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Video How much is motorcycle insurance in alabama

progressive offers the lowest rates in the state, averaging $397 for an annual policy.

Motorcycle insurance not only meets a legal requirement, it also protects you as a rider and the motorcycle you’ve invested time and money in. We gathered 300 quotes from across the state to identify the top insurers that fit your needs.

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cheapest motorcycle insurance companies in alabama

We collected motorcycle insurance quotes from across Alabama to determine the most affordable option. progressive offers the best rates for alabamanians, with an average price of $397 per year. Geico had the second best price, with an average annual rate of $522.

best motorcycle insurance for most people: progressive

The best motorcycle insurance for most motorcyclists in Alabama is progressive. The company offers the lowest prices in the state and has a strong set of offerings when it comes to additional endorsements. Progressive also offers a wide range of discounts. Some of the additional protections it offers include:

On average, Progressive offers the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Alabama.

progressive also offers a wide range of discounts for things like:

The company also has a lower complaint rate than Allstate and Milkland, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). that rate was also lower than the number expected for a company the size of progressive.

best customer service: geico

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Motorcyclists looking for good customer service along with great prices can turn to geico. The company has some of the best customer service ratings as well as a strong national reputation.

geico has a 0.64 rating on the naic complaint index, meaning it received only about 64% of the expected number of complaints for a company its size. the low number of complaints indicates that customers are satisfied with their experience compared to other companies, something that can pay off in high-stress situations.

geico offers a small set of additional coverages, including roadside assistance and expanded parts coverage. It also has the second lowest rates in Alabama, 27% cheaper than average.

As a major insurer, Geico offers several other types of insurance and discounts for combined policies. Riders can also get fare discounts for taking a safety course, renewing their policy, and being a senior driver.

best for military families: usaa

Military members, veterans and some of their family members can get a great insurance deal through usaa. the company has some of the best customer service, but it is only available to a limited group of consumers.

usaa does not sell its own motorcycle insurance, but rather works through progressives. usaa members get a 5% discount, which can be added to progressive’s robust set of discounts.

usaa has a smaller number of agents than many larger competitors, so it would not be the best option for those looking to work with someone in person.

the best motorcycle insurers in alabama

among alabama motorcycle insurers, geico has some of the best customer service ratings you can find, which is an important thing to keep in mind.

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the naic combines auto and motorcycle insurance into a single industry category. this means that the scores are based on each company’s combined premiums for motorcycles and automobiles.

The quality of customer service is an important part of your experience with a motorcycle insurance company and should be factored into your purchase decision. Two important ways we measure a company’s level of service are the Complaint Index issued by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the company’s AM Best Financial Strength Rating.

The NAIC Complaint Index compares the number of complaints against a company by its market share. lower numbers indicate better performance and the average score is 1.0. A company with a better am best rating is in a better position to pay claims, even in tough economic conditions.

cost of motorcycle insurance in alabama by city

Your motorcycle insurance rates largely depend on where you live, so we dug into the data to see which were the cheapest and most expensive cities in alabama. Talladega has the lowest rates in the state at $339 per year. the most expensive rate is $801 per year and is in four cities: chatom, jackson, mobile and thomasville.

alabama motorcycle insurance requirements

alabama requires motorcycle drivers to purchase insurance. Although there are several options, such as posting a cash bond, the most direct way to satisfy the requirement is a traditional insurance policy.

A rider can also provide $50,000 for a liability bond to be held by the state and used to cover damages. There are also other coverage options, such as medical payments.

Although you are only required to have the minimum limits, we suggest you purchase more coverage if you can.


We compiled motorcycle insurance quotes from four major motorcycle insurance companies operating in Alabama. Our sample rider was a 45-year-old male riding a 2021 Harley-Davidson Street Glide. The coverage limits we use, which are above state minimums, are:

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