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Whether you’re considering opening a new laundry, purchasing an existing one, or upgrading your current store, Ace Commercial Laundry Equipment Inc has the equipment you need. we offer the best coin operated washing machines for sale in the industry.

high performance teams

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ace commercial laundry equipment is an authorized huebsch® commercial laundry dealer in southern california. Many of our customers rely exclusively on us as their supplier of coin operated laundry equipment. We have coin-operated washing machines for sale that are designed specifically for laundry operators who demand high performance.

Our machines provide maximum profitability

We specialize in the sale of high-performance coin-operated washing machines. all of our customers receive our personalized customer service to streamline the process of selling your coin-operated washing machine and create more profitable options by dramatically reducing water and utility costs.

Any questions? call us 877-630-7278

commercial dryers

Our huebsch® commercial over-the-counter dryers are designed to meet the highest standards of coin-operated laundry equipment providers. they can satisfy their customers’ demand for the fastest coin washer for sale.

with huebsch®, you can make your laundry room attractive and unique. attract new customers with the most current aesthetics. You can upgrade and personalize your laundry room with our exclusive coin-operated washers for sale, featuring huebsch® design details you won’t find anywhere else.

This brand’s coin-operated washing machine for sale has new control panel options ranging from classic to bold with citron and urban styles as well as the standard chalkboard design. and our sleek new polished chrome handles and halo door rings, provided especially by this supplier of coin-operated laundry equipment, are the perfect addition to elevate any space.

the huebsch galaxy line of washer-extractors takes quality performance to new heights. One of the best coin-operated washing machines for sale, this line will reduce your utility bills and give your customers a better laundry experience. When looking for a coin operated laundry equipment supplier with the best, you need look no further. For reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use, Huebsch® is the answer to all your coin-operated washing machine for sale needs.

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top-loading washing machines sold

Huebsch® top-loading self-service washers combine higher spin speeds with low water consumption to offer homeowners maximum energy efficiency and performance for their coin-operated washer vending needs.


front-loading washing machines sold

innovation that delivers proven efficiency helps lower your utility bills with galaxy™ 600 controls. features advanced cycle modifiers to maximize your revenue and save on a coin-operated washer for selling costs . these machines offer much higher capacity and are more powerful than ever.

galaxy washing machines

As a provider of coin-operated laundry equipment, we recommend Huebsch’s galaxy line of washer-extractors to take your laundry’s high performance to new heights. eboost is a revolutionary technology that significantly increases efficiency & reduces your utility bills.

huebsch galaxy the machines are easy to use

We are a trusted supplier of coin operated laundry equipment offering high performance brands. huebsch® galaxy will make life easier for customers and laundry owners alike with simple programming, intuitive operation, and easy-to-understand diagnostics and reports.

  • multilingual instructions for operation increase laundry customer satisfaction and eliminate the expense of any additional language signage.
  • accessible service and related audit data helps you manage costs for your coin-operated laundry equipment suppliers. washers for sale and quickly understand problems so they can be corrected quickly.
  • computer connectivitygalaxy controls allow you to monitor and program your coin-operated washers for sale from your laptop or pc. With Galaxy, you can analyze and retrieve performance data and alerts for maximum control and convenience.

huebsch galaxy provides optimized efficiency

galaxy controls are the driving force behind huebsch®, the most efficient commercial coin-operated washers on the market. As the leader behind the industry’s leading innovations, Galaxy saves more time, utilities and more money.

  • patented slow drain detection allows you to monitor for leaks at both the fill and drain valves of your commercial washing machine, eliminating wasted water and resources while time, reduces preventive maintenance. can ensure the most economical coin-operated washer water setting.
  • computer connectivity galaxy controls allow you to monitor and program all of your commercial coin-operated washers to selling from your laptop or pc. With Galaxy, you can analyze performance data and retrieve alerts for maximum convenience and control.
  • Payment System allows easy integration with aftermarket payment system of his coin-operated washing machine for sale.

we are quality leading coin operated laundry equipment supplier

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ace is your #1 resource for your coin and credit laundry equipment supplier needs. As a leader in the latest product features, quality, warranty, utility maintenance, and financial services, it’s no wonder so many laundromat owners purchase our coin-operated washers for sale. ace is proud to distribute high performance commercial laundry equipment because we know firsthand that business owners make more money with reliable washers and dryers.

We have the laundry equipment solutions for multi-home property managers, laundromat owners, business owners with commercial and industrial laundry needs, and investors looking for new business opportunities. contact us or call 877-630-7278.

our years of experience

Our many years of experience with coin-operated washers for vending is based on helping laundromat owners replace coin-operated washers for vending equipment efficiently and reliably. In addition, over the years, Ace Commercial Laundry Equipment Inc has become an innovator in the coin operated laundry equipment supplier industry.

We are proud to be a valuable resource in helping customers better equip their laundries with coin-operated washers and dryers. Our goal is to support you and improve your laundry to increase profits as one of the leading providers of coin operated laundry equipment for new and existing owners.

about commercial laundry as

ace commercial laundry equipment is one of the nation’s leading innovators in coin-operated laundry machines for sale, multi-dwelling laundry room solutions, and on-premises laundry/opl equipment applications.


Starting from a storage container nearly 20 years ago, over the years ace has grown with the times to bring you many top tier coin washer brands for sale.

As a family-owned supplier of coin-operated laundry equipment, we have always focused on our mission to take care of each of our customers. our high standards have allowed us to grow based on trust and perseverance. we strive not only to have repeat customers through our hard work and going above and beyond & beyond‌, but our goal is to make long-term relationships and some friends along the way.

We’d love the opportunity to work with you on your next project‌, anywhere in Southern California, whether it’s replacing the coin-operated washer and dryer for sale near me, upgrading your coin-operated washers, coins to sell equipment or convert a 4000 square foot plant to a high-efficiency coin-operated washing machine for sale products.

Thank you for working with us!

thank you for being a great customer supplier of coin operated laundry equipment. We know you have many other options for your commercial coin operated laundry equipment supplier needs and we truly appreciate your business. ace is a family owned and operated company that has built a reputation for quality, honesty and excellent customer service. contact us or call 877-630-7278.

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