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get one day flexible van insurance

everyday van insurance is the fast, easy and flexible option when you need coverage for a short period of time.

Whether you’re moving house, hauling large items, or need to borrow a van, you can find the right coverage for your situation with 1 day van insurance.

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Because of the flexibility of short-term van insurance, it’s perfect for home or business use. Most of us don’t have a van handy, but getting the right insurance to borrow one is simple and straightforward with overnight van insurance.

also ideal for small businesses, van fleets and tradesmen. Because everyday van insurance is so quick and easy to buy, even if you need it last minute, you can trust it.

Get a quote in just 90 seconds with tempcover and be insured in just a few minutes.

what is one day van insurance?

one day van insurance is an insurance policy that covers you to use another van for 24 hours.

This could be when you’re borrowing a truck, temporarily insuring a worker, or using a truck occasionally.

In these situations and more, taking out an expensive and lengthy insurance policy is often a waste of time and money. The good news is that you can get coverage for a truck for just one day. This means you avoid the cost and hassle of taking out annual insurance.

Getting a van insurance policy for a day is very easy: just follow these 3 easy steps:

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enter some details about yourself and the van

confirm that you are satisfied with the price and details of your policy

pay your policy and receive your documents by email instantly

If you think you’ll need more than one day, you can still get a temporary van insurance policy that suits your needs. With policies from an hour, to a few weeks, to a month, you can find the perfect van insurance for you.

When should I take out overnight van insurance?

getting one day van insurance can be useful in many circumstances, such as these:

  • You move house and need to drive a van for a day or two.
  • The van you need for work is under repair.
  • Large items.
  • secure a new hire for a short period.
  • transport family members to college.
  • try driving a new truck.
  • walking away from a new van after buying it.

For these occasions, and many others, you could benefit from choosing to insure a van for one day instead of opting for annual coverage.

While annual insurance may work out cheaper per day, as a lump sum you’ll end up paying a lot more for coverage you just don’t need. Even if you’re not buying a new annual policy and just want it added to an existing policy, it can be expensive and time consuming.

Daily van insurance is often cost-effective for short-term van drivers. it also has long-term benefits. As 1 day van insurance is a separate and independent policy, if you have an accident, the owner of the van is not responsible. your no claims discount is protected and any damage that occurs is covered by the short term settlement.

If you insure a truck for one day, you still get the same level of coverage you’d expect from 12-month insurance. you get comprehensive coverage as standard, giving you all the features of an annual policy but without the high price tag.

Another feature of overnight van insurance coverage is that there are no long-term contracts, so you’re not tied to anything. One-day van insurance is the simple and affordable option for short-term van driving.

what does overnight van insurance cover?

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With the comprehensive coverage as standard in tempcover one day van insurance, you are covered for any damage to yourself, your van and any third party involved in an accident.

what daily van insurance covers

what daily van insurance does not cover

tempcover works with a panel of insurers to ensure we can provide temporary truck insurance for as many drivers as possible. Because of this, full coverage details may differ by insurer. Please review the policy wording before purchasing to confirm what your policy specifically covers.

how much does daily van insurance cost?

The cost of one-day van insurance will depend on the data of the policy holder. Drivers with specific details that insurers have historically and statistically viewed as high risk will likely pay more to cover their increased chances of filing a claim.

Usually, you’ll find that the price of your annual van insurance is reflected in what you pay for short-term van insurance. So if you’re used to paying higher-than-average prices for your regular insurance, you’ll probably pay more for your overnight van insurance, because the premiums are calculated using the same details.

For example, if you are a new driver, you can expect to pay more for your van insurance, as you are likely to have much less experience on the road, making it more likely that you will be involved in an incident.

This is not because you, as an individual, are expected to have an accident more than others, but rather because, statistically, people with the same or similar details are more likely to claim in the past. unfortunately, you are charged more to cover your higher chance of claiming.

Similarly, if you’ve been driving for 30 years and want to insure a cheaper van in a quiet part of town, your policy will cost you much less.

Factors that determine the price of your policy include:

  • your age, location, driving history, occupation, and vehicle
  • the value of your vehicle
  • what you use the vehicle for.

am I eligible for daily van insurance?

Daily van insurance is available to a variety of van drivers through our panel of insurers. Despite our broad acceptance criteria, there are some minimum requirements you must meet to be eligible for a policy.

To get daily van insurance, you must

To get daily van insurance, your van must

Please note that each insurer on our panel has its own eligibility criteria, so pay close attention to your proponent’s statement.

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