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Now that you realize your eyesight is bad enough to buy glasses, have you thought about how you’ll pay for your glasses? Certain jobs may require you to wear prescription glasses, although you may require specific types or styles of lenses to suit the environment. these may end up costing you more than you want to pay if you have refused to invest in insurance.

Buying any type of prescription glasses without insurance will be expensive. however, how expensive is it if you find the right font?

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You can sometimes buy glasses cheaply if you find a rare store. At rx-safety, we’ve made it possible to buy designer eyeglasses at affordable prices.

what is the real cost of glasses without insurance?

The average price you pay for prescription glasses will vary widely depending on the type of frames, lenses and retailer you choose. many brands of designer eyeglasses can cost up to $600 or more without insurance coverage. glasses with special features sometimes cost $1,000.

According to statistics, a basic national average for standard prescription glasses is $196. This may not sound cheap on a relative scale, but it’s problematic if you live on a tight budget.

This does not include the cost you would first pay for your eye exam. Without insurance, these aren’t cheap either and are required by law.

The cost of insurance is getting higher every year, which is probably why you’ve stopped getting an eye care policy. Without going through the proper sources to find a bargain, however, you will find yourself at a significant expense.

researching your options

As Consumer Reports points out, it’s always smart to do your own research to see what options are available in eyeglasses if you don’t have insurance. doing so helps you avoid being oversold at eyeglass stores or online.

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It’s easy to get fooled by the glasses if you don’t research what’s available first. seek advice on what types of lenses you can realistically buy at a discount. Also find out what kind of mounts you really need and if you need to buy any add-ons.

Knowing this before you get your eyes examined can help you know what would work best for your vision issues and your personal style.

discuss options with your ophthalmologist

Speaking directly to your ophthalmologist can give you further guidance on where to find the best glasses. while they may have some biases about where you get them, they will be able to expertly tell you what type of frames are best for you and the lenses you need.

Your ophthalmologist will measure what is called the pupillary distance, also known as pd. you can use this information when you find an online resource to order custom eyeglasses.

so if you can afford it, go to your ophthalmologist first and get initial recommendations. You don’t have to buy glasses directly through them if you think you can’t afford it.

trying on mounts

don’t feel uncomfortable trying on frames, even at your eye doctor’s office. You never commit to buying anything, and trying on frames is a great way to find out which one looks best. plus, it can become the start of comparison shopping to see where you can save the most money.

make a note of the frames you liked the most and the size you need. With so many styles available, it’s worth trying as many as possible and then turning to the online world to see what your options are.

after making comparisons, you may find some happy surprises.

research the company you buy from

once you find an online source to buy prescription glasses, it’s time to examine them and find out their history. Are the lenses you sell FDA approved? It’s also a good idea to look up the business online at the better business bureau to see what its recent reputation is.

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Finding cheap prescription glasses may sound too good to be true in most cases, but it’s not impossible. sometimes you can find a legit source where you can find incredibly discounted glasses.

Here at rx-safety.com, we’re proud to say that we’re one of those rare online stores where you can get various discounts on all of the most popular eyewear brands. you can also customize your glasses without worrying about paying the prices you would pay without insurance.

No vision/eye care insurance is required to shop with us. you will find numerous styles at bargain prices. In some cases, you can get designer prescription glasses for less than $50.

When you visit our site, you can get a 10% discount on your first order. this often includes additional 10% or 20% discounts on many other eyewear products.

Our prices are already discounted, so additional discounts will mean paying up to 30% less than you would through competing sites.

Just because we offer discounts doesn’t mean you’re limited in options either. We sell the world’s best-known eyewear brands, including big-name names like Nike and Carrera. You’ll even find great quality and discounts on our own brand name glasses (also called rx-safety).

the rarity of finding glass lenses

Those of you who know the optical quality of glass lenses can easily find them on our site. they are not easy to find through other eyewear manufacturers due to misconceptions about their fragility. Even if it’s true that they can break when dropped, modern frames have greater durability and features to keep them snug against the face.

Glass lenses are also very affordable compared to plastic or polycarbonate. with better optical clarity in glass, you have found the perfect source for something very reliable and affordable.

Contact us at rx-safety to learn more about the types of glasses we stock. See for yourself how much you can save if you can’t afford vision insurance now.

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