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Video How much does insurance cost for a dodge challenger

When it comes to auto insurance for a dodge challenger, it pays to shop around. Different companies have different Dodge Challenger insurance quotes. In addition, your driver profile and the model year of your car affect your insurance rates. The best way to find the most affordable policy for your car is to compare prices from multiple insurance providers.

rates on this page are for the base model dodge challenger sxt. if you drive another tune up, moneygeek also looked at the costs of dodge challenger r/t insurance and dodge challenger srt hellcat insurance.

Reading: How much does insurance cost for a dodge challenger

dodge challenger insurance rates can vary widely between different auto insurance providers, so it’s important to compare many quotes to find the cheapest average insurance rate. The average cost to insure a Dodge Challenger is $1,567 per year. Some insurers may offer lower rates, while others may have higher premiums. At the bottom end is USAA, with an average annual rate of $1,238. The most expensive insurer for a Dodge Challenger is Allstate at $1,855 per year or $617 more than USA.

average annual cost of dodge challenger insurance by company

moneygeek compiled dodge challenger insurance rates from different auto insurance providers based on a sample driver profile. In this case, the driver has 100/300/100 civil liability insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage.

average cost to insure a dodge challenger by company

Auto insurers use several factors when creating a dodge challenger insurance quote. High-value cars and those designated as sports or electric cars typically have higher rates than the average car model.

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The Dodge Challenger is expensive to insure, given its sports car designation. insurers believe that sports car drivers are more likely to engage in risky behavior, which increases the likelihood of an accident. Dodge Challengers also have high rates of theft. According to the most recent data from the National Bureau of Insurance Crime, Dodge Challengers are among the 10 most stolen vehicles in America.

It is important to consider the cost of dodge challenger auto insurance. Still, it’s just one of many factors to consider when searching for the best auto insurance company for your needs.

moneygeek evaluated companies on a unique scoring system based on affordability, customer complaints, customer satisfaction, and financial stability, and found that:

  • the best option for sure dodge challenger is usaa. however, usaa policies are only available to current or former military members and their families.
  • second best option is geico, a great option for drivers who don’t qualify for usaa.
  • Since cars depreciate in value over time, the older your model, the lower your Dodge Challenger insurance costs. Insuring the oldest version, the 2011 Dodge Challenger, costs an average of $1,293 per year. A 2020 Dodge Challenger has an average annual premium of $1,697, which is a difference of $404.

    It is important to note that the average cost of auto insurance can vary widely for different insurance companies and models. For example, drivers are charged an average of $1,279 per year from the United States for a 2020 Dodge Challenger. Below is a list of other auto insurance rates by model year. the cheapest options may differ depending on the dodge challenger model and potential supplier.

    the average cost to insure a dodge challenger by model year

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    it is expensive to insure a dodge challenger. The average insurance for a Dodge Challenger costs $1,567 per year, which is $140 more than the typical rate for the average car model. however, keep in mind that these costs are still well below those associated with other luxury brand vehicles.

    Car insurance providers tend to charge high rates to young drivers, given their inexperience. For example, an 18-year-old driver pays an average of $5,116 per year for Dodge Challenger auto insurance. Moneygeek’s base driver, a 40-year-old man, typically pays $1,568 for a similar policy. Find more average premiums for young drivers ages 16-25 below.

    Teenagers looking for ways to save money on the cost of their Dodge Challenger insurance should consider joining their parent’s policy. Young drivers are charged extremely high rates if they buy a separate policy, but the cost is lower if they are on their parents’ insurance.

    average cost to insure a dodge challenger by age of driver

    The rates in this article are national averages. They can serve as a guide for drivers looking for Dodge Challenger insurance rates, but other factors, such as your location, also affect premiums. For more information on auto insurance rates in individual states, check out Moneygeek’s state page analysis.

    Car insurance rates depend on several factors, including the model of your vehicle. learn more about dodge challenger insurance costs through the frequently asked questions below.

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