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Our camp families ask us many great questions about our summer camps. Below are a list of questions that are frequently asked. If you have a question that is not listed, please send it our way!

Question #1: How much time do campers spend on your course?

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Answer: Campers will spend approximately 22.5-25 hours per week on their chosen course.

Question #2: What are the staff to camper ratios?

Answer: We guarantee a maximum staff to camper ratio of 1:4 to 1:8…or better! we strive to create a camp environment where campers receive excellent supervision and high levels of attention during instructional periods.

Question #3: Who are your instructors?

Answer: Our instructors are the best of a large pool of qualified candidates we consider. we hire less than 3% of applicants. Our core instructors typically consist of teachers, college professors, undergraduate/graduate students from top-tier colleges/universities/ivy league, and the occasional superstar student entering college in the fall. assistant instructors usually consist of accomplished seniors on the rise. our instructors are extremely knowledgeable in the subject area, passionate about working with children, very responsible, and have all passed background checks. instructors go through rigorous orientation and training prior to the summer camp season and are constantly supported by on-site camp directors and our central office. we put them in a position to succeed…and they do!

Question #4: Do you have a camp director on site?

answer: yes! at least one on-site camp director manages the technological revolution at each location. the director is trained to make sure daily operations at the camp run smoothly, and is also certified in cpr & trained in first aid. our camp director is available on site to answer her questions and is available by phone and email if you need to contact him/her during the day.

Question #5: Do campers typically attend one week or more than one week?

Answer: Camper attendance varies. most campers attend for multiple weeks and can move up the curriculum if they select the same course for more than one week. All of our courses have multiple levels of curriculum and many additional activities and projects for all skill levels.

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Question #6: How do you group campers at camp?

Answer: Campers are grouped by age and ability. We run multiple levels of curriculum at each camp, allowing campers to attend camp with us at any time throughout the summer, even if they are beginners. our campers can sign up for any week and be properly located at camp. this provides our camp families with maximum flexibility.

Question #7: Do campers get better at camp?

answer: yes! campers receive approximately 22.5-25 hours of focused time on their camping activity per week. This, combined with our cutting-edge curriculum and top-notch instructors, allows our campers to do so much better! they also attend with other campers who share similar interests, which encourages learning through peer interaction.

Question #8: How do you make camp fun?

answer: we hire fun and dynamic instructors! campers also select topics that interest them. numerous breaks are also incorporated throughout the day with opportunities for recreation and socializing. We offer a great balance of time indoors and outdoors, to ensure our campers have the opportunity to get fresh air, socialize, and play sports and fun games.

Question #9: How do you create a safe environment for camp?

answer: safety in the camp is our main objective. We work hard all year long to make sure our campground security is top notch. Camp Tech Revolution is operated by Lavner Education, the leading provider of specialty camps in the United States. Lavner Education is accredited by the American Camp Association (which has hundreds of guidelines for accreditation) in PA and NJ, and carries its standards to other states. we hire responsible staff and train them (including a written test of our detailed manual/procedures), employ procedures that promote safety and supervision, and are in constant communication. for covid-19 protocol, visit our covid-19 resource page.

question #10: why should we choose camp tech revolution?

answer: camp tech revolution is a place where your child will learn, make friends and have fun. our mission is to provide an amazing camping experience…and we do. These are some of the things we offer to provide a great camping experience:

attention to security

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first level camp locations

excellent staff

innovative specialized offers

“cutting-edge” curriculum

a camp office that believes in excellent customer service and communication with our camp families

extremely high retention rate of campers and growing every year, especially through word of mouth referrals.

incredible media coverage – local and national!

Our knowledgeable leadership team has backgrounds from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Cornell University, Brandeis University, Villanova University, Columbia University, Harvard University – Graduate School of education and more, and drives excellence in everything we do

A proven track record of thousands of successful campers who loved lavner camping and the technological revolution in camping!

and much more…!

Additional Questions: If you have any additional questions, please email us at, call our year-round office at (2267), or send us a message at chat on our website. We welcome your questions and are happy to provide you with informative answers.

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