Ma comprare Bitcoin conviene? La risposta senza tempo

I know that you probably want to buy convenient bitcoin.

Forse I perceive the fragility of the financial world and I see that it sews around you, it is not changing, but I fear that it is late and it doesn’t seem like it is the right moment..

Reading: Comprare bitcoin conviene

good! This article is written on its own to respond to your dubbi.

that troverai is una disamina delle migliori argomentazioni per capire it is agreed to investire in bitcoin, unita ai principali rischi daconsidere prima di questa scelta (rischi che vedremo come puoi minie).

all this is the goal all’round conclusion: capire will buy bitcoin convenient or less.

Also, there is no accumulation of huge figures or I have invested in other assets, and do not worry! This post will serve to make your argument clear and to make a well-considered decision valuing and pro and controlling any investment in bitcoin.

yes soon? let’s start!


I am not a financial consultant and this post represents a personal point of view and not an invitation to invest.

10 reasons why I will buy convenient bitcoin.

in this first part you will see the convenience of investing in bitcoin is legate to due mondi:

  • Ownership of bitcoin technology and its possibility in the future
  • The nature of money is healthy in a financial context ormai degenerate

Surprisingly or less, the point of bitcoin is not far from ‘ricco’, how much protection and risk. is poi comes qualcosa in più, also meglio.

The following is a list of the top 10 reasons why I will buy bitcoin conveniently.

1 – invest in bitcoin for inflation protection

I’m sorry, right?

The goal of most governments is to sustain economic growth by keeping inflation at 2%.

Sebbene nelle teorie sballate degli economisti da tv lo stipendio dovrebbe ricalibrarsi consistently, per i tuoi risparmi non è così. per te means che ogni anno i tuoi risparmi valgono il 2% in less. do you sow a piccolo number?

ok, so I didn’t know the effect compound.

The effect compound is often cited by Warren Buffet as the one who has reso ricco sfondato. The problem is that in your case you are working on the contrary.

that 2% if you accumulate every year with the 2% of the previous year and the result is that in the 30-year turn the potere d’acquisto dei tuoi sudati risparmi verrà dimezzato.

The graph below shows the loss of money acquisition power over time due to inflation.

Perdita potere d

diffendersi dall’inflazione is the main reason why I will buy convenient bitcoin.

2 – bitcoin is the reason for security in the delirious socioeconomic scenario

Negli ultimi mesi has been published by the announcement of the microstrategy of having invested in bitcoin, rendering it the main financial reserve aziendale.

microstrategy is a multinational share on the stock market and is motivated to make this decision ai suoi azionisti affermando che:

“Dating from the uncertainty of the historical period, from the social change to the covid and from the continuous monetary stimulus, investing in bitcoin is the most prudent to take on all the classic investments (bond, azioni, immobiliare etc. ).”

Naturally, I can imagine that such a decision would be made with the deliberation of an administration council, which would be discussed and analyzed.

Who will say who?

buy bitcoin convenient because, given the extreme uncertainty of this historical period, it is an asset scollegato da tutto il resto.

3 – invest in an inclusive financial infrastructure

tempo fa circolava nei social un’immagine with the necessary click number to open account banking. With great acclaim, that characteristic came to be celebrated as the result of innovation in the banking world.

It’s ridiculous.

The financial system of which we facciamo part può tagliarti fuori gives a moment all’altro e l’innovazione sarebbe qualche click in less?

il bitcoin does oppose in toto this model.

Give a blow, an infrastructure in which it was born in the sbagliato post, has sustained the cause of sbagliate or has denounced and criminalized sbagliati, it will be locked, ridiculed or censored.

altro, un’infrastruttura en cui chiunque può accessa i servizi finanziari based on prescindere da razza, età, sesso, political orientation or altro.

4 – bitcoin gives you absolute control over your money

Bitcoin is a paradigm in which you can decide on it and only have to control it on your money.

contrary to the money deposited in banking, which is the source of your control perchè in hand to an intermediary to whom I legally assigned the property, the bitcoin is an asset sovrano, che cioè controlli tu e soltanto tu.

questa straordinaria qualità però richiede que ne sia il solo responsabile e quindi in a certo senso è un rischio (we will see how to reduce it.)

5 – investment in bitcoin by investment

Comprare Bitcoin conviene perchè è uno store of value come l

Quanti dollari ci volevano per comprare un’oncia d’oro nel 2020 e nel 1933

Il Bitcoin dove arriverà? Quale futuro si prospetta?

I’ll keep a secret.

nessuno può rispondere seriously to queste domande. We will rationally decide when it is convenient to buy bitcoin because we will start from a different point of view.

thought. non è che tutti abbiano voglia di investire il proprio denaro. non c’è scritto da nessuna parte che devi diventare un novello investitore.


the smania dell’investimento del secolo is a recent phenomenon. tempo fa non era affatto così.

what a lot of sfugge is that the bitcoin is not necessarily thought of as the investment of life to have fun wisely.

