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When you’re looking for auto insurance quotes, you may get a lot of opinions about which company to use and what coverage to get.

Comparing quotes from several different insurers is one of the best ways to save money. and it is not a process that takes hours. With a minimal time investment, you can find the best auto insurance rates and a policy that’s right for you.

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how do i get free car insurance quotes?

Here are two ways to get car insurance quotes, which are always free:

1. Online. Many auto insurance companies offer free auto insurance quotes online. You can visit various insurance company websites and compare quotes. To save time, use a website that provides quotes from multiple companies.

2. by phone or in person. Talk to or visit a local insurance agent who can help you find affordable auto insurance options and get an auto insurance quote.

There are generally two types of insurance agents:

1. a “captive” agent works for one insurance company and can give you a quote only from that insurer

2. An “independent” insurance agent can sell policies from multiple insurance companies and can get quotes from different insurers.

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Both approaches offer benefits and there is no law against contacting multiple insurance agents. It doesn’t hurt to get quotes online as well as speak with an agent who can help you identify your coverage needs and customize a policy that best suits your needs.

what information do I need to get auto insurance quotes?

In order for the process to go as smoothly as possible, it is useful to have the following information at hand:

  • driver’s license. if there are other drivers in your household, you will also need their driver’s license information.
  • vehicle identification number (vin). You can usually find your vin on the driver’s side dash of the vehicle or printed on a decal on the driver’s side door or door jamb. the door. If you haven’t bought the vehicle yet but know what you’re buying, ask the seller for the vin. If you haven’t chosen your car yet, you can usually get a quote with the make and model of the vehicle.
  • mileage. If you own the car, have the odometer reading handy.
  • How much coverage you want. You’ll want to know what types of coverage you want to buy and how much coverage you need. If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to talk to an insurance agent who can help answer your questions.
  • The auto insurance company will collect additional information about you, such as your driving record, previous auto insurance claims, and (in most states) your credit.

    what is the cheapest car insurance?

    Our analysis of the best cheap auto insurance across the country found that, on average, the U.S. uu. has the cheapest auto insurance quotes. but usaa auto insurance is only available to active members of the military, veterans, and their families.

    If you don’t qualify for a policy through usaa, our analysis found that erie, geico, and state farm all offer competitive rates, based on national averages. It’s still good to get quotes from multiple companies because the cheapest car insurance companies can vary based on your state, driving history, and more.

    compare car insurance rates 2022

    comparing auto insurance quotes is about collecting options so you can find the best auto insurance companies.

    compare auto insurance rates:

    • by company
    • by state
    • by age and gender
    • by credit score
    • for drivers with dui
    • for drivers in an at-fault accident
    • for drivers with a speeding ticket
    • for older people
    • to add a teen driver
    • compare auto insurance rates by state

      compare car insurance rates by age and gender 2022

      Your age and gender affect auto insurance rates. young, inexperienced drivers pay more and can expect their rates to start dropping at age 25. drivers with a good driving record will enjoy their best rates in their 50s and 60s. rates start to rise again around age 65.

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      Most drivers don’t like the idea of ​​car insurance companies using gender in car insurance quotes, according to a Forbes survey of advisers. the majority of drivers (62%) think that gender should not be a factor in car insurance costs. nearly three-quarters of women (72%) do not support it, compared to 41% of men.

      In your opinion, should car insurance companies take into account the driver’s gender when it comes to pricing?

      compare auto insurance rates by credit score

      Auto insurance companies often use an insurance-based credit score to determine your auto insurance quotes. drivers with poor credit can expect to pay significantly higher rates compared to drivers with good credit. That’s why it’s crucial to shop around.

      Insurers say that a person’s credit correlates with the likelihood that the person will file an insurance claim. Many insurers place a lot of weight on credit-based insurance scores when calculating rates.

      Although the use of credit is controversial, drivers seem to be enthusiastic about the idea. a June 2022 survey of forbes advisers found that:

      • 42% of auto insurance customers believe credit should be factored into auto insurance rates.
      • That’s nearly double the percentage from last year, when just 22% approved of the practice in a Forbes survey of advisers.
      • The use of insurance-based credit scores for auto insurance is prohibited in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan.

        The table shows the national average rate increase for drivers with bad credit compared to good drivers.

        compare car insurance for drivers with dui

        a dui is a costly mistake. Our analysis found that the national average auto insurance rate increase for DUI drivers is 74%. Here’s a look at rate increases after a DUI among the big insurance companies.

        related: the best cheap car insurance after a dui

        compare auto insurance rates for drivers in an at-fault accident

        If you cause a car accident, you can expect your auto insurance to go up after an accident. Here’s a look at rate increases for drivers who caused an accident resulting in injury compared to good drivers.

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