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As cryptocurrencies blend with culture, dapp offerings continue to diversify and mature. Many visionary projects dissolved into the ether during the long, cold bear market, but we can feel their traces in brilliant apps we love and use today. resilient weeds rise from the proverbial dapp graveyard, calling on the goals and code bases of their ancestors to offer new modes of value sharing and network collaboration. rareart crawled so zora could run. pepeavatars are reminiscent of the abandoned cryptopepes. ujo planted the seeds for audius to have 3 million active users today.

Now that you’ve memorized security best practices and added eth to your metamask account, it’s time to jump right into finding dapps. Most are available for free download through the Apple or Google Play Stores or directly through their websites as demos, betas, or full versions.

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⚠️ always do your research as ethereum is a new technology. Before you deposit significant amounts of money, make sure you understand the risks.


Indispensable browsers, wallets and utilities to interact with ethereum.

  1. metamask: web browser plugin that connects your device to the ethereum network. metamask also enables token swapping and peer-to-peer sharing.
  2. brave: an integrated web and mobile browser with bat and erc-20 tokens.
  3. ethereum naming service: creates a and a simple eth wallet address.
  4. 3box: login, profile and cloud storage all in one on ethereum.
  5. civic: secure identity and data management on the blockchain.
  6. myetherwallet: a free, open source, client-side interface for generating ethereum wallets and more.
  7. mycrypto wallet: trade, send and buy crypto with your favorite wallets with this ethereum wallet manager.
  8. selfkey: a self-contained identity system. art markets

    art markets

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    mint, buy and trade non-expendable digital art.


    Do you want to pay musicians directly for their work? check out these apps

    decentralized finance

    web3’s answer to traditional finance. Even with the widespread proliferation of fintech solutions, billions of people remain unbanked. even those with bank accounts often have transactions blocked or unable to receive loans. defi does not sleep, nor does it discriminate. With just an internet connection, a wallet and a little knowledge, you can send, receive, borrow, earn interest and even transfer funds anywhere in the world.

    lend and borrow

    grouping and inversions


    token exchanges

    decentralized exchanges and peer-to-peer options to buy, store and trade digital currencies.


    DAOS (decentralized autonomous organizations) are becoming the primary means of defi governance in crypto and conservatively oversee over $480 million.

    prediction markets

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    Internet of value, where everything from wisdom to music, computing power and goods in virtual worlds enter the market.


    do things, earn money!


    Decentralized gaming has evolved from slow and expensive interactions with cute 2d collectibles to conquering planets in a deeply immersive hidden information game based on sci-fi and zksnark technology.

    Have you already deleted facebook? Join a tokenized community and enjoy the positive side of social media. users pledge tokens to enter, and for the fee, they are met with a stricter environment and 0 biased campaigns based on demographics.

    social networks

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