How Much is Tesla Insurance? Cost & Cheap Quotes (2022)

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what is annual tesla insurance?

If you live in California and are eligible for Tesla drivers insurance, then your plans are typically 12-month annual policies. this means that your rate will remain the same for a period of 12 months.

If you continue to maintain a good driving record and improve your credit score, then you may be able to get cheaper rates for your next period of coverage. conversely, if you have an accident, don’t pay, or get tickets for traffic violations, your insurance policy could go up.

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how to buy car insurance from tesla?

If you live in California, own a Tesla, and would like to purchase car insurance from Tesla, simply request a quote directly on the Tesla website and apply for your car insurance coverage through . Your premium cost will differ, as with every auto insurance company, depending on factors such as:

  • the age and gender of the driver.

  • your driving history (previous accidents and traffic violations).

  • the year, make and model of your tesla.

  • how many miles you plan to drive per year.

  • your credit score and payment history.

    how much does tesla insurance cost?

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    Although tesla claims to offer cheaper car insurance quotes than other competing providers, they do not disclose the exact figures of their current rates. Since their insurance service is relatively new, there isn’t much historical data to go by either.

    That said, we’ve found some data on average tesla policies in the state of california, the only state where it’s currently available. Based on our research, here’s the average cost of a full coverage Tesla car insurance policy, depending on the model you drive, with Tesla insurance:

    tesla model 3 insurance cost

    If you’ve been wondering how much Tesla Model 3 insurance costs, then we can tell you that the average cost of Tesla Model 3 insurance is $1,832 per year or $153 per month with Tesla as the insurance provider.

    According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average auto policy holder pays just over $1,200 per year to insure their vehicle, while our research found the average to be $1,700 per year. This means that the cost of insuring a Tesla Model 3 (their cheapest model) is nearly $700 (or $200 based on our research) more per year than the national average. however, this is common for most people who drive high-end sports or luxury vehicles that cost more money to repair after an accident.

    best insurance for tesla model 3

    The best insurance for tesla model 3 may be tesla’s own insurance. However, as you can see below, the USAA Tesla Model 3 Insurance Quote is the cheapest Tesla insurance among the leading companies. Find some Tesla Model 3 insurance quotes from some of the best auto insurance companies:

    tesla model and cost of insurance

    The average cost of auto insurance for tesla model y is $2,756 a year, or $230 per month with tesla as the insurance provider, making tesla model y insurance about twice the average cost of insurance of automobile.

    best car insurance for tesla model y

    As model and tesla insurance rates can differ from company to company and driver to driver, it is always wise to request a model and tesla insurance quote from multiple providers.

    • tesla’s progressive model and the cost of insurance is the cheapest we’ve found at $1,517 per year or $126 per month on average

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      tesla usaa model and insurance rate is another affordable option, at $1,899 a year or $158 a month on average

    • cost of model insurance and state farm tesla is $1,938 per year or $162 per month on average

    • geico tesla model and the cost of insurance is $2322 per year or $194 per month on average

    • Tesla car insurance is significantly more expensive for the model and than the other companies listed above, as you can see, averaging $2,756 per year or $230 per month

      tesla model x cost of insurance

      tesla model x insurance cost is $2,164 a year or $180 a month generally with all carriers, or $2,481 a year or $207 a month with tesla insurance.

      tesla model insurance cost

      The average cost of auto insurance for Tesla models is $2,280 per year or $190 per month overall, or $2,946 per year and $246 per month with Tesla auto insurance.

      cost of tesla roadster insurance

      The average cost of car insurance for a Tesla roadster is $1,800 a year or $150 a month.

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