaller reward of 40 lucky spins.

As soon as the weekend rolls around, it’s time for a significant cashback with 7bitcasino. all bets placed on weekends can receive up to 20% cashback for an extra chance at luck.

• reward points

7bitcasino rewards all your bets with bonus points. therefore, each game you play will earn you a specific amount of bonus points that you can easily redeem for real money and use for future wagers. after acquiring a stash, you will need to “visit” the gift exchange and redeem your reward points for the crypto of your choice.


• generous daily bonus • non-accepted currency exchange to an active cryptocurrency • operates in accordance with responsible gaming practices • extensive offering of over 7000 online casino games • live dealer entertainment available


• no possibility to bet using fiat currencies

Why do we recommend 7bitcasino?

7bitcasino is the ultimate entry into the world of crypto gambling for any inexperienced player. the platform is very simple and intuitive to use, so anyone can quickly master it and start having fun right away. If you want to try each game before you start spending money on it, 7bitcasino even gives you access to free demos for most of the available games.

In addition to helping you in the learning process, this online casino is also here to help you if you ever need a way out. the website features a couple of valuable tips should you start experiencing problems with the game, and encourages you to contact support and get the help available without hesitation.

=> click here to visit the official website of 7bitcasino

#5. fortunejack – amazing crypto-themed online casino

Last on our list of the best bitcoin casinos is fortunejack. This exciting online casino gives you numerous opportunities to gamble with your bitcoin stash and watch it grow. you can choose from live casino games, sports betting, virtual craps and many other casino games on the website.

fortunejack was established in 2014 and is known as the most reputable pioneer in cryptocurrency gambling. The excellent service and support that this platform offers to its clients is the main reason why it got excellent reviews and a top rating among the leading services in the crypto betting industry.


• responsive customer support

When reading customer feedback, we’ve hardly found any feedback on fortunejack’s customer support, and that’s a great indicator that people rarely have a need to contact support. however, the few we were able to find consisted solely of praise about the fantastic experiences users had.

In addition to ensuring that everything runs smoothly, so users rarely contact customer support, fortunejack does a fantastic job of choosing their support agents. this results in a dedicated team that is always available to help and can help you with anything you need. you can contact the skillful team by email or live chat on the website.

• amazing live casino

Like other reputable bitcoin casinos, fortunejack also gives you the opportunity to play in a live casino. but the quality is what makes this live casino stand out from the rest. To begin with, you have an endless list of games available that can be played in the casino in real time. After finding your favorite game between Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, or Blackjack, you’ll be drawn into an immersive experience that will help you forget you’re comfortable at home.

Clearly a lot of thought and consideration went into the choice of hosts and professional dealers, as well as virtual casino locations. however, we believe that all the hard work has paid off, as the fortunejacks live casino is one of the most remarkable that we have been lucky enough to come across.

• cross-platform games

In order to provide you with maximum convenience and a wide range of well-known games, fortunejack has contacted many reputable game providers to cooperate with them. These great collaborations take the excitement to a whole new level and allow you to play xpg, net ent, endorphina, boom games and many more all in one place at fortunejack online casino.


• attractive welcome offers • wide range of amazing bonuses • excellent online casino features • offers provably fair sports betting and games for wagers • the largest range of accepted cryptocurrencies


• does not provide a service to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies

why do we recommend fortunejack?

fortunejack brings you the excellence of many live and virtual casino games. this casino collaborates with industry leaders to bring you the best selection of the best online casino games. In addition to casino games, it also offers you the chance to place an occasional sports bet with some of the best odds on the market.

In terms of cryptocurrencies, fortunejack accepts bitcoin and all other popular options including litecoin, dogecoin, ethereum, and zcash.

=> click here to visit fortunejack official website

how to find the best bitcoin casino

Before you make a rash decision, there are a couple of things to look for in the best bitcoin casino. And if you don’t know exactly what to look out for, read on as we’re about to share the most important features to look for in an online casino.

live or virtual dealer games

Before you decide on a particular game that you should definitely try, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of online casino games you can play, including virtual and live dealer games.

virtual or software-based games take place on your computer or other smart device. your odds are fully controlled by the software, which uses a pseudo-random number generator. software-based games are the most common choice of many online players and often include slots, blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and bingo.

