How Long Does A Ticket Stay On Your Insurance?

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Speeding is a traffic violation and receiving a speeding ticket will affect your driving record and insurance premiums.

On average, a speeding ticket will stay on your record for three years. this also means that it will remain on your insurance record for three years on average. but that depends on your state, the severity of the ticket, and your insurance company.

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A speeding ticket can affect you in three ways:

  • your driving privileges
  • your auto insurance rates
  • your driving record
  • important factors to know

    • Traffic violations affect your insurance rates
    • auto insurers look at various risk factors to determine their premium rates
    • insurers use traffic violations to assess your chances of filing a claim in the future
    • Your driving record is a crucial risk factor that insurers use to determine your likelihood of losing your driver’s license
    • a speeding ticket on your driving record allows the insurer to charge you a surcharge for up to three years
    • the average surcharge for a speeding ticket is always 15% of your premiums
    • surcharges vary by state and insurance company
    • multiple speeding tickets can cost you good driver discounts offered by insurers
    • what do you do if you get a ticket?

      If you’ve been cited for speeding, these are your options:

      • accept and pay for the ticket (this will earn you points on your record and increase your insurance rates)
      • go to a driving school to have your pints reduced (this only applies in some states)
      • dispute the fine in court. your case may be dismissed if the ticket officer does not appear in court. this can work in his favor because he will not be ticketed and the speeding ticket will not show up on his record.
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        how does a speeding ticket affect my car insurance?

        A speeding ticket increases your insurance premiums. however, increases in your premiums may not be reflected immediately depending on your insurance renewal dates.

        If your insurance rates go up because of a speeding ticket, it probably won’t happen until you renew your policy. depending on your policy type, this could be once every six months or once a year.

        an arizona speeding ticket (28-701) will increase your insurance by 7%. this is less than the national average of 11%. plus, the ticket will add 3 points to your driving record (an extra if you already have one) and will remain visible on your record for 39 months.

        Speeding in an arizona school zone increases your insurance premium by an average of $342 in the first year. but this is different between different insurers.

        Note: If you’ve had multiple moving violations within three years, your insurer may cancel it. when one provider drops you, others may not offer coverage.

        In addition, you are also likely to be more affected if you are a younger driver.

        Since insurers classify drivers under the age of 25 as high-risk, a speeding ticket before you renew your policy when you turn 25 can hit you hard.

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        A police man checking the traffic

        The ticket can offset the privileges and savings you would have received for the 25-year milestone and cross the high-risk insurance red line.

        How long does a ticket stay on my insurance?

        tickets are counted in terms of points. points affect both your driving privileges and insurance premiums. a speeding ticket is likely to rack up your points.

        On average, a ticket will stay on your insurance for three years or thirty-six months from the day of conviction. however, the amount of time a ticket applies to you depends on your dmv record.

        note: your premium rate increase will be highest initially, then gradually decrease over time.

        however, the actual length of time a ticket remains on your insurance depends on your location (state), insurer, or the severity of your ticket.

        Also, serious offenses like reckless driving or a DUI will often stay on your record much longer. Typically, many insurance companies look back five years or more (up to 10 years) to see your driving records.

        for example, in arizona, most convictions will stay on your record for up to 5 years from the date of the conviction. however, a dui conviction will remain on your driving record for ten years.

        arizona uses a much stricter point system. For each traffic violation committed by a driver, they accumulate points on their license.

        If a driver accumulates eight or more points in 12 months, their license is suspended. The State of Arizona provides that each subsequent offense results in an additional, more severe penalty. these violations also cause your premium rates to increase significantly.

        Does an out-of-state ticket affect your insurance policy?

        yes, you should expect an out-of-state ticket to show up on your records.

        Most states share violation and citation information by participating in the driver’s license compact, or the dlc.

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        However, not all states participate in the dlc or share information. this can bring a variation in how a ticket from another state affects you, depending on where you received it.

        Police officer checking driver's ID

        for example, if you receive a ticket affecting your driving privileges in a state you are visiting and the state participates in dlc, your home state will usually have the record of the ticket as well.

        Insurance companies take these records seriously and cite them on your policy to determine your premium rates.

        How can I save on my car insurance after a ticket?

        Insurance companies often try to minimize risk as much as possible. If you have a ticket, your premiums will be high because insurers consider you a high-risk customer. but you can still save on premiums. here’s how:

        • Raise your deductible: Agreeing to pay a higher deductible is a sure way to lower your premium costs.
        • Check the discounts: Take a defensive driving course to enjoy benefits like lower rates or a nice driver discount.
        • Reduce coverage on older cars: If your car is older, say ten times less than the original cost, consider paying only for the coverage you need. You can cancel comprehensive and collision coverage.
        • Keep your record clean: After a ticket, your rate increase will be higher at first, then decrease over time. a good record after a ticket will help reduce premium costs over time.
        • Look for other insurance quotes: If your insurance has increased tremendously, you can look for other quotes from different insurers. the rate of increase largely depends on your carrier.
        • Alternatively, you can choose a non-standard insurer for coverage. If your insurance goes up too high, or standard insurers refuse to cover you because of a penalty, a non-standard insurer may be a solution.

          Applying for work cover insurance with a high visibility jacket, calculator and pen.

          Non-standard insurers specialize in covering people who have imperfect driving records.

          final thoughts

          A ticket is likely to affect your insurance rates and driving privileges. this is something no one would like to have on their records.

          however, not all tickets will affect your insurance rates. Insurers typically only care about fines incurred during moving violations. these are violations that occur when you drive your cars, such as accidents or speeding tickets.

          a parking ticket, for example, will not secure your premium rates.

          also, if you successfully contest a ticket and it is expunged or removed from your driving record, it will not affect your rates.

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