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what is the basic attention token (bat)?

The Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is the token that powers a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform designed to fairly reward users for their attention, while giving advertisers a better return on revenue. your advertising spend.

To learn more about this project, check out our deep dive on the basic attention token.

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This experience is delivered through the brave browser, where users can view privacy-preserving ads and receive rewards for doing so. on the other hand, advertisers can offer targeted ads to maximize engagement and reduce losses due to ad fraud and abuse.

The basic attention token itself is the reward unit in this advertising ecosystem and is exchanged between advertisers, publishers and users. Advertisers pay for their ad campaigns in bat tokens. Of this budget, a small portion is distributed to advertisers, while 70% is distributed to users, while the middlemen who normally increase advertising costs are removed from the equation to improve profitability.

The basic attention token was launched in 2017 following one of the fastest exhausting initial coin offerings (ICOs) of all time, with the platform raising a total of $35 million in less than a minute. Since then, it has launched its attention-based advertising experience to users in most countries through its valiant rewards program.

As of November 2020, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada had the most active ad campaigns.

who are the founders of the basic attention token?

basic attention token has two founders: brendan eich and brian bondy, two very distinguished people in the internet browsing software industry.

Brendan Eich is the CEO of Brave Software, Inc., the parent company behind the Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token. Before his position at Brave, Eich was the founder and COO of Mozilla and also invented JavaScript in 1995. He also helped launch one of the world’s most popular web browsers in 2004: Mozilla Firefox.

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Similarly, Brian Bondy joins as Brave and Basic Attention Token Act. Bondy is a highly experienced engineer with prior experience working as a Senior Software Engineer at Mozilla, Software Developer at Corel Corporation, and Software Development Lead at Khan Academy. Together, Eich and Bondy have more than 50 years of software development experience.

In total, the Basic Attention Token website lists 16 team members, many of whom have development, engineering, or research backgrounds.

what makes the basic attention token unique?

The primary use case for the Basic Attention Token is as a payment token to run advertising campaigns through Bold Ads. As of November 2020, advertisers must commit to a minimum ad spend of $2,500 per month in order to launch their campaign, but a self-service platform with potentially lower limits is currently in the works.

Currently, this ad budget must be paid entirely in Basic Attention Tokens, which advertisers can purchase from a variety of third-party exchange platforms. From this, brave takes a small commission and the rest is distributed among publishers and users.

one of the main distinguishing features of the basic attention token and the brave browser ecosystem is the ability to reward (tip) users who are not yet part of the network; This includes websites and individual Twitter users. these users can securely register on the platform to collect the tips they have accumulated.

Both Basic Attention Token and Brave Browser have achieved significant user acceptance since their release. As of October 2020, the Brave Browser has a total of 20.5 million monthly active users, while the Basic Attention Token is now held by a total of over 368,000 unique wallets.

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how many basic attention token (bat) coins are there in circulation?

The basic care token has a maximum total supply of 1.5 billion tokens. this cannot be increased without switching to a new token smart contract.

Nearly all of this supply is in current circulation. as a result, the basic attention token can be considered almost completely diluted.

In their 2017 ico, a total of 1 billion bat tokens were sold to investors, while the remaining 200 million tokens were locked in a development pool and 300 million bat were reserved for the development pool. user growth (ugp). As of November 2020, both the development pool and ugp pool addresses are nearly empty.

how is the basic care token network protected?

The basic network token (bat) is an erc-20 token. as such, it is based on the ethereum blockchain. Like any ERC-20 token, BAT is protected by a rigorously tested Proof-of-Work (POW) consensus algorithm backed by an extensive network of Ethereum miners.

This consensus algorithm ensures that only valid transactions are confirmed, while the combined work of the ethereum mining network ensures that bat transactions are essentially irreversible once confirmed.

where can i buy the basic attention token (bat)?

Basic Attention Token is currently tradeable on most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and currently has excellent liquidity. Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Huobi Global are among the most reputable exchanges for bat trading.

Like many cryptocurrencies, bat can be purchased directly using fiat money at a variety of brokers or traded with fiat assets on platforms such as kraken and bithumb.

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