If bitcoin keeps its value forever, it will be a big investment, but it will continue to protect the value of your risks.

Bitcoin is an exceptional store of value, or rather an asset that tends to keep its value well over time. what historically has been fatto and continues to fare l’oro.

If you are interested in protecting the value of your income in the long run, consider the possibility of investing in bitcoin or anything like gold.

6 – mitigate the risk: invest in bitcoin to diversify


You will be one of those who will take control of their own financial life and invest conscientiously.

ho good news also per te.

as spiega chris burniske, another reason to buy bitcoin or to insert it into your own portfolio is the nature of the scollegated asset. what will you say?

Bitcoin has shown over time that its performance is not associated with that of any other type of asset (azioni, obbligazioni, gold, real estate, etc.).

Bitcoin fine if it is highly correlated with economic and financial developments.

It is a particularly interesting property for a professional investor to allow me to create a portfolio of assets that are not associated with each other. simplifying a pò, if one goes male, the other goes well and not if he ritrova con perdite (he has fatto bene il suo lavoro de el).

the bitcoin is an animal to stay.

7 – price instability, system stability

Keeping the historical evolution of bitcoin, you do notice that the volatility of the price is always più marked and the trend is clearly out there.

Invece not if it saves the price or if it defines the stability of a currency in termini of coerenza with the mechanism provided for its operation, bitcoin è già la moneta più stabile mai creata.

has semper fatto quello che ha ‘promise’, senza altere i suoi tratti caratteristici. This is forse the most important element for deciding to invest in bitcoin.

michael saylor, executive director of microstrategy in an interview said:

Sai cosa deve avere an asset for conviction and investment of 500 million dollars? …it’s a surprise.”

For 12 years since its birth, bitcoin has performed more than any other asset. continue to consider it an extremely risky investment is a dettazione vautazione dalla paura del nuovo or gives a party imprisoned.

8 – the native internet currency

magic internet money.

Bitcoin is the definite ‘magic currency of the internet’ because it is the native value of the internet. significant thing?

for la prima volta, la moneta viaggia su un canale di comunicazione. the stessa infrastruttura sulla quale si muovono dati ora può muovere denaro.

interesting isn’t it?

9 – I will buy bitcoin it is convenient because it is ‘scarso’

scarso non vuol I’ll say it’s worth little. in which I answer it is the opposite!

come ben sai, in the fantastic world gestito da cervelloni ed esperti, the quantità di moneta stampabile è illimitata. più moneta stampano, minore sarà il valore di quella già in circolo (cioè quella nelle tue tasche).

the function of bitcoin is pushed to the contrary and over time a semper più precious asset is diverted.

the unità di moneta infatti sono prestabilite così como il suo rhythm di produzione.

Bitcoin is not manipulable unlike the traditional value.

ci saranno only 21 million units per 7 million people in the world. However, at the moment that if it deals with anything digital and non-physical, it is impossible for it to be found otherwise per case. The concept of scarsità assoluta is its own quest.

I am ancora chiedendo, should I buy bitcoin oggi?

10 – invest in an open technology

cos’hanno in comuna amazon, facebook, google and netflix?

I’m not affiliated with a difficult regulatory setting: internet.

and cos’hanno in common internet and bitcoin?

opening sound technology. oltre ad essere la miglior moneta mai esistita per le sue proprietà, il bitcoin è also a technology sulla quale yes può construire.

non ci sono moduli da compilere, enti da contattare or licenze da ottenere. The bitcoin is open to tutti and under the control of nessuno.

Its base of this characteristic, nasceranno quelle aziende che stravolgeranno intere industrie e settori che changeranno le nostre abitudini.

own come amazon, facebook, google and netflix.

what did you say? If it works, see a piece of this infrastructure?

is it worth buying bitcoin? i principali rischi daconsidere

fine who I have seen and main reason why I will invest in bitcoin if I could configure it as a convenient scelta. now, to make a complete speech, we learn in consideration quali sono i rischi del bitcoin più concreti da valutare and come eventually reduce it.

price volatility

seppure the volatility of bitcoin if assottiglia semper di più col passare degli anni, è un fattore da considera prima de aquistarli.

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the value of the bitcoin market is anchor piuttosto piccolo quindi oscillazioni di price sensibili (verso l’alto o verso il basso) sono da preventivee e sono frequent paragonati alle valute nazionali.

tuttavia, dalla sua nascita ad oggi the trend is positive.

This means that I may increase the risk considering bitcoin as something that I will keep for a long time and that I will recover only in case of emergency.

