What Is the Value of a 1979 Silver Dollar? (2022 Errors and Varieties)

last updated on September 1, 2022

Just by looking at a silver dollar coin, an experienced coin dealer can immediately tell how much it is worth. the value of his silver would depend on its condition, origin and age.

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So, do you have a 1979 silver dollar coin and want to know if it’s worth keeping?

then read on.

what is the value of a 1979 silver dollar?

Most 1979 silver dollar coins have one face value: just one dollar. around $1 to $2 for those coins that look almost perfect to the naked eye.

In terms of specific mint types, the average value of 1979-s and 1979-d dollars is $2, while you can get up to $2.20 for uncirculated 1979-p.

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For the rarer 1979 types, you can get up to $6.30 for 1979-S Type 1 Proof, $22 for 1979-P Wide Rim and $52 for 1979-S Type 2 Proof in perfect uncirculated condition. BCW Large Dollar Flips 100 Ct. Premium Cardboard Coin Holders Flips for Pre-1979 Silver Dollars; 100 Pack of 2x2 Pre-1978, White

why are 1979 dollar coins so popular?

the silver dollar is called susan b. anthony dollar and was made in the united states in 1979.

1979 marks the first year of these dollars and the most common year for this series of coins.

The 1979 dollar coins were the most widely circulated after 4 years of manufacture. Another reason these coins are so popular is because many people keep them as souvenirs as the first circulating coin in the United States to feature a real woman.

who was susan b. anthony on the 1979 silver dollar?

susana b. Anthony lived from 1820 to 1906 and was a leader in women’s suffrage and was instrumental in passing the 19th Amendment. Her effort gave women the right to vote.

The 1979 dollar coin is also commonly incorporated into display cases and frames. also, many 1979 susan b. Anthony dollars were sold with postage stamps known as first day covers.

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The United States Mint produced millions of these coins. created 360,222,000 for 1979-p (philadelphia mint) dollar coins, 288,015,744 for 1979-d (denver mint) dollar coins, and 109,576.00 for 1979-s (san francisco mint) dollar coins, making 750 million in total.

how to tell the difference between the different 1979 silver dollar coins?

the us mint. uu. made two coin centers in 1979, but there was an error during production that caused the mintage to return two obverses that were different.

The first, known as the wide rim silver dollar coin, had the date of the coin too close to the rim because the rim of the coin was wide. You will only see these coins with this type of error marked p mint because these coins were minted in Philadelphia.

If you suspect you have this type of coin, inspect it closely. It is worth no more than a few dollars if in circulation and is worth more uncirculated.

Then there is the narrow rim silver dollar coin, but it is not as valuable as the wide rim type. s proof type 1 has a grainy s mint mark that looks more like a blob and is therefore known as a blob mint mark.

Toward the end of production of the 1979 silver dollar is the type 2 proof s. this time the s markings were lighter and became type 2. these coins are more valuable than type 1 because they only came out a few of these coins.

what affects the value of the 1979 silver dollar?

Regardless of coin type, value typically declines if silver dollar coins show evidence of good circulation. If the silver dollar is not in circulation and is of the rare type, many coin collectors are willing to pay more for it.

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