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see a health professional without health insurance

It’s impossible to know how many people would ignore the need to see a doctor because they don’t have health insurance. After all, if you don’t have the money to pay for insurance, the prospect of paying for a doctor’s appointment can be daunting. But thanks to technology and the advent of telemedicine, that has changed.

telemedicine reduces the cost of seeing a doctor without insurance

Imagine being able to open your laptop, log in to your account, and schedule an affordable appointment with your medical professional from the comfort of your own home. telemedicine allows you to do just this, and prices are competitive precisely because it costs so much less to provide the service.

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There’s also a pretty big market for the uninsured who need basic checkups. consider the following:

  • there are about 30 million people in the united states who do not have health insurance
  • the average cost of health insurance for the average American is over $3,400 per year
  • that’s almost $300 per month, which is a substantial cost for many
  • this creates a market for telemedicine
  • Without the costs of keeping a clinic open, more people can get affordable healthcare on their computer screens
  • what is the cost to see an expert without insurance through a telemedicine provider?

    So how much can it cost to see a healthcare professional with a telemedicine provider? the price of a single consultation can range from $30 to $50 dollars. think about it. you can get the care you need without paying high monthly insurance costs.

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    However, there are certain advantages that health insurance does offer you that you should take into account:

    • emergency medical care in case of an accident
    • discounts, reduced prices, or rebates on prescription drugs
    • depending on your coverage, annual or periodic tests such as blood tests
    • but if you don’t have the money to pay for insurance, then you won’t have access to them anyway.

      some might even choose a dating visit without insurance

      In some cases, even if you have the money, you may find that given your age and lifestyle, you’d be better off going to the occasional doctor’s appointment without insurance rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars a month. this could be the case if you are:

      • a low-risk contract worker
      • an entrepreneur
      • Young people might be attracted to the prospect of remaining uninsured if they know they will have access to an affordable doctor on demand, and can keep the rest of the money they would otherwise spend.

        the convenience of your “uninsured clinic near me”

        saving money is one thing. having a more efficient system that saves you time is the real hidden advantage. telemedicine is your “uninsured clinic near me.”

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        Think about it from the point of view of an employer or a contract worker:

        • If you can avoid the traffic going to and from your appointment, you’ll have more time on your hands
        • You can also see an expert without insurance from anywhere if you have an internet connection
        • no insurance, no problem!

          All of these advantages make it less scary to book your next removal appointment without insurance. If you can’t afford health insurance or feel like you should invest your money elsewhere, now you have a solution that fits your needs.

          You won’t have to give up anything else:

          • telemedicine guarantees you access to a medical professional without a fixed monthly cost or at least with a very low monthly fee
          • the doctor who will treat you is licensed to practice medicine in your state
          • you can get prescriptions for medications from your telemedicine provider
          • In addition, telemedicine offers patients technological advances that most other professionals would not have access to, such as AI-powered diagnostics and more. in fact, doctors at the clinic down the street are already taking consultations by phone, zoom, or skype due to the pandemic.

            In such an environment, getting an appointment without insurance through a telemedicine provider makes a lot of sense.

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