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How much is FHV insurance in New York City and how do I buy it?

How Much is FHV Insurance in New York?

The cost of fhv insurance depends on numerous factors: years of experience, years of discount without claims, accident history, criminal history, age and vehicle specifications.

FHV insurance is required and can cost between $3,000 and $10,000 per year. can usually be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly. It is important to verify if you are buying quarterly or monthly insurance, which does not accumulate any discount for claims. Some insurance companies won’t accept monthly insurance for the no-claims discount, even when purchasing consecutive policies.

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how do i get fhv insurance in new york?

You can buy fhv insurance over the phone, visit a broker, online, or with the inshur mobile app. Remember, you can’t use regular driver’s insurance to drive a luxury vehicle, so make sure you get the right insurance.

fhv insurance guide in new york.

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driving a taxi for hire (fhv) for a living is a fast growing industry. Since Uber launched in 2009, the number of people operating FHV has skyrocketed. According to uberestimates.com, Uber has more than three million registered drivers and they are working in 676 cities and states around the world.

Those considering joining the ranks of drivers in new york wonder how much it costs to hit the road. Some costs are obvious: a proper car, fuel, license, vehicle repairs. however, one cost is not so obvious, at least not yet. this is fhv insurance – a mandatory requirement.

buy insurance.

Until early 2018, finding fhv insurance meant hours on the phone or in a broker’s office. you had to fill out forms, show documents, wait for the insurers. you didn’t know the cost until the quote came back. a driver eager to get out and earn money could wait additional hours, days or weeks with this creaky paper-based process. Fortunately, things have changed. now there is inshur.

inshur: a fast and cheap way to buy fhv insurance.

since 2018, inshur has offered new york drivers a 21st century alternative to the old fhv insurance purchasing system. Instead of wasting time on the phone or in an office, inshur works right on your cell phone. you don’t talk to anyone, you provide all your data and get a quote in just a few minutes. if you like the offer, your policy can be with you in a few more minutes. it is the immediate answer to an obsolete problem.

types of fhv insurance.

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no matter how you buy it, you must have fhv insurance. your regular auto insurance won’t do. Companies like Uber and Lyft offer rideshare insurance to their drivers. It is low cost, but low coverage. it is not covered when it does not carry a fee. if you have your app activated but you’re not taking fees, you’re not covered. when your app is disabled, you are not covered. this means that you will also need regular coverage. The other option is the full fhv insurance, issued by inshur, which gives you coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

the cost.

Several things affect the price. the driver’s story is the most important. the worse your record is, the more you pay. The driver’s age, years driving taxis and annual mileage are also taken into account. In New York, the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) requires a minimum level of coverage. This is $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence, plus $200,000 of personal injury protection (PIP). vehicle coverage is only to third parties with this insurance. your vehicle is not covered. you’ll need additional (fully comprehensive) protection to cover damage to your own car.

A typical driver, over the age of 25, with three years of taxi experience and a clean record will pay about $3,000 – $4,500 a year for the minimum tlc coverage. this figure can increase to $10,000 for new and young drivers or those with irregular records. often this cost can be paid monthly instead of all at once.

If you’re just starting out or your insurance is about to renew, why not give inshur a try? Get a quote while you wait and find out in minutes what can take hours, days or weeks elsewhere.

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