New York State Suicide Prevention

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suicide has become a major public health problem. In response, New York State has been aggressively pursuing impactful suicide prevention programs. While both the nation and the state have witnessed an increase in the suicide rate over the past two decades, New York’s rate has remained about the same since 2012.

The Centers for Disease Control lists New York as having the lowest suicide rate in the country. but even one death by suicide is too much.

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More work needs to be done.

omh office of suicide prevention

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The mission of the OMH Office of Suicide Prevention (SPO) is to promote, coordinate, and strategically advance suicide prevention… with the goal of reducing suicide attempts and deaths among New Yorkers.

To further this mission, SPO has established and funds the Suicide Prevention Center of New York (SPC-NY) to implement suicide prevention research and activities.

Visit www.preventsuicideny.org to find trainings, county coalitions, and other resources.

research & collaboration

  • new york state’s 2019 suicide prevention task force report focuses on high-risk populations (veterans, lgbtq, latina teens, black youth, and rural residents) and highlights strategies to support communities in effective suicide prevention.
  • the office of mental health sponsors an annual conference on suicide prevention that brings together experts in suicide prevention.
  • new and innovative programs

    • new york is the first state in the nation to implement an innovative pilot program called assip, or the suicide attempt short intervention program. The program has been shown to reduce new suicide attempts by survivors of previous attempts.
    • The state is using Suicide Fatality Reviews (SFRs) in four counties significantly affected by suicide. reviews recommend interventions; such as staff training at animal shelters after research highlighted how often people give up pets when planning suicide.
    • omh is a leader in promoting the zero suicide initiative. New York was the first state to receive a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant for this effort. More than 500 outpatient mental health clinics now use the Zero Suicide Model of Care. we expect our new youth-focused grant to reach 35,000 youth in five years.
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      new york state offers a variety of trainings, workshops, e-learning modules, and evidence-based resources to meet the specific needs of physicians, other health care workers, community members, and school personnel .

      • new york state supported more than 10,000 school staff trainings in 2018.
      • trainings focused on clinicians of the suicide prevention program: training, implementation and evaluation (sp-tie) of the center for practical innovations.
      • More than 7,000 New Yorkers have received suicide prevention training in their local communities.
      • OMH’s Office of Suicide Prevention is developing suicide prevention training for 600,000 state and county workers.
      • resources:

        • helping those who help others a steering committee made up of veterans, military, law enforcement, corrections officers and first responders, to help prevent suicide in new york state.
        • when doctors lose a client to suicide a guide for professionals after the loss of a client.
        • tips for reporting on suicide a resource for the media covering suicide.
        • suicide prevention in new york schools resources and best practices for educators.
        • the 2020 report on suicide prevention activities describes the suicide prevention programs that omh monitors and supports throughout the state.
        • 1,700 Too Many: The 2016-2017 New York State Suicide Prevention Plan addresses suicide prevention in both health care and community settings, using data to inform and evaluate efforts over time.
        • 988 suicide & crisis lifeline: call or text 988 or visit website to chat

          Crisis Text Line: Text “got5” to 741-741

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