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Have you found some old 200 lira coins in an old drawer at home or in a forgotten piggy bank? Did you know that our readers often ask us which 200 lira coins are rare and what their value is? that’s why we wrote this article, just to answer your questions.

let’s find out the value of rare 200 lira and 200 lira coins and all commemorative 200 lira coins.

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in fact, among the two hundred lire minted, we can remember:

  • the “prova” coin of 1977
  • coins in circulation from 1977 to 2001
  • commemorative coins from 1980 to 1999.

The rarest 200 lira coin, let’s just say right away, is the 1977 200 lira prova, plus some buggy variants from subsequent years that we’ll discover later.

Now let’s start tracing the history and analyzing the value of these coins. The first 200 lire coins were put into circulation in 1977. They have a diameter of 2.4 cm and weigh approximately 5 grams.

200 Lire

200 Lire

As already mentioned in this article on the cleaning of coins, the two hundred lira coins of the Italian Republic are minted in Bronzital, a particular bronze alloy composed of Copper and Aluminium, to which Nickel was also added after 1968.

It was in 1977 when the history of this coin began…

the rarest 200 lira prova coins

a separate discussion should be made for the rare 200 lira prova of 1977. the coin is classified as an r rare coin.

It was initially minted, with a print run of 1,500 pieces, as a test version, which later became the definitive version. it is distinguished by the presence of the small prova inscription on the reverse of the coin. a rare lyre in all respects.

200 Lire 1977 PROVA

200 Lire 1977 PROVA (Do you see the arrow?)

It is this trial version of the 1977 200 lire that has the greatest value on the collectors’ market.

rare value 200 lire 1977 prova

As only 1,500 were minted, nothing compared to the 15,900,000 two hundred lire coins issued in 1977, the value of these rare 200 lire coins in particular can be very high.

    li>if it is of spl (splendid) quality, the value naturally drops to around €400.

Given the very limited circulation, it is rare to find these rare 200-lire proofs. That being said, however, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the 1977 200 lira that we still have at home or that we can find with the metal detector, a surprise is always possible!

200 lira 1977 – lavoro

200 Lire 1977

200 Lire 1977

The obverse of this first 200 lire coin depicts a woman’s head looking to the right, with the signature of the author M. Vallucci at the bottom and the words REPUBBLICA ITALIANA on the outside.

on the reverse is the value 200 lira inserted into a gear to symbolize work, hence the name 200 lira lavoro, while on the bottom is the mint mark and the thousandth of mintage.

value of 200 lire 1977

  • Although the 1977 200 lira is the first issued, it is not classified as a rare coin, but as a common coin due to its high circulation. That is why its current value, depending on its state of conservation, is around €0.50.

200 lire 1978 – mezzaluna (half moon)

In 1978 the 200-lire work continued to be issued with a print run of 461,034,000, so the value of the 200-lire 1978 work is not very high, about €3 if fdc.

An exception to these low prices are the famous two hundred lire “half moon under the collar”. but what are they?

Due to a minting defect, some of the 1978 200 lire show a small crescent moon on the obverse, below the neck of the woman depicted.

valore 200 lire mezzaluna

the 200 lire with the “crescent moon” highlighted

This minting error, as it always happens, causes the value of these particular 200 lire coins to increase. In 1978 there were even two breaks in the minting, in the same place, resulting in two types of 200 “crescent” lira of the same value.

value of 200 liras 1978 – mezzaluna

  • a 1978 mezzaluna of 200 liras of quality bb already reaches a value of €60. li>and about €200 for those few coins in fdc quality.

200 lire 1979

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As for the 200 lire lavoro of 1979, 437,325,000 copies were minted regularly. however, there seem to be 3 variants:

  • the “normal” type
  • the “no signal type, some copies lack the engraver’s signature.
  • The “bold head” can be caused by two different errors: coining die wear or coining die clogging, both quite common for the type of presses used.

valore 200 Lire del 79 "Testa Pelata"

200 Lire “Testa Pelata” (Bold head)

Care must therefore be taken not to confuse a normal 1979 coin with a head worn down by circulation with the above-mentioned minting error.

value of 200 lira 1979

    strong >€.
  • valgono 90€ le 200 lire del 1979 senza firma dell’incisore.

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table with values ​​of 200 liras

This is the table showing the values ​​and circulations of the 200 lira lavoro coins year by year from 1977 to 2001. The table includes rare and common coins, mintage errors and variants. the value of the coin is brilliant without circulating..

