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If you’re looking for an auto insurance policy for your tesla model 3, it helps to shop around. Get a personalized tesla model 3 insurance quote from different insurers to find the best deal possible. Different companies will have different costs depending on the model year of your car, and the cheapest option may change over time.

Your auto insurance provider may affect the **cost of tesla model 3 insurance**. the average rate for this vehicle is $1,712 per year, but the price may vary by insurer. usaa offers the **cheapest average insurance rate** for a tesla model 3 at $1,255 per year. Allstate is the most expensive option, with an average rate of $2,332 per year for a Tesla Model 3. that’s a potential difference of $1077 per year.

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average annual cost of tesla model 3 insurance per company

moneygeek found average insurance rates from different carriers using a sample driver profile. The above rates are for a Tesla Model 3 owner with 100/300/100 liability insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage.

the average cost to insure a tesla model 3 per company

Car insurance providers use several factors to determine rates for a given model. Typically, the value of the car and its designation affect the cost. insurance rates for expensive cars and sports or electric vehicles are higher.

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a tesla model 3 is expensive to insure because it is an electric car. Repair costs for electric cars are more expensive than for standard vehicles, leading to higher insurance rates.

In addition to tesla model 3 insurance costs, drivers may want to **consider other factors to find the best auto insurance company** for their needs.

Based on the moneygeek rating system, which takes into account affordability, customer complaints, customer satisfaction, and financial stability, we found that:

  • usaa is the best company for tesla model 3 car insurance, but only military members and their families qualify for a policy.
  • The second best option for tesla model 3 auto insurance is state farm, a great option if you don’t qualify for a us policy.
  • Older versions of a tesla model 3 tend to be cheaper than newer ones due to depreciation in value. the same is true for insurance; an older vehicle means lower comprehensive and collision insurance rates. For example, the average cost of insurance for a 2017 Tesla Model 3, the oldest version, is $1,618 per year. It costs an average of $1,767 a year to insure a 2020 Tesla Model 3. That’s a difference of $149. Different car insurance providers offer cheaper options for certain model years. usaa has the most affordable insurance rate for a 2020 tesla model 3, at $1173 a year.

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    Select your Tesla Model 3 model year below to see how rates compare. **average auto insurance cost** will vary by model year.

    the average cost to insure a tesla model 3 per model year

    a tesla model 3 has higher insurance rates compared to other car models. The average cost of Tesla Model 3 insurance is $1,712 per year, compared to an average annual rate of $1,427 across all models. That said, it’s still cheaper to insure a tesla model 3 than more luxurious models like the tesla model and.

    Because of their inexperience on the road, young drivers are charged higher car insurance rates. The average rate for an 18-year-old driver with a Tesla Model 3 is $5,588 per year. This is significantly more expensive than the average insurance cost for a similar policy for a 40-year-old driver, which is just $1,712 a year. See the cost of car insurance for young drivers ages 16-25 below. Teen drivers looking for a way to save money may want to consider adding them to their parents’ policy. Buying a separate policy can be very expensive for teens, while adding it to a parent’s insurance is significantly cheaper.

    the average cost to insure a tesla model 3 by driver age

    The costs listed on this page are based on the national average Tesla Model 3 insurance rates. however, location can have a significant impact on insurance rates. To learn more about auto insurance costs in individual states, visit Moneygeek’s state page analysis.

    The model of your car will affect the price of car insurance, but it is only one of many factors that affect car insurance rates. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about tesla model 3 insurance rates.

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