Temporary Crown (Uses, Procedure, Costs & FAQs)

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what is a temporary crown?

A temporary crown is a dental prosthesis that is worn while the dentist or laboratory fabricates a custom permanent dental crown to protect a tooth.

In most cases, a temporary crown will not be as precise or personalized as a crown made in a laboratory. however, it does help secure a tooth temporarily so you can eat and talk comfortably.

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Most dentists will recommend a temporary crown if you have a root canal (and need a permanent crown) or are waiting for an implant crown.

There are several benefits to temporary crowns, including:

  • prevents tooth and gum sensitivity
  • protects your real tooth from cavities
  • allows you to eat
  • avoids gaps between teeth
  • prevents teeth from moving
  • helps maintain healthy oral care
  • temporary crown procedure steps

    The steps to prepare a temporary crown are usually simple and do not cause much discomfort. By the time your dentist creates a temporary crown, your dental office will have already administered anesthesia and prepared your tooth for the permanent crown. Usually, a digital or plaster impression has already been made for the custom prosthesis.

    Procedural steps for a temporary crown include:

    1. take an impression of the prepared tooth using wax or plaster.
    2. The dentist will use this “impression” and fill it with self-curing acrylic material.
    3. The acrylic-filled impression will be placed over the real tooth several times to achieve a good fit.
    4. The temporary crown is made of self-curing acrylic and is carefully adjusted to fit your bite. some dentists will use aluminum or stainless steel molar crowns.
    5. Once you are comfortable, your dentist will use temporary cement to bond your temporary crown.
    6. Excess cement is cleaned away and post-operative instructions on how to care for your temporary crown are given.
    7. temporary crown vs. permanent crown

      There are some very obvious differences between a temporary crown and a permanent crown, including:

      • resistance: A temporary crown is cemented with temporary cement that only lasts a few weeks. it is also weaker than a permanent cement. permanent crowns are cemented with adhesive. they are meant to last for many years and withstand harsher foods and forces. Permanent crowns may need to be adjusted before they are permanently cemented.
        • longevity: A temporary crown only lasts a few weeks, while permanent crowns last decades.
        • materials: Temporary crowns are made from acrylic or metal, while permanent crowns are created from high-quality materials such as porcelain, ceramic, gold, and stainless steel.
        • Fit: Most dentists will take an impression or attempt to create a temporary crown that is fully functional. however, a permanent crown is a precision fit as it is made in the laboratory from digital impression or plaster models.
        • what does a temporary crown look like?

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          Most dentists will attempt to fabricate a temporary crown to look as close as possible to a natural tooth.

          Depending on the material and your dentist’s skills, your temporary crown may look like a simple version of a tooth or a well-sculpted tooth. temporary crowns are usually made of acrylic material or stainless steel.

          Usually an acrylic crown will not perfectly match the surrounding teeth.

          This is because the material is one shade and may be lighter or darker than your actual teeth. a stainless steel crown has a metallic appearance and is usually very noticeable.

          how long does a temporary crown last?

          A temporary crown is not designed to last forever.

          is used precisely as its name implies. Most dentists recommend wearing a temporary crown for 1 to 3 weeks while a new crown is made. this is because the temporary cement can wear away and cause a temporary crown to dislodge.

          Temporary crowns are not made in a dental laboratory. they are also not as strong as permanent crowns.

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          Although a crown is fully functional to eat, you should still avoid certain foods to prevent the restoration from falling out.

          what to do if your temporary crown falls out

          If your temporary crown falls out, call your dentist to make an appointment to have it re-cemented.

          if you can’t get a dental appointment, you can use over-the-counter temporary dental cement to re-attach your crown until your visit

          It would be helpful if you didn’t leave the crown as the teeth can move and develop an infection. can temporarily re-cement your crown if it falls out. however, you should always see your dentist to evaluate your tooth and temporary crown.

          how much does a temporary crown cost?

          Temporary crowns are usually part of the cost of the permanent crown procedure.

          are included in the final price. Many dentists do not charge separately for a temporary crown because it is not designed to last very long.

          The cost of a traditional permanent crown can vary depending on the dentist, insurance coverage, and materials. most will range in cost from $500 to $2000.

          temporary crown: common questions & answers

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