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When you lease a car, you must purchase auto insurance even if you don’t own the vehicle. That’s because you must meet the minimum car insurance standards wherever you’re renting, as well as any additional requirements your landlord has, such as comprehensive and collision coverage.

These additional requirements may make renting a car more expensive than you expected.

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insurance requirements for a rented car

When you rent a car, coverage is mandatory; you can’t leave the lot without it. Because auto insurance requirements are set at the state level, the amount of coverage you need depends on the state in which your car will be registered. your leasing company may have certain insurance coverage that it also requires, and certain models will be more expensive to insure than others.

In addition, you must include the leasing company as an additional insured and beneficiary of the loss. this means that the lessor, as the owner of the vehicle, obtains any payment from the insurance company for damage to the insured vehicle.

common state requirements

Car insurance requirements may vary from state to state. the most common is civil liability insurance, of which there are two main forms:

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Some less common requirements are uninsured or underinsured motorists and personal injury protection coverage. the minimum car insurance requirements in your state can be found here.

Keep in mind that the minimum coverage required by a state may not cover all damage resulting from an accident – ​​selecting higher liability limits is a relatively inexpensive way to increase your protection.

common landlord requirements

Leasing companies often require that potential damage to a leased vehicle be covered by your auto insurance policy. may require:

Some landlords require higher limits for liability insurance than the state minimums. Leasing companies typically require $100,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person and $300,000 per accident, as well as $50,000 in property damage liability insurance. additionally, your landlord may require gap insurance or set a maximum deductible, say $500 to $1,000, for collision and comprehensive coverage.

differential insurance for rented car

Difference insurance covers the difference between the amount owed and the actual value of a vehicle. may be required by your landlord. It’s mostly useful for new vehicles that quickly depreciate once they roll off the dealer lot, and it’s usually pointless if you’re leasing a used car. There is often a limit to the maximum benefit you can receive from gap insurance. this can range from $30,000 to $125,000, depending on your policy.

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Gap insurance offered by the landlord may be an additional monthly charge or a one-time up-front fee. If you buy gap insurance through an auto insurer, the cost of the coverage is added to your monthly premium.

Is it more expensive to insure a rented car?

The fact that the vehicle is leased or owned has nothing to do with the cost of the insurance. however, leasing companies generally require a more expensive plan than one with only the minimum coverage requirements in your state. Higher liability limits, as well as comprehensive collision and damage coverage requirements, often drive up the cost of insurance premiums.

Another factor that could lead to higher premiums for renters is maximum deductible restrictions. A deductible is how much you pay out of pocket before your insurance company begins to pay. plans with higher deductibles typically have lower monthly premiums. If your landlord requires that your deductible not exceed a certain amount, he could end up paying more in premiums if he leases a car instead of buying it.

how to take out insurance for a rented car

When you sign a lease, you agree to comply with insurance requirements for the duration of your lease. Here are the steps to take to provide your landlord with proof of insurance:

car subscription services

Car subscription services offer alternatives to traditional car rentals. these services are now offered by several major car dealers. this is how they normally work:

Subscription programs are offered through various companies, such as Canvas (Ford), Care (Volvo), and Book (Cadillac). The advantage of these programs is that they take the hassle out of buying car insurance and dealing with car maintenance, since they are included in the monthly cost, while giving their users the flexibility of not having long-term commitments.

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