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so, do you want to buy some bitcoin?

and do you want google pay accepted?

Reading: Buy bitcoin with google pay

well, here at amber, the opportunity is yours. we have bitcoin and the payment method you are looking for. google pay has completely discontinued mobile payments, which is exactly what bitcoin is doing with fiat currency.

we understand that bitcoin is the most important asset of the 21st century and we would like to guide you towards that point of view as well. It may not be clear now, but once you understand how broken the fiat standard is, your appreciation for bitcoin will skyrocket.

let’s learn how to buy bitcoins with google pay:

why use google pay?

google pay (previously known as android pay) is fast becoming a popular mobile payment method. Using a Google Wallet synced with a Google Pay account, there’s little you can’t buy with Google Pay. amber accepts google pay, which allows you to buy bitcoins.

The simplicity of google pay is its strong point. just like what separates bitcoin from any other cryptocurrency. or amber, from any other cryptocurrency exchange. some of the strengths of google pay are:

  • google pay transactions are almost instantaneous.
  • many businesses support google pay.
  • no bank transfer required.
  • privacy and security are two main focuses for google.
  • eliminates the annoying process of finding your credit/debit card and typing in the numbers.

If you’ve used Google Pay before, then you understand how easy the process is. If not, check out this simple guide to learn how the google checkout process works. You’ll find out if you need a google wallet, if there are any trading fees, if you can store digital currencies in your google account, and if you need the google pay app.

let’s see how to buy bitcoin with google pay:

step 1: download the amber app

Amber is available on your Android or Google device’s app store. Search “Amber” or “Amber – Bitcoin made easy”, to get one step closer to your goal of buying Bitcoin with Google Pay.

There is a short timeout on the amber download. amber is 100% free, so there’s no need to worry about a payment method when downloading the app.

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soon, you will buy bitcoins with a company that supports google pay.

step 2: set up an account

No need for a credit or debit card. All you need is a phone number and an email address.

amber knows how important privacy is. therefore, all your personal data is protected using the latest collaborative standards of custody, authentication and encryption.

You’ll soon be buying bitcoins with google pay, as this step takes less than a minute.

step 2.5: verify your account

Only a half step, because it doesn’t need to be completed to buy Bitcoin with Google Pay. You will need to verify your account when you withdraw USD or to send Bitcoin to another wallet.

Verification is required to meet regulatory standards. however, you will not have a problem when you use google pay to buy bitcoins if you do not complete this step.

step 3: select how much bitcoin

When you buy Bitcoin, you must always consider how much exposure you want with the asset. Different online brokers may recommend different amounts. At Amber, we find Dollar Cost Averaging as the best way to start your exposure to Bitcoin. You reduce risk, by investing smaller amounts frequently, at any price of the market. Your investment value drops, however, frequency increases.

for example, you might decide to buy $10 worth of bitcoins a day. If the price of bitcoin goes up, you get less satoshi for your $10, but if the price goes down, you get more. no matter how many bitcoins you start with, all that matters is starting that journey.

whether you decide to sell or buy successfully; Just the action of buying bitcoin today can be one of the most important decisions for your financial future!

step 4: select google pay

This is the part where you actually buy Bitcoin with Google Pay. It’s as simple as selecting the Google Pay option on the Amber app.

No need to deposit money or use a bank link. google pay is simple, fast and effective.

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amber offers some of the most competitive fees in the bitcoin space, even against major exchanges:

  • Amber Basic Members: 0.99% of bitcoin purchases or sales.
  • Amber Black Members: 0% of bitcoin purchases or sales.

Whether your google pay is already linked to your credit/debit card or you use a google pay deposit, you will finish this step in 5 seconds. it takes a couple of clicks and you’re done. payment made.

Deciding to buy bitcoin with google pay is one of the easiest mobile payments you’ll ever make. It is not difficult like cryptocurrency trading, but it is a smooth process. highlights why someone would want to buy bitcoin because you feel like you are part of the future. the future of money.

step 5: view your bitcoin

View the change in your account balance. Your bitcoin balance should be up!

amber’s low fees still allow you to trade instantly, meaning there’s no need to transfer anything from your google wallet to a digital wallet.

You have chosen the easiest method: the amber app + google pay.

amber values ​​your privacy and security, therefore your bitcoins are held in a non-custodial bitcoin wallet. you can do a bitcoin transaction, to move your bitcoin from amber to your own bitcoin wallet, which we suggest you do.


bitcoin is simple. so is google pay. When we accept Google Pay, we enable people to bet on the future of the monetary standard. not only google pay but many other payment methods. help everyone achieve financial freedom.

using amber, a bitcoin exchange, with instant transactions and low fees (amber basic) or no transaction fee (amber black), is the easiest way to buy bitcoin. when you buy or sell bitcoins on crypto platforms or other bitcoin brokers it can be confusing, with amber there are only five steps.

It is vital that you do your own research when deciding to buy bitcoin with google pay and save with amber. we have many guides that can help you on your way.

amber is the google pay bitcoin broker you are looking for: simple, fast and secure.

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