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When it comes tobuying bitcoin in mexico in 2022 you can find several options that facilitate the bridge from Mexican pesos to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

It is no secret to anyone that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a global financial and technological phenomenon, and Mexico, being the third largest country in Latin America, has adopted cryptocurrencies; it is even one of the first countries to apply a fintech law.

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Below we will present various platforms where you can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in mexico in local currency.

binance (p2p)

Comprar bitcoin en binance con pesos mexicanos

the exhcange binance that leads the ranking of platforms tobuy and trade with cryptocurrencies announced in the first quarter of 2020 the launch of its p2p platform for Latin America that allows operating in different countries of the region including mexico.

Users will be able to buy and offer for sale with Mexican pesos btc, eth, usdt, bnb, eos and busd using various payment methods such as bank transfers, oxxo, paynet, among others.


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local bitcoins (p2p)

Comprar bitcoin online en mexico

the localbitcoins platform allows you to buy and sell bitcoin with Mexican pesos through bank transfers and other forms of online payment.

registration is completely free, and within the platform you can access the ads of other users or create your own ads for purchase/sale of bitcoin online in mexico.

transactions between localbitcoins users are completely free, while commissions apply to enter or withdraw bitcoins from the p2p platform; In addition, the commissions for creating an ad are 1% for each completed operation.

unlike other platforms it is possible to find ads that allow you to buy bitcoin with paypal; that if you have to consider that when choosing bitcoin using paypal you will find the price higher than with any other payment method. The advantage is that you can choose to buy from users in other countries such as the United States to find more ads.


a little

Comprar criptomonedas en mexico en la plataforma Bitso

is a digital exchange platform with more than a million registered users; that allows the account to be funded from $100 mxn to buy cryptocurrencies in mexico. within the bito platform in addition to finding bitcoin; users hold other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ripple, true usd, golem, bat, decentraland, and dai; all of them available with Mexican pesos.

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Users can add cash funds from any oxxo store in the country; and for users with a bank account, the option of electronic transfers by spei is available.


local cryptos (p2p)

Donde Comprar y vender criptomonedas en mexico

localcryptos is an exchange platform between people founded in 2017 that allows buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Mexican pesos.

One of the features to highlight of this cryptocurrency p2p exchange is the control it gives users by allowing them to create their own wallet, giving each user the power to manage their private keys.

Within localcryptos users will be able tobuy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash and bitcoin cash.

The platform has a community in Spanish on Telegram where you can clarify your doubts; in addition to finding your counterpart when buying or selling your cryptocurrencies.

Commissions within localcryptos range from 0.25% for the person who creates the offer and 0.75% for taking the published offer.

Unlike other platforms, localcryptos users do not need to go through a kyc (know your customer) process that requires leaving personal information and documents to verify identity; which is ideal for buying cryptocurrencies while protecting your identity.


hodlhodl (p2p)

comprar y vender bitcoin en mexico

hodl hodl is a peer to peer platform that allows users to buy or sell bitcoin online in mexico and the rest of the world.

some of the highlights of hodl hodl is that it does not store the funds of its users; also you don’t need a kyc (know your custome).

every time an exchange is generated between the parties hodl hodl create a multisignature escrow address, which makes the operation of the exchange very interesting.

What the multi-signature guarantee deposit does is to secure the funds that are sent by the bitcoin seller to a wallet and are blocked so that the buyer proceeds to send the fiat money; in this case Mexican pesos in case of operating with local currency. Once both parties have made and validated that the btc are blocked and that the money has been sent, the funds are released to the buyer’s wallet.

To register you will only need an email and a password. As for the commissions, they are really good and vary between 0.5% and 0.6% according to certain criteria.



Comprar criptomonedas en mexico

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If you are looking for platforms to buy bitcoin in Mexico, volabit is one of those places on the internet for you.

Since 2014, this platform has offered the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies in Mexico, and allows the account to be funded by spei-type electronic transfer.

The cryptocurrencies available within the platform are: btc, ltc, xrp, bch. Regarding the commissions for the purchase and sale of assets, the platform has a commission of 0.8% + i.v.a; and for funding and withdrawal through spei interbank transfer is $0.00 mxn.


paxful (p2p)

Comprar bitcoin en paxful

paxful is a peer to peer bitcoin exchange where you can buy or sell your btc using more than 300 payment methods such as spei transfers, moneygram, western union, uphold among many others.

the platform does not charge any commission to users who buy cryptocurrencies and the commission can be adjusted according to the form of payment that the seller accepts and they range from 0.5% for bank transfers, 1% for credit cards, cash, coins digital and up to 5% with gift cards.

in addition to being able to buy bitcoin on paxful; the platform recently added the option to buy and sell tether usd, which seems like an interesting option.



Ripio criptomonedas mexico

ripio is a platform that has been in the market for more than 7 years, adding more than 500,000 registered users and providing services in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and Mexico.

Users in Mexico who wish to buy rubble cryptocurrencies can add balance through Mercadopago, immediately crediting the balance from a minimum amount of $500.

The exchange allows you to operate mainly with bitcoin, ethereum, and dai with Mexican pesos. In terms of deposit fees within the platform, they range from 0% for bank transfers to 3% for mercadopago , and 0% for withdrawal.


bitcoin ATMs in Mexico

Cajeros de criptomonedas en mexico

In addition to p2p platforms and exchanges, cryptocurrency ATMs have grown worldwide and in Mexico crypto users have various alternatives to buy cryptocurrencies through these devices located in different regions and that can be located through the website

These ATMs work in a very similar way to the well-known ones offered by banks; so the experience is very familiar to most users.

with this list of pages to buy cryptocurrencies in mexico you already know the alternatives available in this 2020 and answer your friends when they ask you where and how can i buy bitcoin in mexico?

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