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Choosing a renters insurance company is all about finding the best combination of affordable prices, helpful features, and great customer service. We’ve pulled together over 100 quotes from seven of the top companies to help you choose the best renters insurance in Virginia.


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inexpensive renters insurance quotes in virginia

lemonade offers the cheapest renters insurance in virginia. a lemonade policy costs $9 per month, or $106 per year, on average. that’s 43% cheaper than the state average.

Virginia renters should also compare state farm quotes, where coverage costs about $11 per month or $131 per year. a state farm policy is only $2 per month more expensive than the cheapest company, lemonade.

Your renters insurance quotes depend on several factors, including the amount of coverage you choose, your location and claims history. That’s why it’s important to compare quotes from several companies to find the best price for you.

best renters insurance for most people: lemonade

lemonade is the best renters insurance in virginia for most people. offers the cheapest renters insurance rates in the state and has great customer service reviews. The average cost of lemonade renters insurance is around $9 per month, or $106 per year. this is $6 per month cheaper than the average cost of coverage in the state.

Although Lemonade is the cheapest insurer, the company only offers two discounts to Virginia renters. You could save money by paying your annual premium up front or installing a home security system.

because lemonade does not currently offer car insurance in virginia, renters cannot take advantage of a multiple policy discount. Other insurance companies often offer a hefty discount on both car and rental insurance for combined policies.

Tenants are generally happy with the service they receive from lemonade. got the second highest score in j.d. power customer satisfaction survey. In addition, Lemonade receives fewer complaints than expected due to its size, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

the best for combining insurance policies: state farm

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state farm is the best insurer for renters who prefer to use one company for all their insurance needs. In addition to renters insurance, the company offers many insurance products, including auto, life, health, and business insurance.

state farm renters insurance in virginia costs about $11 per month, $4 per month cheaper than the state average. Renters with a car can save about 4.7% on their renters insurance by purchasing an auto insurance policy as well. is one of the largest discounts available for combined renters and auto insurance.

In addition, Virginia renters can count on State Farm to provide a stress-free claims experience. The company receives fewer complaints than its competitors based on its size, according to the NAIC. he also scored above average in j.d. power customer satisfaction survey.

state farm renters insurance includes the same coverage normally offered by other providers. renters can add identity theft protection and increase their liability coverage. however, state farm does not offer popular upgrades like reservoir water coverage, which protects your belongings from water damage due to plumbing issues.

Best Full Coverage Renters Insurance – Nationwide

While not Virginia’s cheapest provider nationwide, it does have an excellent variety of coverage options. renters can upgrade their coverage with replacement cost coverage and backup water protections, two practical add-ons for most renters. across the country also offers common add-ons like insurance, additional coverage for valuables, and additional liability protection.

The average cost of renters insurance nationwide is about $14 per month, or $167 per year. That’s $1 a month cheaper than the typical price of renters insurance in Virginia. across the country offers some opportunities to lower your premiums by bundling policies, installing security devices in your home, and staying claim-free.

Opinions about nationwide customer service are mixed. receives fewer complaints than expected for its size, according to the naic. however, he scored mediocre in j.d. power customer satisfaction survey. Virginia renters insured nationwide may find it more difficult to replace damaged items than those who choose another company.

best renters insurance for customer service: amica

Virginia renters can find a stress-free claims experience with amica. receives very few complaints compared to other insurers of a similar size, according to the naic. Additionally, the editors at ValuePenguin gave Amica a high score based on its excellent customer service reviews, coverage options, and the cost of coverage. That means tenants can expect amica to help them get back to normal quickly after an emergency.

amica renters insurance is affordable, though it’s not the cheapest company in the state. A policy costs about $15 per month, which is the same as the Virginia state average. however, amica offers several discounts to help renters lower their insurance premium. You can save money by:

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amica’s most exclusive discount is its loyalty discount. If you have been insured with your current company for two years or more, amica will automatically apply a discount when you switch.

average cost of renters insurance in virginia by city

renters insurance costs in virginia can vary by about $8 per month between the largest cities in the state. renters in norfolk pay an average of $19 a month for insurance. on the other hand, people who rent in annandale only pay about $11 a month for coverage.

best renters insurance in virginia

amica only receives about 12% of the complaints that a typical insurer of its size does, according to the naic. valuepenguin’s editors also gave it an excellent score based on reviews of customer service, coverage availability, and the overall value it offers Virginia renters.

It’s important to consider customer service ratings when shopping for renters insurance. If you ever have to file a claim, a company with reliable customer service can help you get your life back on track quickly. however, a company with poor reviews could make the claims process more difficult. that means you could end up paying more money out of pocket or having to wait longer to get your stuff replaced.

what does renters insurance cover in virginia?

Renters insurance companies must provide enough coverage to protect your belongings with a standard policy. A standard renters insurance policy should include the following coverage, at a minimum.

Also, many insurers offer additional coverage options that you can use to upgrade a standard policy. Some of the more common coverage add-ons Virginia renters may find helpful include:

frequently asked questions


We compared three factors to determine which renters insurance company is the best option for most people in Virginia:

To find the cheapest renters insurance in virginia, we sourced renters insurance quotes from seven of the top insurers in 25 of the most populous cities in virginia. rates are based on a 25 year old male renter with no history of insurance claims, living alone with no pets or partner.

Our quotes reflect the following coverage limits:

To determine which Virginia renters insurance companies provide the best customer service, we measured three areas of each insurer’s reputation:

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