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We will be sending out our 2023 renewal and discontinuation letters for individual and family plans soon. These templates are provided by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OIC) and provide details on plan rate adjustments as well as additional plan and enrollment information. include:

notification letter this letter provides information about:

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  • our projected monthly premium rates for 2023, incorporating annual age band changes
    • for trade-in plans, the premium rate does not take into account any assistance for which a member may be eligible. This information will be provided by the Washington Health Benefits Exchange.
    • For out-of-market plans, the premium rate does not include the dental premium if members are currently enrolled in one of the dental plans offered.
    • comparisons of benefits and cost sharing between 2022 and 2023
    • the plan change process, including required referrals to the ICO and washington healthplanfinder websites
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      non-exchange plan renewal notice catastrophic plan expiration notice for members exchange plan renewal notice

      Cost-Sharing Changes and Plan Mapping This document highlights cost-sharing and benefit changes at the plan level from 2022 to 2023, as well as the plan available for 2023.

      See also : Premium Tax Credits & Form 1095-A | NY State of Health

      the cover letter with flyer provides information about:

      • the steps members need to take during open enrollment
      • plan benefits and extras available to members
      • answers to questions members may have during enrollment, including:
        • how members find plan and coverage details
        • how members can compare and change plans
        • how members get care when they travel
        • how non-exchange members can add dental services
        • additional plan information and enrollment for 2023

          • individual and family plan rate adjustments for 2023
            • the overall average rate increase approved by the ico is 7%.
            • actual rate adjustments that may vary by plan, qualifying region, and any age band rate changes that may occur on or after January 1, 2023, or member’s age if they enroll at any time Between February and December 2023. Note: Dental coverage carries over to 2023 unless subscriber makes a change.
            • The 2023 premium rate indicated in the ICO-prescribed renewal letter does not include any assistance for which exchange enrollees may qualify or delta dental of washington premiums for non-exchange clients who have signed up. enrolled in an optional dental plan for 2023.
            • delta dental of washington benefits and rate changes for 2023
              • pediatric plan rates will increase 6.65%, and adult basic plan rates/ family will increase by 1.24% (approved by the ICO). ). rate adjustments are distributed among all members with dental coverage, whether or not they use their coverage.
              • Basic Pediatric or Adult/Family plans will not have benefit changes.
              • Benefit and premium details can be found in the cost-sharing changes and plan mapping guide.
              • Online Enrollment System for 2023 Open Enrollment Use our online enrollment system to enroll your clients who wish to enroll outside of the Exchange.
              • how existing out-of-market kaiser Permanente members can make changes to their policy these members must complete the account change form. you want to switch from off-exchange to on-exchange. that will have to be done through washington healthplanfinder.
              • how clients who are enrolled in the exchange can make changes changes, including a plan change, must be made through washington healthplanfinder.
              • 2023 individual and family plan details will be available on October 1, 2023 more information will be available at kp.org/wa/producer-kpif. individual and family sales kits will be mailed out beginning the week of October 17.
              • Interested in selling our individual and family plan sales for trade-in only? If you are interested in selling our exchange-only individual and family plans and have not done so before, please visit the washington health benefits exchange for more information.
              • Auto-renewal of individual and family plan dental coverage outside of the exchange No action is required unless members wish to change or cancel their current dental plan.
              • register producer (by) reminder: by will continue if your client goes from off-exchange to on-exchange or vice versa. if there is a gap in coverage, this will result in termination of the por. to reset the por, we will need you to fill out and send us a por letter.
              • need help? we are happy to help you during this renewal and next open enrollment period. contact us at 1-800-474-1079, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 5 p.m. m., or email [email protected].

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