2020 Silver American Eagle – 1 Troy Ounce, .999 Pure

get the shine of the 2020 silver eagle coins

the us mint. uu. first issued the American silver eagle more than 30 years ago. today, the coin has a long history as the most popular silver bullion coin ever produced by a sovereign mint. money metals exchange is proud to introduce 2020 dated coins. they are the perfect blend of trust, beauty and affordable premium.

Specifications of 2020 Silver American Eagle Coins

Weighing 1 Troy Ounce each, each 2020 Silver Eagle coin is 99.9% pure silver. These 1 Ounce Silver American Eagle Coins are stamped to this weight and purity, along with markings typical of American coins. each coin is 40mm in diameter, with a tongue edge.

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The 2020 Silver Eagle has a face value of $1 and is legal tender of the United States. The coin was authorized by the United States Mint under Title II of Public Law 99-96. production began in 1986.

Each fine silver coin is guaranteed by the us mint. uu. for its weight and purity. 2020 silver eagles are eligible to be held in an individual retirement account or precious metals iras.

design of the 2020 silver eagle coins

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The silver eagles of 2020 stand out for their beautiful design. Patriotic imagery designed by sculptor-engraver Adolph A. weinman, celebrates freedom embodied in the form of lady liberty walking along her path, often referred to as a “walking liberty” design. she is found on the obverse, covered in stars and stripes and carrying laurel and oak branches, as she walks into the bright sun.

the reverse of the 2020 eagle shows the heraldic American eagle. Designed by US Mint sculptor and engraver John Mercanti, the design features the striking eagle clutching an olive branch in its right claw and a bundle of arrows in its left.

why buy the 2020 american silver eagle coins?

Silver was once the cornerstone of the American economy and commerce. Before the fledgling American government began issuing its own silver dollars for use as currency, Spanish silver coins were widely used to purchase goods and services. silver was, and still is, honest and incorruptible money.

Gold may get much of the attention as the more valuable of the two precious metals, but serious metals investors know the value of silver. it is both a key monetary metal and an inflation hedge, as well as an invaluable industrial metal useful in many applications.

Since the release of the first American Silver Eagle in 1986, the coin’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. in fact, the coins immediately sold out soon after their introduction. in 2015, 47 million coins were minted and sold. That sales record holds for now, but it likely won’t hold up during the next wave of interest in metals.

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many people have the silver eagle in their metals investment portfolio. No currency has been more often chosen as a hedge against the devaluation of the US dollar and against volatility in conventional (paper) financial markets.

Although the face value of the 2020 Silver Eagle bullion coins is only $1, the actual value of the coin is based on the much higher price of silver. in fact, due to the coin’s popularity, the American eagle almost always commands a premium when it comes time to sell.

buy silver eagles 2020 on money metals exchange

The best place to buy 2020 dated silver eagles is the metal and money exchange. We have been serving the nation with low-cost bullion, from our secure facility in Eagle, Idaho, since 2010. Our success has been based on a customer-focused approach that includes great prices, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and excellent service. .

fast delivery of the highest quality, most beautiful products is what we do, and all at a great price.

We are currently offering the 2020 Silver Eagles, subject to availability. If we have stock, we can also offer additional discounts for customers looking for 1500 coins or more. If you have any questions, please contact Money Metals Exchange. our experts and simple specialists will be happy to answer them.

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