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Since 2014, Fidelity Investments has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency research and insight. Fidelity’s investment in blockchain and digital assets makes the company unique among its institutional peers as a leader in this technological revolution. It even has an entire department (Loyalty Digital Assets) dedicated to providing institutional grade digital asset solutions. however, the allegiance has focused primarily on allowing institutional investors, rather than individuals with retirement accounts, to invest in bitcoin.

but in 2022, fidelity’s adoption of crypto is becoming a reality. In April, the company announced plans to begin offering bitcoin in its 401(k) plans; people could start investing in it if employers allow it in their plans. However, Fidelity’s bitcoin offering plans still need US approval. uu. Department of Labor, which has indicated that it will take an in-depth look at its plans for digital assets.

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Let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency products and services provided by fidelity and how their digital asset business has grown over the years.

common questions

1. Can I invest directly in bitcoin with fidelity? Probably not. At this time, retail investors cannot invest in bitcoin or trade the digital asset using their loyalty account. Only a small class of investors, known as institutional investors, can transact in the bitcoin market through the use of fidelity digital assets. however, fidelity has plans to add bitcoin as an investment option in its 401(k), but as of May 2022, it is pending approval from the department of labor.

2. what are fidelity digital assets? fidelity digital assets provide cryptocurrency solutions for institutional investors. this includes cold storage custody, trade execution, dedicated digital asset support, and market research. Qualified Institutional Investors can buy and sell Digital Assets within Fidelity Digital Assets without moving funds from their accounts.

3. what is sourcewise bitcoin index fund? a fidelity launched bitcoin fund, sourcewise allows high net worth individuals to get exposure to bitcoin without buying the digital asset directly and worrying about the storage and safety of your cryptocurrency. the minimum investment in the fund is $100,000.

4. does fidelity offer any bitcoin services for retail investors? not really. Currently, bitcoin services for retail investors are extremely limited. Investors cannot buy or trade bitcoins directly with fidelity, but bitcoins that are purchased through coinbase can be tracked using fidelity’s portfolio summary view. Additionally, Fidelity accepts Bitcoin (along with other cryptocurrencies) as charitable donations to Fidelity Charitable.

5. can i transfer my loyalty 401(k) to bitcoin? no. While Fidelity does not currently offer the option to purchase Bitcoin for retail customers, other companies allow you to transfer your eligible Fidelity 401(k) accounts to a Digital IRA account. this type of retirement account allows for tax-deferred investments in cryptocurrencies (a big plus considering how cryptocurrency transactions are currently taxed).

6. can i buy bitcoin for an ira with fidelity? no. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is the same as the situation described for a 401(k). If you want to open a Bitcoin IRA, Fidelity does not currently allow retail customers to purchase any cryptocurrencies directly. however, the same solution explained above can be applied. You can faithfully move an existing IRA account to a Bitcoin IRA account and get the same tax benefits as you would with any other investment within an IRA account. there are no tax penalties or implications for doing so.

digital asset loyalty milestones

April 2022: fidelity’s new 401(k) offering will invest in bitcoin (the new york times)

fidelity announced plans to offer bitcoin in its individual 401(k) retirement plans starting this summer, pending u.s. review and approval. uu. work Department. the account fee would be between 0.75% and 0.90% and merchant fees would be “competitively priced,” according to research firm cerulli associates.

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Feb 2022 – fidelity international launches bitcoin etp in europe (bitcoin magazine)

fidelity international has launched its first bitcoin exchange-traded product (etp) in europe in what is the cheapest joint offering available to investors in the old continent seeking direct exposure to the price of bitcoin. The physical Fidelity Bitcoin ETP will be listed on the Deutsche Börse Xetra today under the ticker symbol “FBTC” and on all six Swiss stock exchanges in the coming weeks. will have an ongoing charges figure (ocf) of 0.75%.

March 2021: Giant Asset Management Loyalty Files for Bitcoin ETF (cointelegraph)

The $4.9 trillion asset manager has filed with the SEC to list a new bitcoin exchange-traded fund. The ETF aims to track the daily performance of the digital currency using the Bitcoin PR Loyalty Index, an index that is derived from various price sources. If approved, the trust would be the first bitcoin ETF to launch in the United States.

December 2020: fidelity digital will hold bitcoin as collateral for cash loans (bloomberg) in partnership with cryptocurrency lender blockfi, fidelity announces it will allow institutional investors to use bitcoin as collateral for loans cash. this allows bitcoin investors to raise capital without having to sell their bitcoin, a useful financial tool for hedge funds and cryptocurrency miners, among others.