Going into this optical quest, the oscillation of the price is not the right one, but it will be oriented over the long period with the rate of return and the value invested or trovarne of the più.

a currency greater than bitcoin

The other risk is a great monetary alternative to bitcoin.

Excluding the fact that magically spun a cryptocurrency with the characteristics of bitcoin, in general, if you possono fare due ipotesi:

  1. un ritorno all’oro come standard senza riserva frazionaria
  2. a european cryptocurrency (central bank digital currency)

European cryptocurrency

in this case non changerebbe a bel nient in the international monetary framework.

ci sarebbe always a single entity in control of the system, with all the problems and limitations of the current system. anzi, queste criticità sarebbero ancora più accentuate. di fatto, sarebbe release a digitalization of the money.

There is a concrete minaccia to the proposal of the value of bitcoin.

ritorno all’oro

il ritorno all’oro senza quantitative easing sarebbe forse a più pericolosa alternative.

some proprietary gold is similar to bitcoin and for many sarebbe also più facile capirne il ruolo dates its millenary history.

But this scenario is highly improbable and is also susceptible to technological evolution and gold stratification. I am a huge river of gold born on the land (and al di fuori) that could disintegrate the property of the gold of money ‘scarsa’.

Bisogna aggiungere poi che il bitcoin presents characteristics che l’oro non ha.

Your tutte the trasportabilità and the verifiable piena. the virtual minaccia più concrete to bitcoin, è a mineta migliore del bitcoin (which at the moment does not exist).


an other risk will later discuss that legato to the treatment of bitcoin gives part of the status.

match of 2 observations:

  1. Niente di simile si è mai se seen prima quindi il regolatore non ha riferimenti.
  2. Historically, I will try to stop the technology but it has not functioned better.

detto questo, cosa potrebbe succedere?

it takes a while for one to decide to ban bitcoin, that will not eliminate bitcoin.

it is invece dichiarasse illegale possedere bitcoin questo non risolverebbe granchè. i veri ricchi andrebbero in nazioni bitcoin-friendly e questi stati finirebbero per vedere ricchezza andare altrove.

Nowadays, one state that decides to attack bitcoin, encourages another state to adopt it and acquire the data of innovation and wealth that technology like bitcoin does carry.

We also consider that with the increase in the acquisition of bitcoin, part of the aziende and fundi will try to combat it by schianterebbe il mercato zionario and renderebbe one status much less competitive rispetto agli altri.

I think, a government that is close to combating bitcoin, while it altri cabalcano l’onda di possibilità offerte, finirebbe per mettere il primo in davvero anticompetitive conditions.

It’s a completely illogical fly.

the only alternative is a world union to eliminate bitcoin, but imagine all the stati insieme, to fidarsi l’uno dell’altro, è piuttosto difficile.

software hacking, bug or hacking dell’utente

Being a software, another risk to consider with bitcoin is that of a hack or a bug in the system. Still the bitcoin is in the circle of 12 years around its ecosystem if it is immensely irrobust in time.

some critics were not present in the first year of the birth of the btc, when its structure was fragile and it was a person who was involved. Not avendo fatto troppo rumore, invece, il bitcoin è riuscito a surpasses graduali difficoltà diventando semper più resiliente e antifragile.

Properly because the network is somewhat stable, I will most likely lose bitcoin due to ingenuity or negligence in keeping it.

It is not a case that my hacker if I focus on a single individual or their exchange.

This is a risk if you can eliminate it by stopping to keep and manage bitcoin.

when should you buy bitcoin? the answer is to you

At what point dovresti know I will say if it is convenient for you I will buy bitcoin.

come hopefully your abbia capito, the bitcoin is not quella speculazione chiassosa e confusa di cui si sente spesso parlare.

Under my auspices, what do I do for this article? Do I want to do this? When should I buy bitcoin? è troppo tardi? will the dove arrive? abbiano in realtà very little sense.

paraphrasing a saggio:

the best time to buy bitcoin was 12 anni fa. the second best moment is oggi.

not this potresti avere ancora a pò di timore.. c’è a thing that quindi voglio farti will note:

It’s time to invest and your sold, that’s non-svanirà.

Mote persone I have no i loro risparmi in banca, come se fosse una scelta sicura e senza rischi. Forse un tempo era così e magari queste convinzioni ti sono state tramandate benevolmente, ma oggi la musica è diverse.

In this article I consider bitcoin as an investment for the long haul, and the only way there is to restore balance with your conviction is to study bitcoin and capire that is facing an epochal revolution.

Explore the rest of the articoli of the blog to enter the details of this world and escape all of dubbio. If you felt generous, you can also follow checkpoint bitcoin on your facebook. twitter or linkedin



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