Cómo localizar y usar un cajero automático de bitcóin para comprar bitcoines con efectivo | Iniciar en el mundo del bitcóin

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There are several ways to buy bitcoins. The most common and convenient way to buy bitcoins is through an online exchange or brokerage platform. for example, you can buy bitcoins now with your credit card through and get them easily and quickly.

However, sometimes people want to pay in cash. Buying bitcoins with cash is not as difficult as it seems. One way to buy bitcoins in this way is between equals, that is, doing the operation with someone you meet in person. this requires a bit more effort than most people would like to do. the other more comfortable and less invasive way is to buy bitcoins with cash at a bitcoin ATM.

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This guide explains the process you need to follow with the bitcoin ATM and how to locate and use one to buy bitcoins with cash.

step 1: find a bitcoin ATM near you

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After you’ve decided you want to buy Bitcoin with cash at an ATM (also known as a BATM), you’ll need to find the closest one to you. here we can give you a hand, since we have created a map with more than 1200 bitcoin ATMs around the world with the help of coin atm radar. With this map, you should be able to find some Bitcoin ATMs near your home.

Cajero automático de bitcóin

Cómo localizar y usar un cajero automático de bitcóin para comprar bitcoines con efectivo | Iniciar en el mundo del bitcóin

step 2: start the process

It may seem like a complex task, but when you finish reading the guide, you will see that buying bitcoins at an ATM is quick and easy. Before you head to the Bitcoin ATM, it’s good to have a downloaded Bitcoin wallet ready to go (and backed up) on your mobile device. This way, when you go shopping, you can generate a bitcoin wallet receiving address without having to worry about it at the bitcoin ATM. If you download the wallet from, you can see how to use it here.

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When you’re ready, head to your local Bitcoin ATM. when you arrive it should look something like the image shown online (every location will obviously be different). the next step will be to start using the bitcoin ATM.

Step 3: Using the bitcoin ATM

To start, tap the screen where you want to buy the coins. Depending on the bitcoin ATM, the process may be slightly different, but in general, most machines follow a similar purchase process.

At this point, the bitcoin ATM will ask you how many bitcoins you want to buy and ask you to verify your identity by entering your mobile number so you can receive a confirmation text message (sms). then the bitcoin ATM should ask you where you want the bitcoins to be sent: this is where you will use the receiving address of your bitcoin wallet. To generate your wallet receiving address, through the wallet, simply tap “receive” on the top left. this will automatically generate you a new written address and also in the form of a scannable qr code. here you will need to hold up the qr code displayed on the wallet so that the bitcoin ATM can scan it (and know where to send you the bitcoins). You will have to follow the instructions on the screen, where you can read something like the image online that says hold the qr code 10-15cm away from the scanner. once the machine scans the qr code of your wallet, it will ask you to confirm the address of it; check that it is correct before continuing. The next step will be to enter the money with which you want to buy the bitcoins into the machine.

You should be able to deposit any amount of cash, as long as you meet the minimum and maximum amounts allowed by the Bitcoin ATM. on the screen you should also see the amount of bitcoin you are buying denominated in your local currency and also in the amount of the currency ticker (for example, it may say 20.00 usd and 0.1387446 bch). When you are ready, finish the operation. this will ask the machine to print the receipt showing the transaction details at the bitcoin ATM and confirm the transaction details. Once this is done, you will receive the bitcoins in your wallet in just a couple of minutes. and that’s it, you just bought bitcoins at a bitcoin ATM. not sure what to do with your new digital currency? start here and find some places to start using it!

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