In contrast to that, live dealer games are hosted by real dealers and hosted in a private facility, most often a real casino. Live games tend to be more expensive than virtual games, as they include a professional dealer or host running the game and require a one-time setup, like a real casino in which the game takes place. while the game takes place in a remote location, players are connected to the host and to each other through an audio or video call. Popular live dealer games include roulette, baccarat, and blackjack.

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available games

Having gained a better understanding of live and virtual dealer games, now is the time to decide on the game selection you are looking for.

If you already have a couple of favorite games that you are excited to play at an online casino, sticking to your preferences and finding a suitable online casino that offers those is the first step in finding the best bitcoin casino for you.

However, if you’re completely new to gaming and don’t know where to start, try seeing what other users are currently playing. but, it can be easier said than done if you don’t have gamer friends. In that case, the best thing to do is to look for bitcoin casino sites that feature the most popular games and try to master a game that many players already love.

bonuses and promotions

If you have paid close attention to our reviews, you already know that almost all bitcoin casinos will offer you a wide range of bonuses and promotions to entice you to use their services. but, although these offers all sound the same to you, believe us that they are not. That is why you should pay close attention to the various bonuses and other offers offered by online casinos and find the ones that best suit your needs.

In addition, you also need to make sure those bonuses are actually attainable. Many fraudulent services may try to attract users by offering unlimited bonuses that no one has ever been able to purchase. so be sure to keep an eye out for the best deals while also paying attention to their feasibility.

user interface

Another critical aspect of a bitcoin casino is definitely its user interface. it may not be directly related to your profit or loss, but a good user interface is bound to make or break a deal when you’re looking for the best service.

The first thing to consider when it comes to the user interface is the simplicity of the platform. Always look for casinos that are easy to navigate and simple to use. Otherwise, you may not be able to find your favorite game in an endless list, or you may accidentally make a wrong bet.

The second important aspect of a user interface is the simple appearance. if you have the freedom to choose, why go for a horrible website that is boring and bland when you can choose to immerse yourself in a cheerful theme that will enhance the gaming experience?

platforms for beginners

If you’re just getting into bitcoin casinos and online gambling in particular, you’ll want to look for options that offer plenty of perks for inexperienced users. So, go beyond welcome bonuses and easy-to-navigate platforms and look for the best amenities to help you get started with both cryptocurrency and gaming.

Educational resources are a great place to start if you’re new to crypto. they’ll walk you through everything you need to know and give you valuable insights into other amazing currencies beyond bitcoins.

Free demo games are also a great way to start playing virtual casino games without risking your money right away. If you’re particularly cautious about staking your bankroll, the free demos will give you the up-close experience and insight you’ve been missing to decide whether or not a specific game is right for you.

Still, the free resources and demos are just the tip of the iceberg. So, if you’re looking to get started with bitcoin gambling sites with no prior knowledge, make sure the casino you choose provides everything you might need.

customer service

Responsive customer support services are a fantastic feature that you should definitely have. Although many casinos will make you feel like you never need help, there are still many questions that can arise once you start using the platform. And if you ever find yourself in an unwanted situation and have no idea what just happened to the game or your money, you’ll definitely want the convenience of 24/7 support.

But in addition to being available and responsive, support agents must also be compassionate and knowledgeable in the field in order to help you. the best thing you can do to make sure of that is to read customer reviews.

frequently asked questions: bitcoin casinos

q1. Is it legal to bet with bitcoin?

yes. Gambling with bitcoins is legal everywhere fiat currency gambling is considered legal. This type of game has not yet been subject to any specific legislation and is therefore considered as one more type of payment for online gaming.

q2. Are there minimum deposits required by bitcoin casinos?

It depends on the casino of your choice. While most bitcoin casinos do not require a minimum deposit, some may feature a negligible lower limit for the minimum deposit you can make.

q3. Are bitcoin casinos regulated by a certification authority?

