As 6 Principais Formas de Ganhar Dinheiro com Bitcoin

Bitcoin Soars To 40,000, Doubling in Less Than a Month – Slashdot

Learning how to make money with bitcoin is a topic that is becoming increasingly sought after as this cryptocurrency becomes more relevant in the world economy.

In addition to investing in assets, what are other ways that we can multiply our capital through the crypto market?

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This is the question that we are going to answer in this article, and not only it, but also how to earn money with other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin.

so, come on nessa?

6 ways to make money with bitcoin

As I have been told, or interested in how to earn money with bitcoin, we have grown in recent years.

isso because the money is becoming popular and multiplying or patrimônio de muitas pessoas.

Therefore, if we also want to benefit from this cryptocurrency, we need to know the main means of earning money with it.

1. price appreciation

The most classic way of multiplying our resources with a variable income asset, which is the case of bitcoin, is through the positive variation of the asset price.

This positive variation occurs because a demand for that asset is greater than supply, so investors are willing to pay more to acquire that asset.

in other words, you can buy bitcoin at r$ 100,000.00 and sell it at r$ 164,000.00, for example. In this case, you will have a 64% profit on the value applied.

This is the main way of earning money with bitcoin and that transformed the life of thousands of people, tending in view of the high growth that has not been the price of this cryptocurrency in the last few years.

next, we can see a bitcoin appreciation since 2014 (if we select “all” in the chart period).

Continously, it is important to note that, as you saw on the chart, this cryptocurrency is very volatile and has faced large periods of low prices.

Therefore, it is very important that you have this in mind before investing so that you do not have any negative surprise.

além disso, you can adopt various strategies to invest in bitcoin, be it a long term or a short term.

Given what was said, we already perceive that it is the forces of supply and demand that move the prices of two variable income assets. more, or what affects these forças?

or what affects the price of bitcoin

the demand for bitcoin increases due to the increase in optimism, and this, in turn, is driven by four main factors:

Depending on the strategy you want to adopt, these factors may be more relevant or not at all.

For example, if you invest for a long time, price fluctuations over a short period will not make a difference, except when these fluctuations will create buying opportunities.

Therefore, do not neglect the stage of adopting a strategy, therefore, allied to your discipline and emotional control, you will guarantee your financial success.

2. mining

The second most common way to obtain bitcoins, which can be converted into money whenever you want, is through mining.

Mining means placing specific mining hardware at the network’s service, using computational power and energy to confirm and audit transactions.

In blockchain technology, network points need to confirm the transaction for it to be processed, and this confirmation goes through two miners.

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Because of the computational force, miners are rewarded with fractions of bitcoins as an incentive to keep the network online.

currently, it is not possible to mine bitcoins by means of common computers, some of them are specific machines for isso.

além disso, the reward for mined blocks decreased to every four years, with the last change being made in May 2020.

meanwhile, if you are interested in this activity, you should previously analyze all costs and benefits so that you can really profit from mining.

3. receive payments

Would you say that we mentioned that it is possible to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment? soon, it will be a third way to earn money with bitcoins.

Today, several companies accept bitcoin in exchange for their products or services, such as mastercard, microsoft, visa, or paypal, among several others.

Not only foreign companies, not Brazil, there are also some establishments that accept this cryptocurrency.

even one country, el salvador, already accepts bitcoin as its official legal tender.

In that sense, you can also be ready to accept this cryptocurrency in exchange for two products that you will sell or two services that you will provide.

also, you will be able to accumulate more and more bitcoins that can later be converted into money, or not, depending on your choice.

4. loan

In the same way that you do not act, you can lend your cryptocurrencies to third parties and collect a legal tax for the period in which you are active.

Contudo, different from the actions, there is no stock market that guarantees or risks the counterparty.

therefore, in the case of the bitcoin loan, apart from the questions of legal and tax calculations, there is no risk of payment on the part of the debtor.

