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Establish and Stick to a Study Schedule

If you’re looking to obtain your life and health license and become an insurance agent, passing the licensing exam is a must. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some essential tips on how to pass the life and health insurance exam with flying colors!

To start, it’s important to establish a study schedule and stick to it. On average, insurance exam takers spend around 35 to 40 hours studying for the life and health insurance licensing exam. It’s recommended that you spread out your study sessions over a few weeks rather than cramming everything in just a few days. This way, you can better absorb the information and increase your chances of success. If you’re taking a course with Kaplan, you can simply enter your exam date into our study calendar tool and we’ll help you stay on track!

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Focus on the State Exam Outline

Next, it’s crucial to understand what will be covered in the exam. Make sure to print out the summary of the State Examination for General Life and Health Agents. This outline will give you a clear idea of the material that will be tested and how it will be weighted. Pay special attention to the sections with the most questions, as mastering these key topics first will set you up for success.

Utilize Practice Tests

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Practice makes perfect, as they say. And that’s absolutely true when it comes to the life and health insurance exam. Make sure to incorporate practice tests into your study routine. These tests will not only help you gauge your understanding of the material but also highlight areas that need extra attention. Aim to take at least one practice exam under test-like conditions to get a feel for the timing and ensure you’re pacing yourself correctly.

Consider an Exam Preparation Review Course

While not mandatory in all states, enrolling in a pre-licensing education course can greatly enhance your chances of passing the life and health insurance exam. These courses not only help you make sense of the material but also provide structure and guidance as you navigate your study schedule. Kaplan offers a variety of study options, including traditional live classes, online courses, and self-study materials. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have access to expert instructors, comprehensive study materials, and a QBank with practice questions to boost your confidence.

Familiarize Yourself with the Examination Process

Knowing what to expect on test day can make a world of difference. Test centers can be a little intimidating, so it’s best to be prepared. Upon arrival, you’ll need to store all your belongings in a locker before being assigned to a testing cubicle. Listen closely to the instructions provided by the test center employees, as they are vigilant about preventing cheating. Familiarize yourself with the examination process to ensure you feel comfortable and confident on the big day. For more insights, check out the informative video from Kaplan insurance experts Julie Ramsey and Mary Orn, who share additional tips for acing the insurance licensing exam.

Get Ready to Ace the Exam!

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Passing the life and health insurance exam may seem challenging, but with these expert tips, you can pass on your first try. Remember to establish a study schedule, focus on the state exam outline, use practice tests, consider an exam preparation course, and familiarize yourself with the examination process. With dedication and the right resources, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a licensed insurance agent!


If you’re interested in Kaplan’s life and health insurance exam preparation, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our range of exam preparation options to find the perfect fit for your learning style. We have a study pack for every type of learner!

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