Not all bitcoin casinos operate under specific regulations. however, some of the best bitcoin casinos operate under the regulations and licenses of the relevant authorities. Although all bitcoin casinos are required to be licensed under a regulatory body, not all of these gaming services possess one. With this in mind, it is very important that you ensure that the casino of your choice is properly licensed and regulated to operate legally.

q4. Will I need a credit/debit card or bank account to gamble with bitcoins?

One of the main advantages of bitcoin gambling is the fact that you do not need to have a credit card or a bank account in order to play and win. bitcoin transactions are easy to do without interference from a bank or other third party, and don’t even require a charge or deduction fee, unlike working with traditional banks and cards.

q5. Will an online bitcoin casino offer me free bitcoins?

yes. Most of the best bitcoin casinos offer free bitcoin amounts and other prizes as welcome gifts to new customers or loyalty gifts to frequent players. In addition to this, many other activities and games can help you earn additional bitcoins. the number of bonuses you can get varies by platform, and there are also specific terms and conditions for claiming these rewards.

p6. why should you bet using bitcoin?

There are many reasons why you should choose bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies for gambling and other payments. these include:

• speed

Bitcoin transactions take little to no time to process. they just need to be verified on the blockchain, after which the specified amounts will instantly appear in your wallet balance. the fantastic speed is a result of the fact that there is no third party, such as a bank, that has to approve the transaction.

• security

another important aspect of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins is security. Unlike credit cards that are easily acquired by hackers, the security concerns of using bitcoins are much less serious, as the only information that is exchanged is the number of coins being transferred, making it more difficult for intruders to access your personal information and financial data.

• no charge

If you’ve ever used a credit card or bank transaction, you’re well aware of the myriad transparent and hidden fees that come with such payments. In contrast to this, crypto transactions are completely free as you do not need to include any third party that requires a fee for a crypto transaction.

• easy access

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very easy to access, as all you will need to make or receive a bitcoin payment is internet access and a crypto wallet. this offers great flexibility and a completely new approach to global finance.

p7. How do I keep my earnings safe?

If you are looking to withdraw your crypto earnings, you will definitely need access to a crypto wallet. In terms of a couple of key aspects, crypto wallets are very similar to physical wallets. A crypto wallet, or specifically a bitcoin wallet, is a digital wallet used to store, send, and receive bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Depending on your preferred device, you can choose from many types of wallets, including desktop wallets, mobile wallets, web wallets, and hardware wallets.

• hot wallets

The first three types are also known as hot wallets as they operate and hold their crypto online. These types of wallets are best used in cases where you do a lot of daily transactions and require frequent access to your funds. Since they are installed on your device and constantly online, hot wallets are considered less secure as they are subject to online attacks and pose a significant risk that you will lose access to your funds if your device is stolen or lost.

• cold wallets

Hardware wallets, also known as cold wallets, on the other hand, are physical devices that keep your digital assets secure and offline. they are considered the most secure option since they only connect to the internet when you need to make a transaction.

They often come in the form of a usb flash drive and are out of reach of online hackers or other malicious parties. cold wallets are best used to store more significant amounts of crypto that you need to access less often.

p8. Can I withdraw my bitcoin earnings?

You cannot cash out your bitcoin earnings in the form of bitcoin as this digital currency does not have a representative physical form. however, you can exchange bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for its fiat counter value and easily transfer your funds to a credit card or bank account to collect your winnings later.

final words

Whether you are looking for an exciting way to get acquainted with cryptocurrencies or an easy way to multiply your bitcoin stash, cryptocurrency gambling is something you should definitely try. it’s guaranteed to help you learn more about crypto, have fun in the process, and maybe even make a profit.

And while crypto casinos may sound quite challenging and complicated to master, the best bitcoin casinos are quite straightforward and easy to use once you decide to take the first step into the world of bitcoin gambling.

So, regardless of whether you are a newbie or more experienced with both cryptocurrency and gambling, we hope our article helped you muster up the courage you needed to satisfy your curiosity and give cryptocurrency casinos a try. just remember to be responsible with your game and have fun playing.

If you or someone you know is having a gambling problem, you can call 1-800-522-4700 for help.

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