5. bet

You can provide your cryptocurrencies to the blockchain network to help validate transactions. In this way, you are paid for this support service.

However, they are not all cryptocurrencies that allow this operation, as in the case of bitcoin, and their remuneration is not the same.

além disso, as long as your coins are allocated for the validation and security of the network, you will not be able to negotiate them, or that it represents a risk for the investor.

Anyway, if you don’t intend to sell them for a short and medium term, or staking your cryptocurrencies can be an excellent source of income.

6. nft games

In recent years, a new way of earning money with games has emerged among crypto enthusiasts: nft games.

We always get used to having to pay to play, we don’t earn money with games, much less receive this remuneration in cryptocurrencies (normally, these currencies are different from bitcoin).

contudo, currently, there are several games whose award is in cryptomoedas. Normally, these games require an initial contribution, but it is possible to recover or invest in a short time.

além disso, you can win game items and negotiate with other players who pay in cryptocurrencies.

In any case, the risk of the operation is the risk of the money used at the same time, it will be devalued or it will take a long time to recover your investment.

indicate why you want to invest in bitcoin

If you are interested in investing in bitcoins, you need to be aware of some facts.

first, the price of this cryptocurrency is still very volatile, or else, its price can vary by 50% every few weeks.

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For this reason, be prepared to face this “coaster ride” that is the price of bitcoin in no time.

além disso, if you do not intend to trade your cryptocurrencies soon, it is recommended that you keep them in a wallet (digital wallet) so that you do not fall under hackers or state regulation.

Thirdly, it is very important that you carefully check the exchange (crypto brokers) or wallet that will be used to trade your bitcoins and, likewise, choose those services that are most reliable and efficient.

finally, despite its many advantages, the future of bitcoin is not certain. Therefore, the risk of a specific asset within the broad cryptocurrency market is very significant.

In this way, one way of reducing its risk of loss is by diversifying its investment portfolio with other cryptos and allocating no maximum 10% of its assets in this type of asset.

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how to win cryptocurrencies from graça

Who don’t want to earn money from grace in the same way? In the case of some cryptocurrencies, you will provide some service in the exchange of assets that may have non-future value.

I didn’t buy bitcoin, it wasn’t worth anything, and, for that matter, it was common to see some people or darem from grace to others.

Those who accepted this digital currency that was emerging in the financial market could sell it for a few thousand dollars a few years later.

The sense, or reasoning, of earning cryptocurrencies of grace is the same: to earn a currency that could be worth a lot of money in the future.

for isso, foram created various tools that allow us to earn graça cryptocurrencies.


faucets (torceira) are applications on sites that remunerate the user for certain activities, such as clicking on advertisements or watching videos.

some faucets pay a fraction of bitcoin, but there are also those that pay with another cryptocurrency.

Continously, it is necessary to be careful not to fall under blows and weapons from ill-intentioned people.


currently, there are several games, mainly for android, that distribute cryptocurrencies just for playing, for a few minutes.

This way, you can earn money by playing.


There are some sites where you can make money and answer inquiries. Besides doing activities, it is also possible to earn cryptocurrencies by answering e-mails and doing small tasks.

meanwhile, it doesn’t matter how you faucets, we must pay attention to possíveis armadilhas.


some new brokerages that want to attract clients to their platform, we can offer some cryptocurrencies for you to transfer money to them or indicate other friends.

Still, there is no scheme to verify the oversight bodies and partners of these institutions.

frequently asked questions about the subject

practical as ways to earn money with bitcoin

In this article, you will learn how to earn money with bitcoin and how to acquire other cryptocurrencies from grace.

além disso, you understand the importance of carefully verifying not only the brokerage or the wallet that you want to use, but also the sites and applications that distribute cryptocurrencies.

In this way, you will be able to make an extra income that can help a lot in achieving your financial goals.

e, if you wish to win, you can win a cryptocurrency that values ​​a lot in the future. too much, né?

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