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Given that there are over 11,000 cryptocurrencies today and over 400 cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s no surprise that cryptocurrency payments are taking the world by storm. More and more retail and wholesale markets accept cryptocurrencies as a valid form of currency, and phone markets are no exception.

bitcoin and dogecoin

Bitcoin is the world’s largest decentralized digital currency. It gained fame because people liked the idea of ​​a non-traditional online payment system without banks, governments, and other institutions as intermediaries. today bitcoin can be exchanged for other currencies, services and products.

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Bitcoin is also considered a lucrative investment. High liquidity, lower inflation risk, and minimalist stock trading are just a few of the reasons investing in bitcoin eventually pays off. It has even become legal tender in El Salvador in 2021, with other countries sure to follow. In November of the same year, the total market value of bitcoin reached an all-time high, capping at $1.11 trillion.

Dogecoin was initially created as an internet joke, referencing the famous “doge” meme that was popular in the 2010s. This peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency is considered to be a fairly relevant alternative currency. Even though dogecoin started out as a way to poke fun at the cryptocurrency craze, it is known as the crypto star of the future. today, the total value of dogecoin is estimated to be around $41 billion in the crypto market and it has become the 7th largest cryptocurrency in the world.

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dogecoin’s rise can be traced back to its internet popularity on reddit and twitter, when celebrities like elon musk, snoop dogg and gene simmons started promoting it. aside from its comedic element, dogecoin rose to fame due to its faster confirmation time for completed transactions and low transaction fees. can even be used as in-game currency.

crypto as a form of payment

more and more businesses accept bitcoin, dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. The reason is that it is safer than debit and credit payments. Cryptocurrency is a pseudonymous form of payment, which means that the only way to track and identify your payment is with a blockchain address. this minimizes the chances of you falling victim to credit card fraud.

a recent survey reveals that 36% of small and medium-sized businesses in the united states accept bitcoin as a means of payment. this number is expected to increase in the near future. the ability to finalize a payment with crypto has become convenient for both businesses and consumers. major companies including microsoft, tesla, starbucks, at&t, amazon, coca cola, and many more have started accepting cryptocurrencies. smaller businesses in various industries are now expected to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Crypto payments are also convenient from a consumer point of view. You can buy virtually anything with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, from technology and cars to insurance and a variety of services. bitcoin has become a mainstream form of payment as it offers user autonomy, lower transaction fees and less risk. in fact, according to a recent report, 20% of all adults say they would prefer to transact with a cryptocurrency.

why you should pay with crypto for devices and phones

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As the world of mobile phone dealers and other businesses in the communications industry grows, the need for new forms of payment is constantly emerging. Wholesale phone companies, like Power Electronics, are always looking to improve their customer experience. that’s why we accept bitcoin and dogecoin as valid means of payment. By accepting these cryptocurrencies, we offer simple, real-time money transfers and transactions.

When choosing to pay with bitcoin or dogecoin, you can expect lower transaction fees. This is especially helpful for international transactions, which typically carry even higher bank or credit card fees. paying with cryptocurrencies also means that your transaction will be processed much faster. any unnecessary transaction steps will be avoided. Not to mention the accessibility aspect, particularly important for those without credit cards or bank accounts.

The most important thing is that paying with cryptocurrencies includes an element of security. no personal information is needed to complete a cryptocurrency purchase, and it’s nearly impossible for someone else to hack into your crypto wallet.

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