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the best cheap car insurance companies in north carolina

cheapest car insurance quotes in north carolina: erie

eries offers the lowest quotes to drivers who want a policy that meets the state’s minimum auto insurance requirements. The average cost of erie car insurance is $334 per year, which is 32% cheaper than the state average.

Alternatively, drivers can find cheap quotes under $450 per year with farm office and state farm.

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The minimum coverage is less expensive than the full coverage because it does not include comprehensive and collision coverage. It’s also cheap due to its low liability coverage limits, which means you run the risk of not having enough protection after an accident.

cheapest full coverage car insurance in north carolina: erie

While the cost of full coverage is more than double the average cost of minimum coverage, it’s still possible to find affordable quotes in North Carolina. The cheapest comprehensive auto insurance in the state comes from series, at $880 per year, 32% less than the state average.

Drivers can also find affordable full coverage quotes from state farm and farm bureau. insurance from these companies costs an average of $959 per year, or $80 per month, $332 cheaper per year than the state average.

cheap car insurance for drivers without prior incidents

rie is the cheapest insurance company for drivers who have caused an accident, offering rates as low as $924 per year. it is also the cheapest option for drivers with bad credit. Although it offers affordable rates for those with a recent speeding ticket or DUI, these drivers can find cheaper coverage at the Farm Bureau.

It’s common for North Carolina drivers to pay much more for car insurance if their driving record includes a DUI, traffic ticket, or at-fault accident.

the cheapest car insurance quotes after an accident: erie

After an accident, drivers may see quotes substantially higher than average. Typically, the cost of car insurance for people with an at-fault accident on their records increases by 53%. however, some companies still offer affordable coverage. erie is the cheapest insurance company for drivers who have caused an accident, offering rates as low as $924 per year.

cheaper car insurance rates after a speeding ticket: farm bureau

farm bureau has the cheapest car insurance quotes for drivers who have a ticket on their record. full coverage costs $1,201 per year with the insurer, which is 30% cheaper than average.

Getting a speeding ticket is likely to increase your rates by an average of 34%, though not as much as having an at-fault accident.

the cheapest car insurance company after a dui: agricultural office

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The cheapest auto insurance in North Carolina for DUI or DWI drivers is Farm Bureau, which offers quotes 32% lower than average. Getting cited for a dui is expensive: one offense nearly triples the average cost of insurance, at $5,090 per year.

the cheapest car insurance for drivers with bad credit: erie

It is common for insurers to charge drivers with poor credit higher premiums, although several states prohibit this practice. Fortunately, erie still offers cheap car insurance to those drivers. With erie, auto insurance quotes for drivers with bad credit are up 28%, but their initial rates are so low that the final price of $1,125 per year is still the cheapest.

cheapest car insurance quotes for married drivers: erie

series is the cheapest auto insurance for married drivers, at $880 per year, despite not giving them any price discounts. nationally it offers the largest discount for married drivers, $127 per year.

For the most part, married drivers pay the same amount for auto insurance in North Carolina as single drivers, but pay 4% less on average across the state. Insurers often offer married drivers a small discount on auto insurance rates due to the correlation between being married and having fewer accidents.

cheapest car insurance for teen drivers in north carolina: state farm

state farm has the cheapest rates in north carolina for 18 year olds, averaging $62 per month for liability coverage only. series comes a close second at $63 per month, and is the cheapest option for teens without a clean driving record.

Teen drivers often pay twice as much as 30-year-old drivers due to their lack of driving experience.

the cheapest quotes for young drivers after a ticket: series

erie and geico have the cheapest auto insurance quotes for teens with a fine on their driving record, around $78 per month for a liability policy only.

Young drivers can expect to pay 18% higher rates after just receiving a speeding ticket, or 32% higher rates after being in an at-fault accident.

cheapest company for young drivers after an accident: erie

series also has the lowest rates for teens after an accident, at $66 per month for liability coverage only.

Teenagers who have had an at-fault accident on their record can also find cheap auto insurance at the farm bureau and state farm, with rates as low as $90 per month.

best car insurance companies in north carolina

erie is the highest rated insurance provider in north carolina based on cost, coverage, and customer service. the company received strong marks for customer service in the 2021 j.d. power us auto claims satisfaction study and valuepenguin editorial rating.

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State Farm, which has strong comprehensive offerings, and Farm Bureau, with exceptional customer service, are also good options.

We recommend comparing the customer service reputations of insurance companies in your area as well as looking for the best rate. If you ever have to file a claim after an accident, it’s good to know your insurer has a history of prompt and responsive service.

car insurance requirements in north carolina

north carolina requires minimum limits of $30,000 per person and up to $60,000 per accident for bodily injury liability and uninsured motorist coverage. it also requires drivers to be insured for up to $25,000 for property damage.

While your auto insurance policy may meet North Carolina’s minimum coverage requirements, it may not be the best policy for your needs.

We encourage all North Carolina drivers to consider higher coverage limits, as the minimum coverage may not be enough to fully cover damage in a costly accident. And if you have a car loan or lease, you’ll be required to add comprehensive and collision coverage to your policy.

average cost of car insurance in north carolina by city

The average cost of full coverage auto insurance in North Carolina is $1,291 per year or $108 per month. But depending on where you live in the state, full coverage auto insurance rates can vary substantially.

roundup of the cheapest car insurance quotes in north carolina

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We collect thousands of north carolina zip code rates from the state’s largest insurers. We use a sample controller with the following profile:

The base policy for the study was a full coverage policy:

For our minimum coverage policy, we quote a policy with the minimum limits required in North Carolina.

For other rate analyzes (age, credit score, accident history, and marital status), the base policy was changed to reflect the new driver. eighteen-year-old drivers were quoted with a minimum coverage policy.

valuepenguin’s analysis used insurance rate data from quadrant information services. These rates were obtained publicly from insurer filings and should be used for comparison purposes only; your own quotes may be different.

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