Oct 2020 – fidelity digital assets publishes “bitcoin investment thesis: the role of bitcoin as an alternative investment” (fidelity digital assets)fidelity provides information on why bitcoin is a good investment option alternative investment for a diversified portfolio. its low correlation to traditional assets, exponential retail growth, and fixed supply are all reasons bitcoin should be considered a valuable alternative asset.

August 2020: Fidelity Launches Inaugural Bitcoin Fund for Eligible Investors(Bloomberg) Fidelity filed documents with the SEC to launch its first bitcoin fund, the Wise Sourced Bitcoin Index Fund i . The fund will be managed through a new business called digital loyalty funds and will be available to family offices, registered investment advisers and other financial institutions with a minimum investment of $100,000.

June 2020 – Fidelity Digital Assets: Institutional Investors Are Interested In Crypto (Fidelity Digital Assets) By partnering with coinbase, fidelity enabled customers to license cryptocurrency exchange for send digital wallet data to your view loyalty wallet summary. while this feature is just a simple window into one’s digital assets elsewhere, it signaled a willingness to treat digital assets on an equal basis with other types of investment.

February 2020: Fidelity International Invests $14 Million in Hong Kong Crypto (CoinDesk) Fidelity expanded its international reach by investing in a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange operator OSL. This investment is part of a $36 million share placement of the BC Group listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

December 2019: announced plans to expand institutional crypto to europe (tokenpost) through its crypto arm, fidelity digital assets, this multinational financial services provider announced that it will expand its operations to europe to serve institutional investors there.

May 2019: fidelity research predicts a growing market for bitcoin (ccn) a research paper by fidelity digital assets concluded that institutional investment in cryptocurrency is likely to increase in the next five years. the survey of 450 institutions showed that 22% already own digital assets and 74% of financial advisors view crypto more favorably. the value of btc increased by more than 25% in april 2019 alone.

March 2019: Fidelity Digital Assets Go Live (cointelegraph) On March 8, fidelity announced that its cryptocurrency platform went live with a select group of clients. the launch is happening slowly and relatively quietly for now as the concept gains popularity. fidelity’s “solutions focus on the needs of hedge funds, family offices, pensions, endowments, and other institutional investors.”

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January 2019: fidelity’s digital asset platform is being tested with eligible clients ( issuing a public update on its cryptocurrency trading platform for institutional investors, fidelity said that some select customers have started using the service. Despite the relative newness of cryptocurrencies, fidelity has “established a robust set of technical and operational standards” that are updated based on initial user feedback.

October 2018: Launch of a platform for institutional investors (bitira blog) the fifth largest asset manager in the world launched fidelity digital assets, to be launched in early 2019. ambitious venture into the crypto space by any major financial institution, and this division of digital assets will enable institutional investors to purchase crypto through a trusted and regulated custodian.

may 2018: partnership with mit for layer 2 summit (forbes) continuing a multi-year focus on blockchain research, convened a summit on fidelity labs and the mit media labs. This summit addressed a topic that many blockchain professionals are concerned about: scalability. for the blockchain to scale, the cost per transaction must decrease as the volume of transactions increases. with current technology, the opposite is true.

August 2017: Digital Asset Wallet Tested ( in partnership with coinbase, fidelity enabled customers to authorize cryptocurrency exchange to send digital wallet data to your fidelity portfolio summary view. while this feature is just a simple window into one’s digital assets elsewhere, it signaled a willingness to treat digital assets on an equal basis with other types of investment.

April 2017: joined leading universities and tech companies for the ic3 initiative ( in a first-of-its-kind venture, fidelity joined leading universities and tech companies to explore new blockchain projects. all institutions participating in the cryptocurrency and contracts initiative share a common vision of the disruptive potential of blockchain technology. fidelity’s CEO also spoke at the 2017 consensus in May.

November 2015: Bitcoin Accepted for Donations at Fidelity Charitable ( In partnership with Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange, Fidelity took a first step toward bitcoin adoption by allowing for philanthropists to use digital currency when donating to loyalty charities. the bitcoins would then be converted into other assets via coinbase and given to the respective charity.

May 2015: Blockchain incubator formed (middle) while fidelity had been conducting initial cryptocurrency research since early 2014 (when 1 btc was worth less than $1,000) , the financial institution formed the first team dedicated to exploring blockchain and cryptocurrencies the following year. the blockchain incubator paved the way for future loyalty bitcoin adoption.

As fidelity continues to develop its digital asset investment programs, this page will be updated with cryptocurrency adoption milestones.

last updated: April 2021

timeline of loyalty path to cryptocurrency adoption

Fidelity timeline 05-04-2022

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