How Much Is George Washington Dollar Coin Worth? (Answered)

last updated on March 22, 2022

Not all coins are valuable due to their metallic composition and other characteristics that reduce their value.

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The george washington dollar coin falls into this category as it is not overly rare or valuable to collectors. however, it still has some value if you wish to add this coin to your collection.

then if you want to know more about george washington dollar coin value then you are in the right place. here’s what you need to know about its value.

How much is the george washington dollar coin worth?

The george washington dollar coin is worth about $1. this is true for the 2007 coins in circulation, as they do not exceed face value. That’s because these coins aren’t valuable or rare on the market.

On the other hand, if these coins are uncirculated, you can sell them for a premium. however, even then, the value will not be as much. you will only get a few dollars for this uncirculated coin.

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2007 P Position A Satin Finish George Washington Presidential Dollar Choice Uncirculated US Mint

what is the value of the 2007p george washington dollar coin?

the 2007 george washington dollar also has a p series. Of course the value of this will vary from the original 2007 George Washington dollar value. You can expect the value of this coin to be around $3.50 uncirculated with a grade of MS65.

on the other hand, there is also a 2007 ad george washington dollar coin. This coin also has an uncirculated value of $3.50 with a grade of MS65. therefore, both coins have exactly the same value in terms of grade and condition.

is the george washington dollar coin rare?

Sadly, the george washington dollar coin is not rare. that is why the value of this coin is not so much since it does not have any rarity. most collectors don’t keep these coins due to their low value.

However, a coin collector who cares about the collection more than the value will always have this coin. While it may not be a valuable coin, these coins are still great to collect as they are no longer created, such as the Queen Elizabeth coin.

so if you like, it can be an affordable addition to your collection in no time.

are the 2007 george washington dollar coins missing lettering on the edges?

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as you look at the 2007 george washington dollar coin, you’ll notice the nation’s motto emblazoned on the edge of the dollar. The motto is “in God we trust”. In addition to that, the border also includes “e pluribus unum”, mint mark and the date for you to see.

You should also remember that many 2007 george washington dollar coins were minted without the edges of the coins being stamped. such a thing may have happened because they applied the lettering on the edge of the coins after the obverse and reverse features were struck.

if there is no motto on the george washington dollar coin, these coins are known as plain edge dollars. however, many coin collectors also call them wicked dollars. the name caught on in no time as people loved to call it the wicked dollar.

how much is george washington’s error coin worth?

An error coin is a rare find because you have a one in 1000 chance of finding that coin. The wicked dollar is wrong, but it has a higher george washington dollar value than normal currency. That’s because these coins are valuable and rare, unlike the standard ones.

Of course, the value also depends on the state and condition of the coin. however, as a general rule of thumb, the wicked dollar in grade ms68 is worth more than $2,000. so if you want a high value coin, you can find this one and add it to your collection.

Most coin collectors do not have the simple George Washington dollar or the 5-cent stamp due to its low value. however, they have the unholy dollar as it ensures that they have something valuable and rare in their collection that other people cannot easily find. if you want this currency, you will find it with some consistency in no time as they are available in some places.

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