200 lira commemorative coins

here are the 200 lire commemorative coins, there are several and all minted between 1980 and 1999. (not to be confused with the 200 lire silver commemoratives).

200 commemorative lire have been dedicated over the years to various military, political and cultural institutions:

  • 1980 – 200 lire fao
  • 1981 – 200 lire alimentazione
  • 1989 – 200 lire arsenale di taranto
  • 1990 – 200 lire consiglio di stato
  • 1992 – 200 lire thematic philately
  • 1993 – 200 lire aeronautica militare
  • 1994 – 200 lire policemen
  • 1996 – 200 lire financial guard
  • 1997 – 200 lire naval lega
  • 1999 – 200 lire artistic heritage of the carabinieri

200 lira 1980 – fao

200 Lire 1980 FAO

200 Lire 1980 FAO

In 1980, the first of the 200-Lira commemorative coins was minted, with a circulation of 48,242,728 pieces. The 200 Lira 1980 FAO coin was dedicated to International Women’s Day.

The obverse of this 200 lira coin shows the bust of Maria Montessori with the signature of the engraver Sergio Giandomenico at the bottom and the Italian repubblica inscription around it.

On the reverse is the image of a woman with a child reading a book, behind them the year 1980. In the background the terrestrial meridians and parallels are engraved and a shovel is placed near the woman. there is also an indication of value and the inscriptions valorizzazione della donna at the top and fao at the bottom.

value of 200 lire 1980

  • This 1980 fao two hundred lire commemorative coin was minted on the occasion of international women’s day and fao activities. however, this two hundred lira coin, although in good condition, is priced at €2.

200 liras 1981 – food

200 lire 1981 Alimentazione

200 lire 1981 Alimentazione

In 1981, the 200 lire 1981 Food, another commemorative 200 lire in bronzital was issued, in this case to mark International Food Day and FAO activities.

on the obverse, the engraver guido veroi has represented villa lubin, seat of the national institute of agriculture, with the inscription repubblica italiano and a star in the lower central part.

On the reverse is the image of a woman with a cornucopia surrounded by symbols of agriculture and the words giornata mondiale dell’alimentazione – 16 ott – fao.

value of 200 liras 1981 feeding

  • the feed of 200 lira from 1981 has an fdc value of €2.

200 lira 1989 – arsenale di taranto

200 lire 1989 Arsenale di Taranto

200 lire 1989 Arsenale di Taranto

We have to wait until 1989 to find a new commemorative 200 lira coin in bronzital. The 200 Lira 1989 Arsenale di Taranto was issued on the occasion of the First Centenary of the Naval Arsenal of Taranto.

presents the usual face of a 200 lire woman on the obverse.

The reverse of this 200 lire coin depicts the sailing ship “Amerigo Vespucci” and the Taranto Arsenal buildings. Above the design are the dates 1889-1989 and on the outside the words “centenario dell’arsenale militare di taranto”.

value of 200 lira 1989

  • the price of the 200 lire taranto arsenal from 1989, if it is in perfect condition, is around €2.

200 lire 1990 – council of state

200 lire 1990 Consiglio di Stato

200 lire 1990 Consiglio di Stato

In 1990, on the occasion of the centenary of the IVth Section of the Council of State, a new commemorative 200 lire coin in bronzital was issued.

the obverse represents the usual female head.

On the reverse is engraved the seat of the council of state, palazzo spada, and the words consiglio di stato at the top, iv sezione and 1890-1990 in the center on the roof of the building, l. 200 at bottom center with the r for the rome mint above and the driutti engraver’s signature below.

value of 200 lire 1990 – consiglio di stato

  • 200 lire 1990 consiglio di stato is worth €2 in fdc.

200 liras 1992 – thematic philately

200 lire 1992 Filatelia

200 lire 1992 Filatelia

On the occasion of the World Exhibition of Thematic Philately in Genoa in 1992, a new commemorative 200 lire bronzital coin was issued, the 200 lire 1992 Filatelia Tematica.

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the obverse is unchanged from the normal 200 lire in circulation.

On the obverse, the central part of the coin is divided into two semicircles. In the upper semicircle, on a striped background, three candles stand out. in the lower semicircle there is a three-wave stylization with the date 1992 and the r of the rome mint on the left and the author’s signature grossi on the right. below the inscription genova ’92 and around the inscription esposizione mondiale di filatelia tematica l. 200.

value of 200 liras 1992 – thematic philately

  • the value of these 200 lire philately 1992 is around €2.

