Cryptocurrency exchange script and Bitcoin exchange software to instantly start a Bitcoin Exchange

version 6.4 beta

– kyc documentation uploading – advanced ajax based trading section – fixed compatibility issues with kyc module – fixed pagination issue in orders, transactions table – performance issue of fixed android app

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version 6.3 beta

– added zec, ltc pairs – added receiving zec and ltc tokens. – added sending of zec and ltc tokens. – minor bugs squashed – web application security powered by

version 6.0 beta

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– cold wallet integration – transactions and deposits via android – liquidity module – additional cryptocurrency pairs eth, bch – added send eth, bch – added receive eth and bch

version 5.0 beta

– basic android app – updated to v2 api – advanced trading module – replaced chart

version 4.0 beta

– reference module support – email system bugfix – updated to latest dependencies – cloudflare backed ip throttle (safety measure)

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version 3.0 beta

– content management system – trading algorithm rewrite – email template management – platform api v1 – cryptocurrency sending – cryptocurrency receiving

version 2.0 beta

– user interface update – bug fixes – trade algorithm adjustments – withdrawal approval mechanism – 37 fort-knox grade security measures see here

version 1.0 beta

– basic trading engine – crypto deposit wallet – 2 factor authentication – deposit request form – withdrawal request form – stop loss – market price order matching – limit order – order prioritization

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