Public Liability Insurance for Business: 101, Cost & Cheap Quotes

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example situations where liability insurance can help you

As stated above, liability insurance deals with claims for bodily injury or property damage suffered by a customer, vendor, visitor, or any other member of the public. you’ll find the policy useful in these situations:

  • a customer or visitor slipped and fell while on your store or office premises

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  • you or an employee inflicted property damage or bodily injury on a client while on the job

  • needs to go to a client’s property to work. while there, an accident occurred which damaged the client’s property and injured people nearby

  • Your business caused an accident. As a result, people were injured and their property was damaged

  • Your business’s commercial building caught fire and spread to other properties. the other buildings were damaged and their occupants seriously injured

    can you get liability insurance even if you don’t have a business?

    You don’t have to be in business to be eligible for liability insurance. insurance companies write liability insurance for self-employed technicians, doctors, artists and other professions

    How is liability insurance different from other types of business insurance?

    general liability vs general liability insurance

    Liability insurance covers the resulting costs if your business faces a bodily injury or property damage claim. it only covers these dangers and nothing else.

    for its part, the general civil liability insurance is very broad. covers not only claims for bodily injury or property damage, but also:

    • slander, libel, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement

    • Your Liability for Commercial Leased Space Damaged by Fire

    • bodily injury or property damage caused by a defective product, which the customer purchased

    • vehicular accidents caused by borrowed or rented vehicle

      Another thing to remember when thinking about general liability insurance versus public liability insurance is that the latter is included in the language of the former.

      civil liability and professional civil liability insurance

      You also need to know the difference between personal liability and professional liability insurance.

      Unlike liability insurance, professional liability insurance does not cover bodily injury or property damage.

      Instead, it is triggered when a customer or any other third party files a claim that your business caused economic or financial loss by committing:

      • inaccurate advice

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      • misrepresentation

      • breach of confidentiality

      • breach of contract

      • missed deadlines

      • fair dealing violation

        The civil liability insurance is subscribed as an accident policy, as we said before. however, insurance companies write professional liability insurance as a casualty or casualty insurance product.

        Although different in terms of the risks covered, civil liability and professional indemnity insurance also have similarities:

        • both take care of defense and settlement costs

        • Like general liability insurance, professional liability insurance can be part of the general liability policy language

          civil and product liability insurance

          What about public insurance and product liability insurance? how are these two different?

          Let’s talk about their similarities first. Both liability and product liability insurance provide money that can be used to cover defense costs and settlements. In addition, they are offered as inclusions in the general civil liability insurance.

          The product liability insurance policy and the civil liability insurance policy differ in the risks they cover.

          Bodily injury or property damage caused by the product of your business falls outside the scope of liability insurance. Product liability insurance takes care of this danger instead.

          Product liability insurance provides coverage if your business product causes injury or property damage due to:

          • bad labeling

          • manufacturing defects

          • design errors

            In addition, product liability insurance can also take care of food poisoning or foodborne illness claims if your business is in the food industry.

            civil and employer liability insurance

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            In addition to liability insurance, your business also needs employer liability insurance.

            Small business liability insurance does not cover costs if an employee suffers an injury or illness on the job and then files a claim against your business.

            Employer’s liability insurance takes care of this peril and pays defense costs and settlements.

            In addition, insurance companies do not offer employer’s liability insurance as an inclusion of general liability insurance. instead, it is available as a supplement to workers’ compensation insurance.

            civil liability insurance for events

            You can take out civil liability insurance for events. Insurance companies include this in their event insurance policy along with event cancellation insurance, equipment coverage, liquor liability coverage, and more.

            you need event liability insurance if you are setting up a:

            • party

            • wedding

            • sporting event

            • live music event

            • theatrical event

            • company event

            • conference

            • workshop

            • fair and exhibition

            • seminars

              Event liability insurance covers bodily injury or property damage to participants, vendors, and volunteers. your coverage could also extend to key people at the event.

              short-term liability insurance

              Short-term liability insurance is offered as an inclusion to general liability policies that provide protection for a day, a week, or a month.

              Temporary liability insurance also covers bodily injury or property damage. what makes it special is that you decide the duration of coverage.

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