200 liras 1993 – military aeronautics

200 Lire 1993 Aeronautica Militare

200 Lire 1993 Aeronautica Militare

The 200 Lira 1993 Aeronautica Militare is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Air Force. The 200 Lira 1993 Aeronautica Militare is also made in bronzital.

the obverse represents the obverse of the 200 lire coins in circulation.

The obverse of the coin is divided into four quadrants. within the quadrants are the coats of arms of the first four squadrons formed during the first world war. the inscription on the outside reads 70° aeronautica militare 1923-1993. In the lower part of the left dial, the year 1993 and the R of the Rome mint are engraved, as well as the signatures of the authors Zanelli and Grossi.

value of 200 lira 1993 – military aeronautics

  • Like the other 200 lira commemorative coins, the 1993 200 lira aeronautica militare is also worth €2.

200 lire 1994 – carabinieri weapon

200 Lire 1994 Arma dei Carabinieri

200 Lire 1994 Arma dei Carabinieri

The 200 Lira 1994 Arma dei Carabinieri came into circulation in 1994 to celebrate the 180th anniversary of the Carabinieri. Minted in bronzital like the others.

the obverse is engraved with the face of the Italian republic in 200 lire.

The obverse center of this coin features the Carabinieri coat of arms, the Roman numeral inscription clxxx and the motto nei secoli fedele. the outer ring bears the inscription arma dei carabinieri and the dates 1814 – 1994.

value of 200 liras 1994 – weapon of the carabinieri

  • the 200 lire carabinieri weapon from 1994 is priced at around €2.

200 lira 1996 – finance guard academy

200 Lire 1996 - Guardia di Finanza

200 Lire 1996 – Guardia di Finanza

We now have the commemorative 200 Lira 1996 for the centenary of the Guardia di Finanza Academy. The 200 Lira 1996 Accademia Guardia di Finanza are made in bronzitel.

The obverse depicts the royal palace of Caserta, the first seat of the academy and the current seat in Bergamo, separated by a ribbon with the inscription repubblica italiano. At the bottom of the coin is the signature of the driutti engraver.

Also on the obverse the coin is divided into two parts by a ribbon with the value l.200 stamped on it. at the bottom a cap and a small sword, at the top the coat of arms of the Guardia di Finanza with the date 1896. on the outside of the 200 lire is the inscription centenario dell’accademia della Guardia di Finanza and a star.

value of 200 liras 1996 – academy guard of finance

    200 lire 1997 – Italian naval legacy

    200 Lire 1997 Lega Navale

    200 Lire 1997 Lega Navale

    The 200 Lira 1997 Lega Navale Italiana is minted in bronzital for the 100th Anniversary of its foundation in 1897.

    On the obverse of the 200 lire commemorative coin from 1997, the usual female profile returns.

    the reverse shows the coat of arms of the italian naval league with a sailing ship sailing in the background with the mint symbol r to the right. on the sides the dates 1897 and 1997, on the bottom left 200 and on the right lire. top right the signature of ettore lorenzo frapiccini, author of the design.

    value of 200 lire 1997 – italian naval legacy

    • the 200 lire 1997 lega navale is now worth €3.

    200 liras 1999 – carabinieri

    200 Lire 1999 Patrimonio Artistico dei Carabinieri

    200 Lire 1999 Patrimonio Artistico dei Carabinieri

    The 200 Lira 1999 Patrimonio Artistico dei Carabinieri is the last commemorative 200 Lira coin to be minted. It was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Carabinieri’s Artistic Heritage Protection Unit.

    On the obverse appears the profile of a woman of the 200 that circulate on the left and the inscription repvbblica italiano with the author’s signature m. Vallucci below.

    the obverse of the coin shows the carabinieri coat of arms and donatello’s david. the arched inscription in two lines reads: carabinieri – guardianship of artistic heritage. above are the dates 1969 – 1999 and below the value of l.200.

    value of 200 liras 1999 – carabinieri

    • the 200 lire 1999 artistic heritage of the carabinieri is worth €4.

    table with the value of all the commemorative coins of 200 liras

    here is the table with all the values ​​and circulation of the 200 lire commemorative coins divided by years.

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