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It’s been a busy year for the ethereum network, with the release of ethereum 2.0 spanning much of the summer and fall months and signaling at least a slight shift towards proof-of-stake mining.

but that is not the only event that causes a stir within the world of ethereum. this winter the ethereum dag file size is set to increase and shake up mining and networking functionality in its own right.

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here is a breakdown of ethereum dag size and what this impending increase will mean for your ethereum mining profitability.

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what is dag?

dag stands for directed acyclic graph, and is an ever important element within the structure of ethereum mining. dag is a dataset over 1gb in size that is used by all ethash coins to find solutions across the blockchain. that means this increase in dag size will not only affect ethereum, but also impact ethereum classic, metaverse, ubiq, and several other forms of crypto.

The dag file must be loaded into your gpu memory for it to be successfully extracted, and it also has a significant impact on the extraction speed. the size of the dag file then grows over time as the blockchain grows. every 30,000 blocks of eth (or roughly every 100 hours), the size of the dag increases. each such increase is known as an epoch.

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once the size of the dag file grows to be larger than the memory capacity of the gpu vram, the gpu cannot mine ethereum. in short:

if the size of the dag file > gpu memory then gpu = useless.

ethereum dag growth

in the case of ethereum, the dag size is set to hit 4gb on block number 11,520,000, which is currently projected for december 24, 2020. at this time, all gpus with 4gb of vram or less will no longer be able to mine ethereum.

This is an especially important issue, because 4gb ethereum miners are quite popular, having long offered a very favorable price per hash and watts per hash ratio among their competitors.

windows vs. linux

Another thing to consider in all of this is that this will become a problem much sooner for computers running windows than it will for computers running linux-based operating systems. this is due to the fact that windows requires significantly more vram (300mb to 600mb) on the first gpu card (gpu0) on a platform.

however, this problem can be avoided by replacing the first card with a gpu card with more vram, such as a 6gb or 8gb card.

asic ethereum miners

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Besides upgrading your gpu card to one with more vram, another way to ensure continued profitability in ethereum mining is to use ethereum asic mining hardware with more than enough memory and power to do it efficiently.

Among the most powerful and profitable ethash miners is the innosilicon a10 pro, which has 5gb of memory, a hash rate of 500mh/s and a power consumption of 860w.

Innosilicon A10 Pro Ethash-algorithm miner

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