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50 pesos centennial gold mexico

The gold centennial was first minted to commemorate the centennial of Mexico’s independence from Spanish colonial rule.

in 1921, the bank of mexico minted the first centennial coin of 50 pesos in gold to celebrate the first 100 years of mexico’s independence.

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production of centennial coin of 50 pesos

The 50 peso gold coin was originally minted from 1921 to 1931.

production of centennial coins was discontinued due to decreased demand during the great depression.

minting resumed in 1943 as the demand for gold increased and continued until 1947.

Remintage production began in 1949 with coins produced dated 1947.

mintage of centennial re-mints continued until 1972.

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During a production run in 1996, the Mexican mint produced 7,954,777 coins. These re-minted coins are commonly available gold bullion coins.

centennial 50 peso coin design

the centennial coin was designed by the engraver emlio del moral.

The obverse design features an interpretation of the “winged victory”, the Angel of Independence. The monument was erected in 1910 in the center of Mexico City to commemorate 100 years of Mexico’s independence.

the obverse background field shows two of mexico’s most famous volcanoes, popocatepetl and iztaccihuatl, rising from the desert.

The obverse shows the date 1821 at the bottom left of center. the date of 1921 is in the lower right of center.

The design on the reverse of the centennial gold coin features the Mexican coat of arms. representations show an eagle with a snake in its claw perched on a cactus.

One of the most striking design features of the 50-peso centenario gold coin is the inscription around the edge of the coin that reads “independencia y libertad,” which translates to independence and liberty.

each coin contains approximately 1.2 troy ounces of pure gold.

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It is struck from an alloy containing 90% pure gold combined with 10% copper.

The alloy gives the coin its distinctive orange hue and makes it more durable than 24k gold coins.

50 peso gold coins are ideal for gold investors due to their similarity and low premiums.

each coin contains 37.5 grams of gold and has a total weight of 41.67 grams.

details of the 50 peso centennial gold coin from mexico:

  • minted by the Mexican mint
  • contains 37.5 grams of gold (1.2 troy ounces)
  • .900 fine gold
  • diameter: 37mm
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