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At the end of each plan year, you’ll receive a 1095 form or letter, which provides details about your health insurance that you may need when filing your taxes, such as premium amounts and dates of coverage. Form 1095 is submitted by the health insurance marketplace or your insurance company. You do not need to submit the form with your tax return, but we recommend that you keep it for your records.

The 1095 forms you receive can be used as documentation to reconcile premium tax credits or any additional deductions you want to claim on your taxes. Depending on the source of your health insurance coverage, you are provided with one of three forms that describe your policy.

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Do I need to prove I have health insurance for my tax returns?

As of tax year 2019, you no longer need to show that you have health insurance on your tax returns. but you may still receive tax forms with insurance information, and those with Marketplace insurance will need those details to complete their returns.

Anyone with health insurance should receive one of three tax forms for tax year 2021: Form 1095-a, Form 1095-b, or Form 1095-c.

The form you receive is based on how you got your health insurance: through a health insurance marketplace or exchange, the government, or your employer. Form 1095-a is sent to individuals with marketplace insurance. provides dates of coverage, total premiums paid, and information needed to reconcile, or apply for, premium tax credits. If you received advance premium tax credits or want to claim tax credits on your return, you will need 1095-A information to file your taxes. you won’t need any 1095-b or 1095-c information to file, and all three forms don’t need to be attached to your tax return.

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The forms are important because they provide information needed for your tax return, such as total premiums paid and the length of time you were covered. You can also use this information if you plan to itemize health care expenses, including premiums, on your taxes. if you don’t use the information on your tax form, you’ll still want to keep the documents for your records.

While a w-2 includes information about a person’s income, the 1095 form contains information about health insurance from the previous year. The form you receive depends on the source of your health insurance coverage. we’ve broken down each 1095 document below.

form 1095-a

You will receive Form 1095-a if you were enrolled in a Marketplace health plan during the tax year. the form is a statement from the marketplace (either the federal healthcare.gov marketplace or your state’s health care exchange) that acknowledges you were enrolled in health insurance coverage and has information about your policy. that information includes:

form 1095-b

Form 1095-b is sent to people who are covered by insurers other than a large employer or the marketplace. For example, you may receive a 1095-B if you purchased health insurance coverage from an out-of-market health provider or participated in a government program, such as Medicare or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

form 1095-c

Employers submit the 1095-c tax form to confirm that the employee participated in an employer health insurance plan. the form provides information about the policy and who was covered under the plan. Generally, companies with 50 or more employees offer such plans, and employees can choose to participate.

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Companies report to the IRS whether or not employees participate in their health plans. they also send employees a 1095-c to keep as a tax record. As with Form 1095-a, people who receive Form 1095-c do not need to attach it to their tax return.

when do i get my 1095 form document?

The deadline for the Marketplace to provide you with Form 1095-a is January 31. For tax year 2021, the deadline for insurers, businesses and government agencies to file 1095-b and 1095-c has been extended to March 2. 2022.

how are 1095 forms related to my tax returns?

If you used premium tax credits to pay for your Marketplace health insurance costs, they will be included on your Form 1095-a. An advance premium tax credit helps lower your monthly health insurance premium. the sum of the credits and related details are required when filing your tax return, as any difference between what you used and the amount you are eligible for will need to be reconciled.

To reconcile this information, see Form 1095-a:

You don’t need to file a tax return just because you received a 1095-b or 1095-c. For example, if you are enrolled in Medicaid, you will receive a 1095-B. If you had no other tax reporting obligations, there would be no need to file a tax return.

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