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Buying cryptocurrencies is a practice that is beginning to become more and more common and more striking. The fundamental thing you must have for this is a digital wallet, an application, an ATM or an exchange house for your transactions, whether buying and saving or selling. however, not everyone wants to or can identify themselves, the good news is that thanks to technology you can access to buy bitcoins and maintain your anonymity.

The first thing you should do, and the simplest thing, is to download a digital wallet on your mobile phone, either by iOS or with Google, obviously so that your registration is formally done by many applications or platforms, due to legal requirements , they will ask you for an identification through the know your client process, (kyc), but in others you can avoid this kyc verification and here we are going to recommend some of them.

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If you are one of the people who does not have documentation or status in the United States, you should know that your driving license is enough to register on a platform, a permit that you could have obtained only with the ID of your country of origin. on the other hand, whatever the reason you want to remain anonymous, there are platforms that let you transact without asking for personal data or with an intermediary merchant.

places or platforms to buy bitcoins without documents or without revealing your identity:

localbitcoins: Although it may happen that a merchant asks for identification, in that case you can always refuse to continue the transaction. but here you can make your transactions without id if you pay with bank transfers or cards.

binance: This platform allows you anonymous trading, deposits and withdrawals without kyc, for all users and up to 2 bitcoin withdrawals per day. You can buy with cards, bank transfers or through a third party. You will be charged a commission but it is relatively low.

coinmama: does not ask you to verify identification if you buy with a debit or credit card, but its commissions are a bit high, more than 5%. allows you to buy bitcoin worth 150 dollars daily.

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stormgain: does not ask you for personal data either, it is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to buy bitcoins and other digital currencies without having to provide your personal data, or having to send copies of your documents. identity or photographs with your passport.

cex: allows you to buy cryptocurrencies worth 100 dollars a day without the need for any identification.

localcryptos: also allows you to make transactions without any identification and you have the option to do it online or offline. you can pay in cash, bank deposit or send money by paypal.

Bitcoin ATM: The main advantage is that you do not need to reveal your identity, but rather your digital wallet. but the commissions are high, they range between 5% and 10%.

in the united states you can locate bitcoin ATMs through an application or through google map. there is an application that is highly recommended is at these ATMs you can buy or sell. bitcoins.

peertopeer: better known as p2p, of course it is one of the most used to make an anonymous purchase, it is like a way of selling “cash” many feel comfortable with this because they will save the payment of taxes.

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bisq: bitsquare, is a peer-to-peer exchange for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. It is decentralized and does not require an ID, email, or verification.

Anyway, you should know that if you compress without identification you can be tracked with more surprising techniques, you can even be identified by your ip or if you use a private wi-fi.


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