No, Jordi Évole no ha ido a El Hormiguero a hablar de su inversión en Bitcoin Revolution: es un timo que se difunde ahora por Twitter · – Periodismo para que no te la cuelen

In we have already announced the time of bitcoin that uses familiar faces to try to make you make a false investment in cryptocurrencies. Now this scam is being spread by some twitter accounts, with tweets that link to a website stating that jordi Évole announced in el hormiguero that has made a fortune by investing in bitcoin revolution. It’s a hoax.

jordi Évole has not spoken in the anthill of bitcoin revolution nor is there evidence that he has invested in it. In addition, the website where they talk about this fictitious interview has the logo of 24 hours, informative of the national television of Chile (tvn), to give the appearance of a media outlet, but it is not.

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Also, it is not the first time that he has used the image of Évole to promote this scam, we already told you that Jordi Évole had not gone to the anthill to present his investment in the bitcoin system.

they use twitter to try to sneak it in

Publications are being spread on Twitter that link to the website that supplants the 24-hour Chilean news program and that contains the fictitious interview with Jordi Évole. they do it with phrases like “this shouldn’t have been shown on live tv” or “the microphone was on on the live stream!” to get your attention and click on the link.

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be careful, because it is a scam to try to make a false investment in cryptocurrencies and get hold of your money.

the same modus operandi for all familiar faces

The methods they use to try to scam you with fake bitcoin investments are always the same. the text is practically identical in all cases and the only thing that changes are the names of the protagonists. In addition, they tend to have spelling mistakes.

They also include photographs and purported testimonials from people who have been successful in investing in cryptocurrency. however, there are photos that have already been used in other cases of attempted scams with bitcoin and that come out of repositories or image banks.

These are some of the famous people they have used to try to scam you with false interviews in the anthill about their “last investment” in bitcoin: jordi cruz, leo messi , juan roig, fernando alonso and maría jesús ruiz. the name of the scam it also evolves: bitcoin evolution, cryptoboom, bitcoin trader, bitcoin revolution, bitcoin era, bitcoin system…

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In we have already told you about the case of a woman who was scammed for more than 10,000 euros using a familiar face.

what can you do so you don’t get ripped off?

There are several tips that can be useful to avoid being a victim of this type of fraud.

are these:

  • Who publishes the offer? Before giving your data, it is essential that you look at who is behind the supposed promotion. always look for the name of the company in google to know the opinions of other clients and check if any specialized portal has branded it a fraud.
  • the appearance of the websites: in the most cases use bold colors and include a few details to pressure you into making the investment. for example, they rush you with banners saying that the offer is limited and that if you don’t invest within a few minutes you will lose the opportunity. do not rush.
  • false testimonials: sometimes they will also try to sneak you in with false statements from expert investors and satisfied clients. do not trust.
  • Go to a financial advisor: a specialist will be able to decipher whether the offer you have received is legit or not.

what can you do if you have been a victim of this scam?

  • complaint: if you have been scammed and have lost money through these websites, it is important that you go to the police and file a complaint.
  • go to your bank branch: once you have filed the complaint, go with it to your bank for advice and indicate if you can recover the money in any way.
  • watch out communications: the company behind the scam will contact you by email and phone to formalize the investment and pressure you to invest more money. don’t answer.
  • don’t download any program: Two people have already written to us saying that, after investing, the scammers asked you to download the remote assistance program anydesk. don’t do it, because it was through this channel that a reader of lost €10,000.
  • tell us your case: at we are constantly trying to find out who are and how the people who are trying to scam you work, so we would like to talk to you so you can tell us the whole process. you can write to us at [email protected]

First publication date of this article: 11/25/2020

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