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With so many insurance options available, choosing a product that meets your long-term needs and fits into your current budget can be difficult. this is where an insurance broker can come in. Using their knowledge of insurance, they can find a policy that best meets your needs for the most reasonable price.

A life insurance broker is a professional who sells insurance, but does not represent insurance companies. instead, they represent you, the consumer, in the insurance buying process. This is the biggest difference between insurance agents and insurance brokers. The former also sell insurance, but they represent insurance companies. Unlike an insurance agent, a broker’s primary duty is to his or her client.

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an insurance broker will guide you through all available options so you can choose the best product and will complete the insurance sales for you. They’ll also help you get any discounts you’re eligible for, making sure you don’t pay a dime more for coverage than you should.

Like other professionals, insurance brokers don’t work for free, but you don’t have to pay them directly. instead, the insurance provider the customer selects pays them a broker fee.

Read on to find out what brokers do, the benefits of working with one, and how they get paid.

what do life insurance brokers do?

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Insurance brokers sell insurance products. however, unlike insurance agents, insurance brokers represent consumers, not the providers they deal with. An insurance broker will consider your personal and financial situation and then recommend the product that best suits your needs.

Insurance brokers should follow industry guidelines set by their provincial insurance advisor and keep their clients’ best interests in mind when recommending solutions. Additionally, insurance brokers must continually update their skills, through education and training, to maintain their license and keep up with the insurance industry.

How do insurance brokers decide which life insurance products to offer?

Just as travel agents have direct contracts with hotels, airlines, and other travel services, an insurance broker will have in-depth knowledge of insurance products and can make buying life insurance easier and more straightforward. When you contact a life insurance broker, they will ask you questions to assess your insurance needs. They will examine the terms and conditions of the different products, before recommending an insurance policy that gives you the best value for money.

what are the advantages of using an insurance broker?

Since an insurance broker does not represent any insurer, there are many benefits to working with them. these include:

  • An insurance broker can shop for the lowest rates, making sure you get the best value for your money. Once a broker has pinpointed your unique needs, they will do all the legwork for you.
    • unbiased recommendations
      • Even though insurance brokers represent multiple insurers, they are not on their payroll, nor do they receive any additional incentives from them other than commission. Since they have no ties to any specific insurance company, brokers are not under pressure to sell one provider’s products over another. furthermore, insurance laws require them to always serve the best interest of their clients. When you contact a broker, you can be sure that they will offer unbiased advice and help you find the best possible coverage at a reasonable price.
        • brokers have access to many insurance products
          • Because brokers work with many providers, they have access to many different insurance products. therefore, they can make sure you don’t buy the best insurance plan at the most competitive rate possible.
            • transparency
              • As a client, you do not have to pay a broker directly for their services. An insurance broker receives a commission from the insurer from which he purchases his insurance policy. Because the commission is the same between providers, a broker has no financial incentive to convince you to choose one over another. Furthermore, most brokers are open to these transactions and encourage their clients to ask them about their compensation.
              • How do insurance brokers get paid?

                When you buy an insurance policy from a broker, the broker earns money through a broker fee based on a percentage of your insurance policy. the commission is paid by the insurance provider chosen by you, which means that it does not cost you more to use the services of an insurance broker.

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                Different insurance companies offer roughly the same commission to brokers on the same types of products. For example, whether a broker sells an AOB company whole life insurance product, he will earn roughly the same amount of money. therefore, there is no real financial incentive to sell you products from any specific company. the only thing your broker needs to focus on is what’s best for you.

                An insurance broker makes money by receiving a certain percentage of your annual premium as commission. this may vary from province to province, depending on the laws of each province. professional advice from an insurance broker is free. They only make money when you buy a life insurance product through them, and then it’s not you, but the insurance company you selected, that compensates them for their services.

                Insurance brokers are licensed by the provinces in which they practice. Licensing requirements vary from province to province, but insurance brokers, regardless of location, are legally required to put the interests of their clients before those of their providers.

                Since an insurance broker relies on regular customers, it is in their best interest to find you the most suitable insurance solution. Additionally, brokers receive a commission each time you renew your coverage. therefore, they have an additional ongoing financial incentive to keep their customers happy with the best possible coverage.


                A broker acts as an intermediary between you and an insurance company. they have your best interests in mind and use their years of insurance knowledge and experience to find you a policy that meets your needs at an affordable price. you do not have to pay a broker directly; instead, they make money from commissions earned on policies sold.

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