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some are much more complete than others and, consequently, the range of costs between them can be wide. The cost of a comprehensive travel insurance policy is 56% more, on average, than a basic travel insurance policy. The age of the policyholder also has a significant impact on the cost of their travel insurance.

average cost of travel insurance

We collected travel insurance quotes for over 50 different policies using a sample vacationer, an American. a citizen living in new york state, going to the uk for a week in august. Some policies included in our study are more comprehensive than others, but the average across them is a good representation of what most travelers can expect to pay for such a trip. Considering all the policies below, the average cost of travel insurance is $148.

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Where a person is leaving or traveling to doesn’t have as big an impact on fares as one might expect (unless they’re traveling to a particularly dangerous location). We experiment with departures from different states of the us. uu. And when the final destination remained the UK, the cost of the travel insurance policy typically remained the same. new york and new jersey states tended to have slightly higher premiums, but the difference was less than $10.

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A way to increase the cost? leave a country other than the united states. We kept the final destination (the UK) and found that departing from most other countries besides the US. uu. resulted in a significant increase in the average policy premium. it’s hard to know what the reason behind that difference is, maybe it’s because the prices of the policies we were collecting quotes for were optimized for us. Departures. anything outside the us it could simply be classified as a different level of risk, regardless of where someone sets off.

average cost of basic versus comprehensive travel insurance policies

We take a closer look at some relatively basic and some of the cheapest travel insurance policies offered by companies. Not surprisingly, the average cost of basic policies was lower than the average cost of more comprehensive plans. The more a travel insurance policy covers, or the higher the claims limit, the higher the average premium.

average cost of travel insurance coverage

Insureds have a lot of control over the cost of travel insurance, because they can choose what coverage they need or want. Conversely, if a homeowner needs to insure his home, there isn’t much he can do to affect the cost, other than look for the cheapest company. the basic or silver levels generally have less medical coverage or lower limits to claim than the higher gold or platinum levels.

average cost of travel insurance by age

In addition to coverage types and claim limits, a person’s age has a substantial impact on the cost of travel insurance. no matter what type of policy someone buys, the price increases dramatically as you get older. our analysis below showed that premiums remained relatively flat for travelers ages 1 to 30, but then the cost starts to climb. the most drastic increases occur between the ages of 60 and 80 years. we tried to collect quotes for travelers aged 100, 105 and 110, but no company offered quotes for our sample traveler of those ages.

factors that affect the cost of travel insurance

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The factors that determine the cost of travel insurance vary depending on the insurer and the policy you choose. For example, some travel insurance companies don’t take your destination into account when setting rates, while others do. The following are some of the most used data to determine travel insurance rates:

travel insurance spending trends

in 2018, usa. uu. Citizens traveled internationally 93 million times, according to the National Office of Travel and Tourism. Millions purchased some form of travel insurance, and a recent analysis by AAA indicated that 38% of Americans are likely to do so for future trips abroad.

Americans spent more than $3.8 billion on all types of travel protection in 2018, an increase of 41% over the past two years, according to a us survey of the travel insurance market. uu. travel insurance association the same survey, which includes the most recent data available, also showed that approximately 65.8 million travelers were covered by more than 46.3 million travel insurance plans.


to access the cost of travel insurance in the usa. In the US, we first researched and set up a sample traveler to collect quotes for US travel insurance. uu. citizen residing in the state of new york, going to the united kingdom for a week in august, with an estimated travel cost of $2,500. We then collected over 2,000 travel insurance quotes for 52 different policies offered by dozens of companies.

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