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if you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may need to purchase a cpap machine. sleep apnea is a disorder that affects 2% to 9% of adults. People with sleep apnea have trouble breathing at night because their airways become blocked. People with sleep apnea often don’t realize they have the disorder until they undergo a sleep study.

Sleep apnea interferes with a person’s ability to get deep, restful sleep. As a result, people with sleep apnea may experience the following symptoms:

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  • excessive daytime sleepiness
  • concern
  • snoring
  • recurring awakening
  • morning headaches
  • Although there are some treatment options for sleep apnea, a cpap machine is the most common treatment. cpap stands for continuous positive airway pressure. a cpap machine is located next to the sleeper’s bed. the machine pumps air through a tube into a mask that covers the sleeper’s nose or nose and mouth. this air prevents the sleeper’s airway from becoming obstructed during sleep.

    Doctors generally recommend that sleep apnea patients purchase a cpap machine and use it every night. There are a few different types of cpap machines and accessories. The cost of a cpap machine can vary quite a bit depending on its brand and features.

    how much does a cpap machine cost?

    The cost of a cpap machine can range from $250 to $1,000 or more, and prices generally increase for better cpap machines with more advanced features. however, most cpap machines are in the $500 to $800 range. bipap (bi-level positive airway pressure) machines are more complex and tend to cost more as a result. most bipap machines cost between $1,000 and $3,000, but some can cost as much as $6,000. These prices do not include accessories.

    The cost of your cpap machine will also vary depending on whether or not you have insurance, and if you do, what type of coverage you have. Some health insurance policies cover most of the cost of the machine, while others cover only a fraction. This section focuses on the pre-insured retail price of cpap machines.

    The cost of cpap machines varies quite a bit depending on the features of the machine. The simplest cpap machines are often called “standard” cpap machines. These machines cost less than all the cpap machines. must be manually set to a specific air pressure. standard cpap machines expel air at a rate that doesn’t change overnight.

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    Additional features can increase the cost of standard cpap machines. for example, a machine with a heated humidifier costs more than a machine without. A heated humidifier allows sleepers to add a bit of warmth to the air coming out of their cpap machine. this heat can reduce dryness and increase comfort, so the sleeper is less likely to have a dry mouth or sore throat after using cpap.

    Automated cpap machines, sometimes called automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) machines, tend to cost more than standard cpap machines. these machines often look like standard cpap machines, but are more advanced in technology.

    auto cpap machines automatically adjust the rate at which they expel air based on the needs of the sleeper at any given time. At certain points in the sleep cycle, sleepers are more likely to experience obstruction and require more air. at other points in the sleep cycle, sleepers wake up more easily. Automatic cpap machines are less likely to wake a sleeping person because they don’t expel air with too much force for the sleeper’s current sleep stage.

    Bi-level positive airway pressure (bipap) machines are the most technologically advanced of the three types and are also the most expensive. bipap machines provide two different air pressures: one for the sleeper’s inhalation and one for the sleeper’s exhalation. many sleepers find it more comfortable to experience lower air pressure when exhaling and sleep better as a result.

    cpap masks and accessories

    all cpap machines require accessories to be used. Most retailers sell CPAP machines individually and sell accessories separately. Some retailers offer cpap machine sets or packages that come with the basic cpap unit and necessary accessories.

    Some cpap machines have a built-in heated humidifier unit, while other machines require the humidifier to be purchased separately as an accessory. cpap machines usually come with their own power supply, which plugs into standard outlets.

    Sleepers may need the following accessories for their cpap machine:

    • air filters for cpap machines
    • humidifier trays and parts
    • tubes and tube connectors
    • head harness, including straps
    • cpap masks and mask cushions
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      cpap accessories need to be replaced regularly, so there are ongoing costs associated with them. mask cushions and cpap filters should be replaced monthly. tubes should be replaced every three months. other mask components and cpap machine accessories can be replaced every six months or when they begin to show wear.

      cpap air filters can cost between $5 and $30 each, depending on the type of machine. mask and helmet sets typically cost $100 or more. smaller parts that need to be replaced more often, like mask cushions, range from $20 to $100.

      Insurance providers may cover all or part of the cost of cpap accessories, so sleepers should check with their health care provider before purchasing accessories out of pocket.

      cpap machines and health insurance

      Health insurance companies often cover the cost of cpap machines and their accessories. Sleepers who need a cpap machine should check with their insurance company for more details before purchasing a cpap machine with their own money.

      cpap machines are generally considered “durable medical equipment” by health insurance companies. deductibles and copays for durable medical equipment tend to differ from those associated with doctor visits and procedures.

      A health insurance company usually only covers a cpap machine if they know it’s medically necessary. To demonstrate medical necessity, the patient usually must undergo a sleep study and their medical provider must confirm to the insurance company that the results of the sleep study suggest that the sleeper would benefit from the use of a cpap machine. /p>

      Some insurance companies require sleepers to technically “rent” their cpap machine for a certain period of time, such as a year. the sleeper must pay a monthly copay for that period of time. once it’s done, they will own the cpap machine.

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