Bitcoin Rush Review 2022: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

what is bitcoin fever?

bitcoin rush is a cutting edge trading platform. the system is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders due to its current technology and complex trading system, as well as its user-friendly interface. this is a difficult task to achieve because the wishes and expectations of both types of traders on a platform are very different.

for example, a professional merchant may look for features and speed that can help save time and make better transactions. the perspective of a novice trader will be very different. they often look for the quickest route to profit. they also want a platform that is easy to use and saves them time. Because new traders lack the experience to jump through hoops, they prefer to be led.

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bitcoin rush has managed to put all this on a single platform. a lightning fast system with advanced trading features, complex yet easy to use, time efficient with time saving options and all with an easy sign up process with an account manager to help you through the process. the platform has all the features you need.

is bitcoin rush legit?

There are a lot of scams out there and it’s no surprise that someone is skeptical about using a tool like bitcoin rush, especially to manage their capital. That’s why our team made sure to thoroughly test the trading tool to find out if it’s efficient and safe, and we haven’t been disappointed with the results so far. bitcoin fever is legit. we can confirm that the trading tool can be trusted and is effective in helping you succeed in the cryptocurrency market.

bitcoin rush also uses authorized and regulated brokers. These brokers help manage your account and make sure your funds are not mismanaged. There’s also a 24-hour customer service line, in case you get stuck. you can contact the customer support line by email, live chat or by phone. You will be assigned a licensed and regulated cysec broker to ensure your account is well managed.

trading tips

There is a lot of information on the internet that can help traders succeed in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Not all information will be relevant to your financial portfolio, especially if you are using an AI-powered trading platform. these are the most important things to remember.

be sure to check with your brokers

bitcoin rush has partnered with cysec licensed brokers to ensure you get the best support for your account. your broker’s knowledge is a great resource to help you set up your account in the best possible way.

start with a small deposit

a minimum deposit of 250 eur is required for bitcoin rush. this minimum deposit must be taken into account at all times. you will be allowed to reinvest later.

keep your earnings safe

We encourage you to withdraw your winnings once you have made your first profit. This will allow you to distinguish between your trading capital and the profits you have made. this will allow you to determine how much money you want to reinvest in your account.

check your account daily

Although bitcoin rush can be traded independently, it is important to monitor your account daily. you should spend at least 20 minutes each day reviewing your account. you can check bitcoin rush earnings performance to make sure your account is up to date.

invest what you can afford

bitcoin rush will not advise you to invest in your emergency fund, life savings, or money you don’t trust.

responsible trade

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avoid making snap decisions and rushing into the live trading area. bitcoin rush encourages responsible trading, which means you can take your time opening an account.

bitcoin rush features

After you have started, you will gradually be introduced to the important features of bitcoin rush. These features will help you grow and diversify your financial portfolio. they are also there to ensure your trading experience is seamless.

easy to use

it is easy to use bitcoin rush. it is considered one of the easiest trading platforms on the market. you should be able to log in and navigate your account easily.

trading with high precision

transactions can be opened and closed in less than a millisecond with bitcoin fever. This means you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition when it comes time to execute trades in volatile cryptocurrency markets.

no charges

bitcoin rush does not charge merchants license fees or registration fees to use the trading software. your trading capital is more important than other tools, so you have more time.

lower commission

bitcoin rush wants all traders to have equal access to the cryptocurrency market. to incentivize brokers, it charges a low trading fee of 0.01%.

trade from anywhere

you can access bitcoin rush from anywhere. you can access your account even while you are on the go. Accessing your account requires only your login details, an active internet link and a working browser.

24-hour customer service

customer service is easy. To address any concerns or questions, you can contact the live support team at all hours of the day. it is vital that the bitcoin rush customer support team works 24 hours a day.

trade live or practice first

bitcoin acceleration, this allows traders to try the demo mode to get to know the system. You are welcome to use this feature if you want to trade in real time.

multiple payment options

bitcoin rush allows you to make deposits and bank transfers via debit or credit cards, wire transfers and debit/credit cards.

diversify as much as you want

trading is not limited to popular currencies. you can trade the most popular currencies as well as exotic currencies like chf/sek or aud/sek.

bitcoin fever: get a free license today!

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Now that you know the platform is legit, you’re probably ready to get started! the registration process can often seem difficult and tedious. Fortunately for you, that is no longer the case with Bitcoin Rush, you are probably wondering how to get started and sign up for this trading platform. You are probably also wondering how expensive this trading platform is and how much you will need to set aside for deposit. luckily we answer all these questions below:

1. register now

it’s easy to register and verify your bitcoin rush bank account. Fill out a form with basic information. your broker will call you to guide you through the process. your account should be up and running within 20 minutes.

2. make a small deposit

To activate the most important functions, bitcoin rush requires a minimum deposit of 250 euros. the deposit can also be used to get a head start on your trading book. will be added to your first trades.

3. demo or live trading

you can use the demo account for absolutely nothing. It is not required. you can go directly to the live trading area if you are an experienced trader.

the benefits of automated trading

trading without emotions

An automated trading platform like bitcoin rush allows you to trade in full control. automated trading systems cannot make decisions based on emotion or impulse, unlike manual trading. this algorithm was designed using a specific set of rules. these rules are laws that cannot be broken due to human indecision. the key to success in bitcoin rush is to eliminate human error.

backtest before trading

By comparing historical data to bitcoin rush, you can test how well a strategy performs. backtesting allows the algorithm to predict what works and what doesn’t.


bitcoin rush includes built-in profit execution settings and risk factors. These adjustments have been designed to maintain discipline in volatile market conditions. the algorithm will not act irrationally or deviate from its goals.

24-hour cryptocurrency trading

The cryptocurrency market is available 24 hours a day on a growing number of exchanges. Because the market is always open, trading systems like bitcoin rush can always work for you.

more risk control for you

You can customize your trading parameters with bitcoin rush to meet your financial goals. this can be done with the help of your broker. your stop-loss limit and when trades should be opened and closed are two of the most important settings.

bitcoin fever: our conclusion

Bitcoin Rush can be used to help new users in volatile cryptocurrency markets. a trader who wants to diversify his portfolio and increase his income should consider it. includes all the support you need to be successful, as well as a dedicated account broker.

Any trader looking to get into the cryptocurrency market would be well served by bitcoin fever. you can claim the license from him immediately by opening an account and making a deposit commitment. we recommend that you take full advantage of the market with bitcoin rush.

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pros and cons of bitcoin fever

frequently asked questions about bitcoin fever


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