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setting up mining rig

update: lolminer developers released version v1.22. is a linux-exclusive version that aims to improve the performance of the so-called zombie mode. improve zombie mode performance on rx 400 and rx 500 gpus on linux. performance increases 7-11% at epoch 393 and 15-20% at epoch 400. you can download it here.

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here is a graph of the gpus hashrate as the dag file grows.

dag is a block of data loaded into gpu memory when a miner starts. it is essential for mining because it helps devices find blocks, ensure network security, and get rewarded for completed work.

dag is gradually increasing in size. grows 8mb every 30 thousand blocks. over time gpus can no longer process the file so miners are forced to mine other cryptocurrencies. mid december 4gb gpus will stop mining ethereum. however, the developers have found a way to allow them to mine ethereum longer.

some 4gb gpus can no longer mine ethereum. Possible reasons are old mining software, gpus of different brands or windows operating system that demands more resources. the problem is obvious.


what to do if gpus can’t mine ethereum

the developers of lolminer (we talk about the miner here) are aware of the upcoming 4gb gpu issue. they have released the updated version of the software by adding the so-called zombie mode for cryptocurrency mining. this mode will enable 4gb gpu to mine ethereum even in early 2021.

why zombie mode? here is a quote from the developer of the project wilke trei, known as lolliedieb. I was asked why the zombie mode. well, I found that term appropriate. these are cards that are supposed to be dead but continue to mine but gradually slower. like an undead (gpu slang).

Ethereum mining will be possible with gradual performance degradation.

the new mode is working. As proof, the developer showed a screenshot where he is mining the cryptocurrency on the testnet at epoch 390. The graphics card with 4gb ram is still mining with a hash rate of 23mh/s.


The developer concluded the following.

this mode allows ethereum to be mined after epoch 381, the last epoch that allows gpus to run at full capacity. gpu performance will gradually degrade. the hash rate will drop to 95% at epoch 382 and 55% at epoch 390. it will only be 22% at epoch 400, but mining will continue.

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gpus will deliver more than 50% of its efficiency over the course of the next eleven epochs. means an additional 60 days of mining after the official closure. In the table below, the developer shows the performance of the AMD RX 580 which typically provides 30 MH/s. on December 21 it will give 27.63 mh/s, or 92% of its total capacity.

hash rate in zombie mode of rx 580 4g is presented below.


zombie mode will work on both windows and linux. windows will not provide the best results, as you can see in the table.

Does it make sense to mine this way? it does. along with 4gb gpus, 4gb asics will also stop mining ethereum. the network hash rate will decrease significantly, which will lead to lower mining difficulty. the remaining gpus will get more eth profit than before. the advantages are obvious.

this is what the developer says.

what to do with all the 4gb devices? etc, beam and sky mining difficulty can skyrocket so 50% 4gb gpu gains could still be better than altcoins gains.

developers believe that mining with 4gb gpu in the new mode after dag file increase can give even better results than before. when miners start having problems with dag, they are forced to switch to other cryptocurrencies, which will cause their mining difficulty to increase.

how to set up 4gb gpu mining software

The only parameter you can change in lolminer’s zombie mode is “hold free”. gives the number of megabytes that the miner will not use on the card to reserve it for the system.

by default this value is set to 56mb on windows and 5mb on linux which should work fine. here is a bat file setup for windows.

this is for linux.

the developer says that if everything works and mining is enabled, there is no need to tweak anything. if you have problems, run a benchmark with the following command. this is for windows.

this is for linux.

then see how your miner operates. if it freezes, increase keepfree by 8mb and try again.

for better performance you can try lowering the value by 8mb – 48mb for windows and 0mb for linux. if it worked, you can try lowering it further. repeat until your miner starts and works properly.

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We recommend mining ethereum in the 2miners pool. It has an easy-to-use interface, advanced settings, and multi-language support.


lolminer has definitely brought good news. ethereum mining will continue and gpu owners will continue to profit from it. hopefully we will see a similar approach for other cryptocurrencies in the future.

Recently, teamredminer released miner version 0.7.20 with advanced mining mode. it is similar to zombie mode and offers a compromise between gpu efficiency and overall minability.

phoenix miner also supports 4gb mining with no additional configuration required.

4gb gpu mining tuning and troubleshooting

all gpu’s have a different amount of memory (ram) even if they are listed as 4gb. they could be 3896mb / 3996mb / 4024mb / 4096mb for example. each miner has a special parameter that regulates the amount of memory used for mining. here is how to set it for each miner:

  • lolminer -4g-alloc-size n
  • teamredminer -eth_4g_max_alloc=n
  • phoenix miner -daglim n

According to the developers at teamredminer, the expected range for n is 4070-4078. you really want to run with the highest possible n for your team. If the computer cannot allocate ram at startup or the miner crashes after 5-10 minutes each time, reduce the number (n) in small steps until the miner works fine. the default number n = 4072

The idea is quite simple. you could increase the number n until the miner works fine and doesn’t crash. the higher this number n is, the higher hash rate you could get.

classic ethereum mining with 4gb gpus

wilke says zombie mode is only available on amd for now, but nvidia support is coming soon.

also supports windows with smooth mining startup. During classic ethereum mining tests, gpus give 17.32 mh/s instead of 21.5 mh/s. said clipping is quite acceptable.


it is possible to mine, etc. with 4gb gpus. miners have a choice now. ethereum classic has already reduced dag size so 3gb gpus could mine cryptocurrencies. we have an article about this update.

[update] lolminer benchmark on 380 and 385 epoch etc. mining

Check out the new screenshot provided by lolminer developers below for amd rx580 gpu. on the left, you will find the throughput at epoch 385. on the right, epoch 380. the hash rate has dropped from 29.5mh/s to 22.2mh/s, but the card is still mining even 3 epochs per over your limit.


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