Como comprar e investir em bitcoins no Brasil?

It is becoming more and more common, investing in cryptocurrencies like or bitcoin. In general, digital currencies call attention to their volatility. ou seja, just as she can do a lot, she can also leave people without prejudice.

despite the constant drops, or bitcoin possui many enthusiasts. for this idea, a person was invested, in 2010, with r$ 11 in cryptocurrencies, 10 years later, this value would be transformed into r$ 4 million. logo, don’t be scared because digital currencies require so much attention from investors.

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lest you know that market, it might seem difficult to buy bitcoin. meanwhile, when you divide the process in stage, it becomes much simpler. assim, we will show below, how to buy your first bitcoins.

what is bitcoin?

Crédito: Divulgação/Canva

Crédito: Divulgação/Canva

Bitcoin se trata de uma moeda digital criada em 2009, por um anônimo conhecido como Satoshi Nakamoto. Em suma, a criptomoeda usa uma rede descentralizada de computadores, para gerenciar a negociação. Todas as transações ficam registradas em um “livro-razão” chamado blockchain.

esse “livro-razão” is a large public record of all transactions involving a currency. prior to isso, porém, essas movimentações passam pelos mineradores. The group is responsible for the “confirmation” of operations, from activities that use the processing power of computers, some of them from Ponta, to increase speed. In exchange, they win as taxes pay for users, also rewards for mining a new block of the network.

think of the following situation: user a sends 1 bitcoin to user b, paying a tax of 0.0001 btc. The transaction happens through the network. The miners prioritize those who pay the highest taxes. All transactions are gathered in a new block on the network that is being mined.

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assim, every 10 minutes, a new block and miner; ganham as taxa miners receive a reward of 3.25 new btcs. The transaction is confirmed on the network and checked in the user’s cart b. and likewise, all the transactions that the miners will gather in a block, ficam registered unlivro-razão. Currently, there are more than 740 thousand mining blocks.

how to buy bitcoin in brazil?

In order to start investing in bitcoin, it is necessary to have an account in an “exchange”, term in English widely used in Brazil, to designate a cryptocurrency broker. As brokers, they are not the only ways to buy bitcoin. In the meantime, to get started, it’s safer.

To open your account at the brokerage, you must send your identification documents, a process called “kyc – know your customer”, which means “know your customer”. In short, these are normal procedures, government requirements to avoid fraud and money laundering. além disso, has a recommendation to have a digital wallet to store or your bitcoin. I say that, because there is no exchange in the cart.

where did you find a bitcoin brokerage?

To start this world of investments in cryptocurrencies, it is essential to choose a reliable company. The registration in a cryptocurrency broker will allow you to buy, sell, and keep your cryptocurrencies.

assim, go ahead, some of the most well-known brokerage options in Brazil:

  • binance: the largest cryptocurrency brokerage in the world, with the largest variety of digital currencies;
  • bitprice: market that connects various exchanges in one place;
  • bitcointoyou: is a pioneering platform in Brazil, and has been in the country since 2010;
  • foxbit: It is one of the largest exchanges in Brazil;
  • liqi: It is an asset tokenization platform, which created its own crypto asset brokerage;
  • bitcoin market: It is the largest cryptocurrency platform in Latin America;
  • novadax: cryptocurrency exchange that defends a transaction facility;
  • nubank: an institution that enables the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies directly to the hair application;
  • walltime: platform that connect buyers and sellers interested in bitcoin.

After choosing a broker and registering, it is necessary to send your documents and pass the approval of the company. Here, it is important to mention that the process of buying cryptocurrencies differs between brokerages.

Otherwise, if you use a platform like liqi or walltime, you need to insert the real value to convert to bitcoin. As soon as it is, you will use binance, on the web you will find options such as “orders of market” and “orders limited”. A “market order” means that you buy a cryptocurrency not a security that is being traded at any time.

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A “limited order” means that you can choose a value different from the current price. Also, when the cryptocurrency reaches this value, it will be bought automatically.

how to save as your cryptocurrencies with security?

In short, many possible brokers that the user will leave their cryptocurrencies on the platform. In the meantime, you want more protection for your digital currencies, or better to transfer them to a digital wallet.

There are several types available and all possuem different levels of security. It may be that an exchange offers an option, in order to facilitate the transfer of the purchased coins to a safer place.

generally, there are two categories: the hot carteiras, and the cold carteiras. You give us guys, you can store bitcoins, or any other available cryptocurrency.

as cold only those not connected to the internet. Or seja, são devices as pendrives: they store a private key, an alphanumeric code that enables or access your moedas. ess são os mas sures. for example: trezor, ledger nano, coldcard, keepkey.

As of this, the carteiras quentes são devices always connected to the network. As they keep a private key on their cryptocurrency servers that, despite being always protected by protocols of security, can be invaded by criminals. as well, they are less secure options, or that they are not recommended to have a very high value invested in crypto.

example of these wallets, only apps for cell phones such as mycellium, coinomi, brd wallet; computer programs such as electrum, atomic wallet; bem like sites that offer this service, like metamask and coinbase.

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