So my doctor has ordered an MRI…now what?

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The process of scheduling an MRI can be fairly simple, but it can also be quite complex, depending on a variety of factors, including the specific health insurance provider and the type of exam requested. our goal is to process each order accurately and as quickly as possible.

pre-programming process

Prior to scheduling, at a minimum, coliseum needs a copy of your referring physician’s order and insurance provider information (if applicable). Once we have this information, we will work with your referring provider to determine if prior authorization from your health insurance provider is required. If prior authorization is required, we continue to work with your referring provider’s office to make sure the exam is approved and covered by your health insurance provider before you schedule it. this process can take just a few minutes or a few days depending on the health insurance provider. We check periodically during all business days the status of pending authorizations.

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Once the coliseum staff has a clear idea of ​​the type of exam requested and the details of the health insurance provider, including the expected financial responsibility of the patient, we will call you to schedule your exam.

when we call to schedule/finance

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When we call a patient to schedule, we will first confirm the patient’s identity and the type of exam ordered by the doctor. then we go over the details of any patient financial responsibility. this varies widely, depending on the deductible, copay, coinsurance, etc. of the individual patient. We will provide each patient with a clear picture of what they can expect to owe at the time of service and after the explanation of benefits has been issued by the patient’s health insurance provider. It is the policy of the Coliseum Imaging Center to collect 100% of a copay at the time of service. this also applies to any patient who waives a health insurance claim and pays out of pocket for her. Patients presenting through commercial insurance with no copay are expected to pay approximately half of the amount due at the time of service. coliseum will keep a secure card on file to collect the remaining amount once the patient and coliseum receive the explanation of benefits from the health insurance provider. Financing options are available for patients who may owe a higher than average amount.

Once the financial picture is clearly explained and the patient understands what they may owe for the exam, we will proceed to ask each patient a series of medical evaluation questions. this is done to determine which of our two MRI machines will be best for each patient, as well as to ensure that each patient is safe to undergo an MRI. If a potential problem is detected during the pre-screening process, Coliseum staff can consult with one of our certified radiologic technologists to see if the patient will be safe on the magnet.

After the pre-screening questions, our staff will find the most suitable date and time for your MRI. We typically ask patients to arrive 15 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork. patients can also download, print, and fill out paperwork in advance to bring to the exam.

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In most cases, each patient will receive a reminder phone call the business day prior to their exam to confirm their appointment.


After the MRI, the radiology technologist will escort the patient to the lobby while we prepare a CD of the MRI images for the patient to take with them that day.

Usually, the radiologist will review the MRI images within 24 hours, prepare a detailed report of the findings, and provide it to the referring physician. the report can be made available to the patient by fax or hard copy for pick up at our office or by mail.

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